Leaping for Love, Lust and Lulu on Valentines Day


the date 1
She had fantasized about Harold since the 4th grade. After decorating her Valentine mailbox, she anticipated the insertion of his declaration of love.


The next day, he popped it inside her box without making any eye contact. Later, Lulu flew through her Valentine messages until she found his love note. “Yours, Harold.” She swooned thinking she was finally “his!” She called her girlfriends to compare notes. He had signed theirs, “Yours, Harold” too.Victorian Valentine 1

Years later, Lulu cruised the bars with her peeps to show off her parent’s new sport’s car. It ran out of gas. They stood on the side of road for almost an hour. Harold came to their rescue. After some subtle prodding from her girlfriends, she asked for his number.

A strawberry daiquiri was all Lulu needed to shore up her confidence. She texted him from the soda shop while her girlfriends giggled. “Thanks for the lift, Harold. I would really like to see more of you. LOL!”

girls gone wild

This jump-started their romance.

Along with bushy eyebrows, Lulu had been burdened with helicopter parents. She never had a moment alone with little Harold. They had dated for two years without a single kiss.

the date stereoscope

Towering over him had been a turnoff. Sitting down put him at ease.

Harold took a flying leap once a day at the Wisconsin Dells for meager pay to provide for her someday. Lulu was way ahead of him.the dells stereoscope 001

Sneaking out to pole dance, Lulu had built up a pretty healthy nest egg of her own, along with some pretty strong thigh muscles. She stashed the savings in a satchel strapped to her garter. Both had been hidden for so long.

Harold came a-calling. Electricity shot between them the moment he entered the room. She had to have him. This Valentine’s Day, Lulu would flash him the goods.

Her parents heard every word through the paper-thin walls.

Relieved and impressed, Harold asked for her hand.

lusty thoughts

Naughty thoughts turned her ashen cheeks to crimson.

Getting ready for the big night

Lulu could hardly wait to show Harold what a modern woman he had married.

The wedding

She knew it wasn’t nice to point and laugh, but size had never mattered to her.Anniversary come to bed

Their sex tape went viral and paid for their honeymoon. It became a #1 hit on Youtube!

For the rest of their happy life, Harold took a flying leap into Lulu’s arms at least once a day.


These pictures are from a stereoscope. It was the original 3-D View-Master back in the day.

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Do you love or loathe Valentine’s Day?

Soda Fountain photo from Olde Crow’s Antiques

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72 thoughts on “Leaping for Love, Lust and Lulu on Valentines Day

Add yours

  1. being an old married fart– i don’t care too much. (not true) but as I watch the young teenagers and remember those squashed crushes– I loathe it for the reasons that no one should crush my daughters’ hearts. Fear my wrath!


    1. It is hard to watch your kids as they go through bitter disappointment. There is always so much pressure involved on the day. I seldom had a great one when I was single. Yet for some crazy reason, I always looked forward to it! I am probably one of the most optimistic people out there!


  2. I had some sterotypes of a woman in a corset smoking cigarettes.. Sold it to move out west..
    I will be missing my valentine this year:(
    But I wrote about snow today so I wont bore you..:)



    1. What a huge sacrifice you are making, but I am sure that he appreciates your help!
      I would love to see that picture! I have some other funny ones.. Now I would like to collect some more!
      (((Hugs to you!)))


  3. Love the story and especially the pictures. What a hoot. Those way-back pictures to illustrate a current story — pole dancing, texting.


    No special Valentine’s Day post on my glob. I’m a bit ambivalent about the brouhaha that surrounds the day. A card that will likely get tossed, chocolates my waistline doesn’t need, an expensive dinner to “show we care”…

    Good gosh! I sound like a Valentine’s Grinchette, don’t I? Is it possible my heart is two sizes too small? ERK!

    Wishing YOU and all those who love the sentiment of the day a GREAT one.


  4. Valentine’s Day? You mean spending grades K through 5 getting the cheap bulk Valentines from the girls while all the popular boys got personalized ones? Me bitter? Nah. The only thing it means to me this year is that my new mattress is getting delivered on Feb 14.


  5. That poked all of my happy buttons, Susan. Old stuff! I LOVE old stuff. Humor? That was hilarious. Romantic… Yep, got that too.

    Thank you for making the day a little brighter.


    1. I am so glad that you included one of yours! I am hopeless too and have been all my life. I seldom had a great Valentine’s Day when I was single, but it never stopped me from looking forward to it! I still bought candy hearts and wore something red… 🙂


  6. LOL, Susie, this story is just so “you”! Loved it! Hmmm, I haven’t even thought of a Valentine’s Day post this year … my day will be filled with medical appointments, so I think I’ll just experience it through my friends’ blogs. Have an awesome day! 🙂 xox


  7. I know that place…, it’s Stand Rock at the Dells, and I think I know that third girl from the end at the soda fountain. She was a devilish little vixen.
    …Great story, Susie. Just an aside, where in Wisconsin were you from?


    1. It is! I remember when we went on a class trip and took the ducks by the rocks. It was a very cool place, but is really built up now with theme parks…
      I was raised in Madison!
      Thanks so much Paul!


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