Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dancing for Warmth Edition

Happy New Year everyone. It’s time for another Use Me and Abuse Me Day! It’s that fun virtual party where you get to “abuse” my blog by posting a link to yours in my comment section.

I hope the New Year has been kind to you so far and you are already checking off all those resolutions you made when not thinking clearly a few nights ago.

plunging 3a

2013 started with dancing and a splash! My wild adventures included an outdoor dance party in Downtown Denver and a polar plunge on New Year’s Day. I was still shivering when skiing in subzero temps yesterday. Today I am planning to chillax and catch up in the comfort of my writing cave. I’ll hit the slopes after 2:00 when it has warmed up to 20 degrees and the parking is free.

My friend The Good Greatsby wrote a post about how Gangnam Style is bringing peace throughout the world. I had to make this video after reading it. Get on your feet and dance with me!

The Wild Ride –  Gangnam Style

My son Kelly DJ’d in Downtown Denver on New Year’s Eve. We were outside in frigid temperatures for hours. We danced right into the New Year and kept toasty warm!

Dancing into the New Year

So let’s get THIS party started. It is time to mingle! Grab a link from your favorite 2012 post and paste it in my comment section. Don’t be afraid to “talk it up.” Then cruise the comments for some fun bloggers and chat them up. Go to their blogs and check them out. Pick a few up and subscribe to their blogs. Maybe they will do the same.

Be sure to tell them Susie sent you!

Please consider subscribing to my blog. I hope you will check in often for more wild adventures. 2013 has been a blast so far!

Grab a hot chocolate and don’t forget to dance!

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186 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Dancing for Warmth Edition

Add yours

  1. I come bearing no link, since one of my favorites is no longer available. I posted it after a really forgettable week some time back, and you responded almost immediately.That link may not be available, but my gratitude is always gonna be. Thank you.


  2. Just stopping in to say hello, Susie. I don’t really have any links to share today — too crazy of a weekend to sift through my blog. Maybe next time, though.

    Keep dancing! You’re awesome!


    1. That would be great! I will look forward to your next visit! There were a lot of new bloggers here this time and they subscribed like crazy!
      Thanks so much. You are awesome too!!! 🙂


  3. A quick hello, Susie. Sorry I missed the party, but when I saw you’d been dancing I just had to come by and check out your moves! It looks like you had a fabulous New Year!


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