And the Winner Is…

Oscar 1 Academy AwardsSo you have been nominated for the Academy Award. Thoughts of your acceptance speech have run through your head a couple thousand times, admit it! Your biggest fear is that you will forget someone. Face the hard truth. You’ll get up there and fail because you refused to write it down, for fear of jinxing yourself. You are a superstitious lot.

Your dream comes true and you win The Oscar:

First you feign shock. You let tears well-up in your eyes while demurring to the others in your category – even though you are secretly so completely stoked to beat out a couple of them. Then you will look out at the adoring faces in the crowd and rattle off the names of your producer, director, actors, etc.

You’ll thank your parents with the overused standby, “Because without them, well, I wouldn’t be here tonight,” –insert tired chuckle from crowd–  followed by other significant supporters in your life.

Without boring everyone with a list of the obvious, I thought I would help remind you of the one person you should thank, but so often is overlooked. No, it is not your 2nd grade teacher.

I am talking about the magical inventor responsible for the germ of the idea. The creator of the seed that grew into these towering productions. The architect of these monumental films is the original writer of the novel or screenplay. They may not be a flashy, red carpet, Hollywood-type at all, but someone who is proud to have watched their baby grow into something golden.

oscar 2 Academy Awards

Writers of the films up for best picture – You can jot them down on the palm of your hand.

AmourScreenplay by Michael Haneke

ArgoNovel by Antonio Mendez “The Master of Disguise”

Beasts of the Southern Wild –  Stage Play by Lucy Alibar “Juicy and Delicious”

Django – Anyone who accepts an award for this movie is off the hook since Quentin Tarantino wrote the screenplay and directed the film. Be sure to mention him at some point, but you will be screwed if you start thanking the producers. There are 14 of them!

Les MiserablesNovel by Victor Hugo

Life of Pi –  Novel by Yann Martel

Lincoln – From all the press surrounding this film, I believed that Spielberg had written the screenplay, but the credit goes to Doris Kearns Goodwin who wrote the novel.

Silver Linings PlaybookNovel by Matthew Quick

Zero Dark ThirtyScreenplay by Mark Boal

There are many other films represented through nominations in categories not listed here. Take a moment and IMDb them to discover the original writer. Scribble his or her name on your palm. They may be watching in the comfort of their living room and will want to thank you for remembering.

Will you be watching on Sunday night?

77 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

Add yours

  1. I have seen 2 of the films. It used to be a tradition for me to see them all, but Juliet is borderline narcoleptic and cannot stay awake in movies very often so we see much fewer than my previous days.
    The writer never gets the credit among the general public but my guess is that they are well received among their peers.


  2. I used to watch this religiously. The husband still does. But since I don’t get out to see the movies so much anymore with the kids, I feel like I’m in the dark as far as the awards go. So… I catch the highlights.

    As for the authors, I think they should get some recognition. I understand that the story gets changed as it is adapted for the big screen. But without the book there would be no foundation from which to start. Just sayin’.


    1. I so agree and will tune in a little more closely to the speeches. There are a lot of great movies this year and I hope to see a couple more. We’ll wait to see them in the comfort of our living room!
      Thanks Debra!


  3. I wouldn’t miss it! I’ve been watching every year since I was a kid. The two things I’ve always loved are books AND movies. And I’m not afraid to admit that for a long time as I was growing up, I fantasized about what I would say if I won an Oscar! And let me tell you, my imaginary acceptance speech ROCKS!!


    1. That is so great Mary. I bet it does! I saw Sally Field interviewed and she totally lied when she said she isn’t thinking about her acceptance speech!
      I’ve never thought about it, but would love to be on that red carpet!
      Thanks Mary!


  4. No wild thoughts but I did see Argo and Lincoln and thought both were very good. There are so many people to thank, but i don’t think anyone will ever top Robeto Benigni for his acceptance speech for Life is Beautiful.

    My wife will probably have it on but Sunday nights are always frenetic for us. it will be a good distraction! Have a great weekend!


    1. Wouldn’t that be great???
      I never had any hope of being an actress, but I would really love to stand on that stage someday for writing a screenplay… I’ll look forward to seeing you on the red carpet!


  5. Having seen only one of the nominated movies, I’m giving the Oscars a miss. But I love that you remind us where these movies begin – in the mind of a writer. Academy awards all around, I say 🙂


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