Plunging into the New Year, Polar Bear Style

turning blue for a good cause

There is a reason why I am wearing a red wig and am standing next to my new blue friend. I went out to the Boulder Reservoir on New Year’s Day in support of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Why blue? Many who turned out for this cause on a sunny, but cold  winter day turned blue, including me!


I was one of the crazy people at Boulder’s Polar Plunge!

Shivering makes you warmer, right? We had to strip down and then wait our turn. I looked forward to getting out of the 27 degree air and into the balmy 37 degree water.

dancing with a new friend

I’m dancing to keep warm with my new cross-dressing friend.

boulder plunge2

Even the cameraman was shivering.


Holy Jeez it was cold, but I kept my eye on the prize. I had to touch the ice.

plunging 3a

I shouted my mantra over and over to myself. “GO! GO! GO!”

boulder plunge 4

The hardest part was losing momentum as it got deeper.

Boulder polar plunge 5

I made contact. I repeat. I made contact. The professional diver out there asked, “Do you need help? Will you be able to make it back on your own?” Are you kidding? I have never been more motivated to keep moving as when I turned around and saw the shore.

I think some of the guys may have experienced some shrinkage issues.

boulder polar plunge 6

I found it hard to breath for while.

Boulder Polar Plunge 8

I regretted not gaining 20 pounds over Christmas.

boulder polar plunge 7

“Yes! Shock has set in! I can’t feel my legs. Am I still standing?”


Am I a Wild Rider or what?

Boulder Polar Plunge1

Are you next?

Would you ever take a plunge into icy water?

Stay tuned for more Wild Rides…

The next Use Me and Abuse Me Day is Friday, January 4th.

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168 thoughts on “Plunging into the New Year, Polar Bear Style

Add yours

  1. Shiver me timbers. And here I thought I was being a He-man by dunking my face in ice water every morning. NOT. I’m gonna start training for a polar bear swim event by skimming my toe. If the toe comes back, I’ll go further.
    You really ARE crazy. But in the most fantastic of ways.


    1. Hahaha! Thanks Cayman. 🙂
      It was crazy, but thank God for adrenaline and the fact that I reeeeally wanted to do it! Last year would have been easier since it was above freezing. I had been under the impression that we jumped off a pier which would have been so much easier than forcing ourselves to run in. I didn’t see anyone chicken out!


  2. Wow that makes me shiver. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do one of those plunges. COngrats on making it all the way to the ice. And lol on shrinkage issues. 😉


  3. That is an event where I would gladly whip out my checkbook, but nope. I wouldn’t stick my big toe in the water. I got chilled just looking at your pictures and video. The closest I’ve come to that was to put on a two piece bathing suit and sun myself in the dead of winter…because a radio station wanted to know what crazy thing we (the audience) were doing that day. I didn’t stay out long. Good for you though. I admire people brave enough to do things that set my teeth to chattering. 🙂


    1. Hahaha! I would have been laying in the sun right next to you! 🙂
      I remember waterskiing on an ice cold lake in WI in early May. The guys we knew came out with wet suits and we just laughed at them through our chattering teeth!


    1. No???
      It was pretty dang cold! I am glad that I finally did it. I remember going out there to watch many years ago. I don’t think there were as many participants since it was much colder this year. Last year it was above freezing!
      Thanks so much J!


  4. Hahaha.. you are a wild and crazy gal, Susie!! I’m so impressed!! You did it and your raised money for an important cause.. without needing help from the guy in the diving suit or the guy with shrinkage!! Way to go!! And you rocked that wig, btw!! Wishing you and yours all the best in 2013!! xxx


    1. Thanks so much Barb!
      It was a great cause. 🙂
      I had to wear the wig to keep my head warm. I was afraid a hat would fall off.. It was really fun and I would do it again as long as it is above 5 degrees and not a blizzard. Brrrrrrrr…..


    1. Oooooh! That is really good for your hair too!
      It did give me the shivers…..for hours! In fact I could hardly stand the one ski run I took yesterday, but it was below zero with wind chill. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow! I’ll be back out there in the snow!
      Thanks so much for coming by Nelle and for being such a great supporter of my blog. I really appreciate it!


    1. Thanks Kitt! I am glad I did it, but I was chilled for a while. It was a fun start to another Wild year!
      Thanks for coming by!
      You should drop one of your links off at my Use Me and Abuse Me Day Party….


  5. Thank you to everyone who was willing to “freeze the day” for Alzheimer’s. We had a great time at the event and we hope to see everyone at the 2014 Polar Plunge.


  6. This is crazy! Full respect to you for that, Susie 🙂 You wouldn’t get me near it. We had a 107 deg F day a few days ago, and I was still moaning about the cold sea water. But a great way to start the year!


  7. I do a lot of fun stuff, but I don’t know that I could do this one. Last year my boss jumped into the ocean in Seward Alaska, in January. NO WAY I would do that!!!!! Kudos to you for going for it.


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