Random Acts of Chat


While my husband Danny drives us down the highway after our Valentine date, I wax philosophical. Philosophy is not one of Danny’s strong suits.  

Me: I wish I could get over the whole, “I want everyone to like me,” thing.

Danny: So do I.

Me: I bet I’m not the only writer who has friends that don’t understand. Like Dave Barry. I bet some people don’t like Dave Barry.

Danny: I don’t know. Dave Barry seems like a pretty likable guy.

Me: Yeah well, What about Erma Bombeck?

Danny: Isn’t she dead?

Me: Or Stephen King. I bet he gets all kinds of crap from some of his friends.

Both of us: Silent for a minute.

Me: Ponders other writers that may get hated on from time to time. Not expecting a sound from Danny since I figured he was thinking about one of the other “S’s” – sex or sports. 

Danny: What about Jesus? Some people didn’t like him.

Me: Oh my God! Of course! Jesus! I mean like, he was the son of God and he still had people in his life that hated on him. Why didn’t I think of Jesus? Duh. Of course he wasn’t a writer, but…

Danny: Laughing. Tears stream down his cheeks as he slows in the left lane. He was born with blocked tear ducts and it doesn’t take much to open the floodgates.

Me: Laughing. You’re slowing down.

Danny: Laughs hysterically. Doesn’t respond or speed up.

Me: Laughing: You have to speed up! We are going to get killed.

Danny: Laughing and wiping tears from his eyes and having a hard time catching his breath.  I can’t see.

Me: Laughing. Get it the right lane!

Danny: Still laughing. Frantically wipes tears with sleeve of his leather coat.  I can’t see to turn into the right lane.

Me: Jesus Danny! You are driving 40 miles per hour on the highway! We’re going to die!

Afterthought: We made it home, but are going straight to hell.

Danny laughing


It’s Saturday morning and I am pouring my first cup of coffee while Danny reads the newspaper.

Me: I have to go to France to finish my book even if I have to go by myself for a couple of days.

Danny: There’s no way I am letting you go by yourself.

Me: Why?

Danny: Because you will get into trouble and I won’t be there to bail you out.

Me: I won’t get into trouble. Well, yeah, maybe….

Danny: You’re like a little kid. You would be like, “Oh wow! I think these people dressed in strange clothing look like fun. I think I will follow them down this dark alley.” You would find yourself in the deepest darkest place in France.

Me: Laughing. Like a little kid? Okay, maybe I am like that.

Afterthought: You better save your money Danny.

my new friends

Was Danny remembering this night in Downtown Los Angeles?

Can you remember your funny conversations?

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  1. Hi Susie,

    Those laughing fits are so random. They happen most often to me during talks with my daughters. In my case, my daughters usually have no idea why what they just said cracked me up.

    As for everyone liking you, the numbers are probably in your favor. There’s no need to worry about the few who may not. They’ll come around.


    1. I know. It’s so dumb since I don’t like everyone either! It just was one of those conversations that had us laughing for a long time.It was one of those jags where our faces hurt afterward! Those are the best!
      Thanks Ray!


  2. Here’s the most recent funny conversation: Hubby and I went to a fabulous bed and breakfast on Friday night with another couple: old friends we’ve known for over 20 years. Upon checking in, I said we had a room reserved — for 4. You should have seen the clerk’s face. 😉 We had two rooms. I don’t know why that slipped out quite like that.


  3. “Me: I wish I could get over the whole, “I want everyone to like me,” thing.”

    Man this was close to home.. I dont know what it is… but I would give off my right arm to anyone. I realize that my writing isnt for everyone.. that’s fine.. but its when my son’s waitress talks behind my back about me and it’s like’why doesnt she like me?”
    I say go to France where no one cares and finish your book with a joie to vivre.

    and you;re jesus did love me… but not everyone else liked him and he dealt with it like a rock star..:)


    1. Hahaha! Right on Linda!
      It is so weird how that one person, comment, or slight can hurt! But laughing about it really does help! Jesus did handle it like a rock star and he did, literally, in Jesus Christ Superstar!
      I would love to go to France. I would have to win a trip at this point!
      Thanks Linda! I’ll always have your back!


  4. I like you. And that’s all matters, babe. Trust me. 😉

    We always have funny conversations. The best are where he’s talking about one thing and I’m talking about the other and confusion reigns. Confusion reigns a lot in our house. 🙂


    1. I know exactly what you mean! It happens a lot with Danny and I since I rarely name the subject. I just jump into the pronoun and start referring to “it” and he won’t know what the hell I am talking about! I think it comes from living with my sister for such a long time. She and I speak “shorthand!”
      Thanks so much for your friendship CC!


