January Thaw – Friday Photos

January thaw 1

It warmed up this week and temperatures rose from 9 degrees into the high 40’s. The ice on the pond has thinned.

Thaw 2

Maybe I shouldn’t be out here taking pictures.


Jan thaw 3

It is safer near the shore, but the good shots are out on the ice.

I opened the doors and ate lunch outside on the deck.

thaw 4

We Coloradans can enjoy a few more warm days until the next cold snap. Then maybe we’ll get some of my favorite white stuff.


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Are you still enjoying winter or are you looking forward to spring?

93 thoughts on “January Thaw – Friday Photos

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    1. Thanks so much! I have been working hard on my rewrite and needed a blog post. I thought there would be some interesting patterns in the ice after our thaw and I lucked out. 🙂


  1. Love the photos. Here in Ontario we had 3 days of thaw and now back to -29 celcius which is about -20F. We are in for the whole week of it next week. May I go back to Northern California please??:)


    1. Thank you! I figured it would send a warning “shout” if it began to crack. I noticed the coyote that was out here the other day ran around the pond…Maybe it is smarter than I am. 🙂


  2. Wonderful images! I had enough memories of below zero winters on the prairies and in the mountains to last a lifetime. Now I’m making winter memories on the coast.


  3. I have to say I really do enjoy a good fluffy snowfall. We just had a storm and the kids and I all went outside to play.It was so quiet and beautiful. But I am counting down the days until spring, which here should come around May.


    1. Me too! Bring it on Mother Winter! Is winter a mother or a father? I think I am mixing him up with Father Time…
      We are going to the mountains tomorrow to get our fix of snow.
      I hope spring comes to Maine before then!


  4. Right now it’s 29 in the Big Apple. Please ask Courtney to pack some of our winter chill to take home to you. Love the pix and VERY glad that you didn’t crash through the thin ice, Wild Rider.


    1. I am ready for some more snow, so I will pass that along to her. Courtney just called while I was writing this comment and she is boarding. They had a fab time and are exhausted, but happy travelers!


  5. Snow came, temps made it go away along with the ice on the pond in Stanley Park. No worry. Next week in the 20’s w/ wind chill. Yippeee. Also check NYLON DAZE blog. Your photos and Patti’s give me a wonderful perspective on NYC and Col. Two places I’d love to commute between.


  6. What you haven’t had enough ice cold dunking for one year? Stay off that ice woman!

    Pretty pictures, but it looks cold. I wish we had some of the white stuff. It’s been really cold here in Northern California, but still no snow at my house. Tahoe’s having a good ski season though. Yay!!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. We may have to fly to Tahoe! It is still lean in the mountains. Here in the front range, we are having another springlike day! It’s a great day for a hike!
      Don’t worry, I won’t go back out there until the cold snap and then I will bring my skates. 🙂
      Thanks Patricia and have a great weekend!


    1. I just picked up my daughter from the airport. She was there to see The Saturdays (she won the trip) and she thought it was freezing this morning when the wind picked up!

      I am glad that you include your link since it’s not a WP blog!
      Thank you!


      1. Actually, it is a wordpress theme and I do use wordpress, but Go Daddy is my host. I just started doing that with my replies, and I also filled out my gravitar photo profile. Still learning!


    1. You live in the hinterlands Austin!
      I will send some Colorado sunshine your way! Maybe you can stretch out on the floor in front of one of your windows and catch some rays…


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