Heads UP! Welcome Meteor/Asteroid and Party Crashers

meteor 1

The Ultimate Wild Ride!

There is a 150 foot meteor/asteroid racing towards us at alarming speed, no lie, and it is supposed to come within 17,200 miles of Earth on February 15!

What is alarming about this event is not that it could easily knock out satellites nor that it will be a lot closer to us than the moon nor that it could wreak all kinds of havoc with our electronics nor that it could actually smack our planet. No. What is really alarming, is how our experts can’t decide whether to call it a meteor or an asteroid!

Daily Mail – CNN Anchor Suggests Meteor Hurtling Toward Earth Could Be a Result of Global Warming

CBS News – Earth in No Danger from Asteroid Flyby this Week

meteor 2


They have been making these predictions while it continues to head straight for us. Hopefully, their calculations are more accurate than their terminology, otherwise, February 14th could be our last day on the Earth as we know it!  

If they can’t agree on what to call it, then how am I supposed to have faith in their predictions? 17,200 miles from Earth is considered a “near-miss” cosmically and what if their original calculations included +/- 20,000 miles????

You know that I am a party girl, so this is a great excuse!

Move over Valentine’s Day.  Thursday, February 14th will be another Use Me and Abuse Me Day!

meteor 3

The only way to fly!

Bring a link from your blog and post it in the comment section on the 14th to get the party started! Click on a couple intriguing links and mingle with the guests. Go over to their place. Put your feet up and stay a while. Make yourself at home. Say, “Hey! Susie sent me!”

Spread the LOVE and party like it’s your last day on Earth! The sky may fall on Friday…

Will you keep an eye on the sky Friday night?

Related article: NASA’s Fast Facts

113 thoughts on “Heads UP! Welcome Meteor/Asteroid and Party Crashers

Add yours

  1. You are so freaking cute! I love how you’re riding the asteroid/comet/whateverit’scalled! I’ll be here Thursday to party with you and your friends. Sounds like a fabulous time I’ll be making brownies all day, so I’ll be sure to have extra on hand for the guests.


  2. Susie, we can always rely on you to pose those essential and meaningful questions …. AND more importantly … to throw one of your fabulously wild parties when we most need one! Flying celestial bodies be damned! We will be rockin’ at your place!


  3. I have the sugar free brownies covered. I’ve also discovered a wonderful treat for those of us that are diabetics. Take one sugar free brownie (1 carb) , 1/2 c choc sugar free pudding (1/2 carb) and 2T cool whip – – – positively delicious! Didin’t mean to turn your comment section into a recipe section for diabetes Susie, but David seemed to need a boost. Hope to see you Thu. Day before my hand surgery on Fri (yikes).


    1. By all means share your recipes! Sounds delish!
      Hand surgery? Oh no. I hope it goes really well and you’ll be back typing away soon!
      See you Thursday. Can’t wait to taste those brownies…


  4. End of the world. Again? Didn’t we just go through this? Love this post. If something funky happens on Friday, I am sure we will all adjust, unless the world ends, then I don’t think adjustments are possible. 🙂 Thanks for the news, I don’t like Valentine’s Day anyway, maybe this catastrophe will come a day early, save me the aggravation.


    1. Thanks so much!
      Don’t like Valentine’s Day??? Well stop by with your link on Thursday and virtual party with us! It’ll be a blast!
      They are not talking about the asteroid/meteor too much. I think they are afraid of the lunatics that would panic… Not me… I will just keep on dancing!
      See you Thursday!


  5. Another end of the world party? I’m in. We’re having these, what, every two months now. That’s a good interval. Too bad it wasn’t on the 13th. I have jury duty on the 14th (yup, on Valentine’s Day) and was hoping for an excuse to get out of it. Guess not.


  6. rofl… imagine the debates at the dawn of language. Do we call it an ugg or an oog? Ugg. Oog. Ugg! Oog! And so a fight ensued. The sides scrummed until they all decided to have an ale, only to have the fight start anew over what to call their drink.


    1. Hahaha! I’m not losing any sleep over it as you know… I thought I would have some fun and ride it instead!
      There is a chance that some huge satellite comes crashing down, but it’s a BIG planet!
      Thanks Scott. Hope to “see” you on Thursday!


  7. Po-ta-to, po-TAT-o on the name kerfuffle. I guess if their margin of error is +/- 20,000 miles we’ll probably only have time for “hey, look up in the sky. What’s that big th–“


  8. I say we make up a new word: meteoroid. Or maybe asteror. They sound like carnival rides, which is perfect for a party. Come ride the meteoroid. Take a spin on the asteror.

    I’ll see you Thursday my friend with end of the earth drink in hand. (Hey any occasion for an adult beverage.)

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  9. All the things that could happen and we’ll get hit by a random rock. So much for how important mankind is?
    (Guess no need to worry about that Korea testing…or are they planning to bop it with a rocket?)
    Party time ahead! (here on this blog – not on the rock, silly)


    1. I don’t think we really have much to worry about unless it hits a satellite, then we really need to look up!
      Maybe that’s what they are up to!
      I will come down to party. I promise! See you Thursday!