  5. That was fun to read. What a great relationship you have. Why are you concerned about what anyone else thinks? I struggle with this all the time, but less than I used to. It has been my experience that there are just some people who don’t like you or what you do no matter what you do. No matter if you are Stephen King, (from Maine) or Jesus. When I am happiest I give no regard to what others think about me or what I write, when I am not it is because I am worried about what “they” think. Stay out of dark alleys, nothing good can happen there. 🙂


    1. Great advice!
      It has gotten much easier and I don’t usually dwell on it. I think it’s just when a slight happens I become reflective. I am so different than most people in that I am inclusive to a fault!
      I will try to stay out of the deep, dark armpits of the city, I guess…. kicks stone with toe of boot…..
      Thanks Jonathan!


  6. As a compromise solution to your need to go to France to finish your book, and Danny’s insistence that you stay put in Colorado, I suggest you don a beret and nibble on a croissant as you work on it.


  7. we have young kids and the times we have funny conversations is when they aren’t around, or when i have my head on the pillow with one eye open and my wife wants to talk and I am just about gone… she gets mad at me and …. you know the rest of the story… it is rare we get a conversation in without being asked for money or permission, or both. that makes ’em funny, too…


    1. I know exactly what you mean Clay! I do the same thing and then notice that Danny is snoring and not listening to a word I am saying! 🙂
      I wish I had written down some of the conversations I had with my kids and Danny years ago. I never dreamed I would be a writer!
      Thanks for reading! Happy Monday to you!


    1. That’s for sure! I can have a lot of energy for some people! At least it’s positive… 🙂
      I had written the post and was looking for pictures of Danny laughing when I stumbled on that one taken last October! That night was so much fun. I am a pretty friendly person and tend to seek out the crazy people! Hahaha!
      Thanks Paul!


    1. We laughed so hard. We have conversations like this all the time. I thought I would experiment with blogging them to see if I should post them once in a while as a slice of my wild life!
      Thanks Catherine!


  8. I like you. You’re funny and manage to portray your husband as an equal partner and restraint (that doesn’t show in your posts) for your urge to explore without adult restriction. I mean that in a good way.


  9. Great post. Two thoughts: 1) I just bought a great book about branding yourself called The Power of Unpopular (how bland we would have to be if everyone liked us), and 2) That last pic reminds me of how I danced on stage to “Shake your bootie like a salt and pepper” with who we later figured out were quite possibly pimps in the French Quarter – gold teeth, feathers in their hats and all. Luckily my husband and friends were there to bail me out if needed.


    1. I like you Nelle!
      I don’t think it is possible to like everyone, but I also think we were raised with the notion that if we were nice to everyone they would respond in kind. That is hardly the case….
      I will try to avoid them and hope to have the temptation some day! Probably not this year. Dang!


  10. *awfully worried* Is there this rule about having to go to France to finish books? I didn’t know about it and …
    you see, I …
    well …
    … I’ve finished quite a few, right here! There, I’ve said it. Am I doomed?


    1. Nope. you are not doomed. Whew!
      I am finishing a paranormal fiction that takes place in Provence and I haven’t been since 2001. At this point, I am going to have to rely on my imagination and memories… and play the lottery!


  11. I wanna know why he was going forty on the freeway???? France, baby, sounds good. You are a terrific writer. What are you writing about and why do you have to go there to finish? I love this writing thing but I am just getting fired up, engines are idling and then taking turns around corners, really fast. yippee …


    1. You are Wild girl! Whoosh!
      Danny was laughing so hard he was crying and couldn’t see so he had to slow down. It was one of those laughing jags that just wouldn’t end…

      I am finishing up my paranormal thriller that takes place in Provence. I was there 12 years ago, but would love to see the area again before it gets published. Thank God for memories and imagination!


    1. Glad I could make you giggle! We have these kinds of conversations all the time. This was an experiment in seeing if they would work as a blog post…
      I found that photo afterward! I guess that is damming evidence! Hahaha!
      Thanks Nia!


  12. lol you have a great sense of humour Susie, it must be tough for Danny to keep straight face with all your witty replies..and yeah that last pic must have got him thinking lol
    We have these moments where someone says something and i burst into uncontrollable laughter, my poor man sometimes is in tough situations cos of my laughing fits


    1. Those fits are the best!
      We have a lot of fun around here and I so often try to remember the conversation later. This was a different sort of post for me, but fun to record for posterity anyway!
      Great to “see” you again my friend. I hope your toe is on the mend. OUCH!


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