January Thaw – Friday Photos

January thaw 1

It warmed up this week and temperatures rose from 9 degrees into the high 40’s. The ice on the pond has thinned.

Thaw 2

Maybe I shouldn’t be out here taking pictures.


Jan thaw 3

It is safer near the shore, but the good shots are out on the ice.

I opened the doors and ate lunch outside on the deck.

thaw 4

We Coloradans can enjoy a few more warm days until the next cold snap. Then maybe we’ll get some of my favorite white stuff.


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Are you still enjoying winter or are you looking forward to spring?

93 thoughts on “January Thaw – Friday Photos

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        1. I know! I suppose I could use my old K2s but my new Volkls handle so much better in the crud! We get a season pass and this year we went for Winter Park/Copper with six days at Steamboat. I think Winter Park and especially Mary Jane has some of the best snow around this year so far. Yes! We’ll have to meet for some runs! That would be fun!


  1. photos are awesome – is that your estate? just finished watching Secrets of the Manor House from PBS (related to Downton Abbey some how) It’s warm here in Illinois but it’s gonna get colder, but no snow 😦 have a great day!


  2. I’m not really a snow bunny, but I tolerate winter as best as I can. I do enjoy the snow days when my kids get to stay home. That’s always a nice treat — but then we regret it come June and we have to make those snow days up!!


    1. We always got few days off before they tacked them on. I really love the change of seasons. Last year, it was moderate, but we never got any really warm days. I think it was 60 today! I’ve been eating outside all week! Soon the snow will fly once again… 🙂


  3. Your pictures are amazingly beautiful. I love the last two pics. That sun is amazing. I feel kind of bad that it was a 70-degree-winter day out here in So. Cal. I’ll send you warm thoughts 🙂


  4. Those pictures are amazing! LOVE. I gotta say, it makes me cold looking at them though. I like jacket weather, but I don’t want to still be shivering when I’m wearing ‘said’ jacket. A little more warmth is more than welcome.


    1. Thanks Wendy! I am so glad that you stopped by! Spring is a wonderful time of year and I love “the fever.”
      I am still waiting for Winter to begin down in Boulder. We are up in the mountains now and it is snowing, but we could use a foot or two!


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