  10. I had to google the difference between a meteor & an asteroid because I had no clue (I’m no rocket scientist ;-0). According to the Hubble Site and NASA, a meteor actually refers to the flash of light seen in the sky when a chunk of interplanetary debris burns up as it travels through our atmosphere (think shooting star). An asteroid is a relatively small, inactive, rocky body orbiting the Sun. Sounds like the meteor would be the less problematic.
    So, either it’s an end of world party or a light-show party – either way, awesome!
    Who but a wild rider would rock out (no pun intended) on an asteroid?!!


    1. I LOVE it! I am Rockin’ out baby! Hahaha!
      I looked it up to and am surprised there have been so many stories mixing them up! They don’t know what it is. Hey! Maybe its an alien mother ship! Hahaha! I am not going to start that rumor!
      Thanks Mary! See you Thursday!


    1. Hahaha! Sounds like the old science fair projects. Some were really fun. Others not so much. I don’t think we have much to worry about, but I hope you have time to break away and party with us Clay! Good luck on the project!


  11. Susie, get down off that rock right now! How many times do I have to tell you to stop playing on astrological bodies??? Hey do you think the forecasters are just pretending the meteor won’t hit us, so we’ll all go about our business and not panic? Have fun while we can!


  12. Susie, I suppose the upside of a 150 foot meteor/asteroid wreaking havoc on earth on Friday is that it might get me out of having to go back to The Grind on Monday. I do rather like taking time off, but it might tough to sleep in if the entire world is on fire.


  13. Hey Suzie. Great article. I thought you might like to see this article about the Asteroid/Meter, which I stumbled up.


    I think my viewpoint on it, is this. The Asteroid/Meter is meant to be passing close to the earth, between the planet and our satelites. It makes you wonder if such a large mass will actually knock out any of our communication satelites. After all, isn’ t there meant to be loads of the things up in our orbit, circling our planet. Also, what effect will the gravitational pull of the planet have on the course of the Asteroid/Meter?

    One thing we can be sure. If the scientist are wrong, there won’t be much time to do anything about it. We may as well party and enjoy ourselves. I think oiur world has become so obsessed lately with our world ending, that we should forget about when we are all going to die, and just concentrate on living. Besides, if we keep tempting fate by bringing up the subject constantly, it might eventually happen. I personally hope the scientist are right, and we get to live on for another thousand years, at least! Much I really loved your picture of you riding the Asteroid/Meter. So funny! LOL! Love Paul OXOXOXOXOXO


    1. Thanks so much Paul! And thanks for weighing in! I for one have made plans for Saturday so I don’t foresee any meteor ruining my weekend! I hadn’t thought about the gravitational pull and how it could effect it. I guess we’ll soon find out!
      In the meantime, I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow with a link!


      1. You are welcome Susie. I loved your article. You are a cool writer. I am sure we will both be safe from the Asteroid/Meteor. I just wonder, if it will affect the satelites up in space. There are meant to be quite a few. Have a beautiful Saturday hun! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXOXO


          1. Damn. No longer am I a man of mystery! LOL! Yes, that is right. I am that Paul! : ) I think that is how I came to follow your blog, through meeting you on twitter Susie and checking out your website. You are a cool writer!. Fancy meeting you here. Small world, eh??? Hope to speak with you again tomorrow Susie. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXOXO


  14. It seems like the world is more or less going under … every second months, I’m sure I will be able to keep my dentist appointment next week. Thanks for the warning *smile


    1. I saw it on the Nightly News with Brian Williams on Monday. After that, nothing. There is nothing in our newspaper either. In the meantime, this is this post is going viral! Hahaha!
      Come by with a link to one of your posts and leave it on my “Use Me and Abuse Me Day” post! I’ll look forward to your visit!


      1. What I found hilarious was that I looked out of the window, to see if I could see it with the naked eye, and all I could see was cloud! LOL! Why is it, that whenever there is anything astronomical to see, we always seem to have a think blanket of cloud! Ha! Ha!

        I’ll visit again tomorrow and add a link to my latest poem post, if you want. Had a bit of a bad day. I think I woke up funny today, and trapped a nerve, as I have had rheumatic pains all day in my arm, shoulders, and shoulder blade. Been absolute agony. Hopefully,, I will feel better tomorrow,, after a good nights sleep. Glad to hear your post went viral! : ) Lots Of Love Paul OXOXOXOXOXO


          1. I feel a lot better today. My pain continued throughout the day, and was still hurting me around 3.00am this morning. Now, I have a slight throbbing pain in my arm, but it is managable, and less severe. Thank you for your kindess, and for also following my blog! Good to see, we both survived another end of the world threat. Hopefully, that is the last we will hear of predictions, and people will just get on with Life and enjoy it! : ) Have a fun Weekend! Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXO


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