When Form Meets Function and Mustaches Win

There was a time when I couldn’t handle any extra attention. I know. It’s hard to believe. I hid behind my friends in high school, self-conscious about my looks. I used makeup and a curling iron in order to fit in and to prevent standing out.

Something has happened to me. I am not sure when the turning point occurred. Did it happen when investigating a story for a blog post? Have I finally reached the age when I don’t get embarrassed and have no shame? Could I be getting more comfortable in my own skin?

Whatever the reason, after winning Go Jules Go ‘stache glasses giveaway, I had no problem popping them on in the Breckenridge parking lot last weekend. The carload next to us roared with laughter. Young children stared. Middle schoolers rolled their eyes. Okay, I couldn’t see their eyes since it was snowing and everyone wore goggles, but hey, I am sure they were rolling.


Some checked me out while pursing their lips and then gave me a, “Yeah. I’ve seen those glasses around,” look. Most smiled and a few guffawed.

I had only planned to wear them for one or two photos since the snow came down in buckets. Sunglasses were impractical. Not one person wore them.

After I reached the summit of Peak 8, I gazed down our first double black diamond run of the day. Only a blank white canvas lay beneath me. I had no depth perception. My skis would soon slide over a head wall. I put the shades in my pocket and slipped on my trusty goggles. The amber lens really flattened the light.

imperial bowl

Taking out the glasses again, the dark lenses were just what I needed to define the moguls and choppy heavy snow.

I rocked the shades all day.

When asked about my mustachioed appearance I said, “It’s mustache March! I tried growing my own, but gave up.” Many men sported full facial hair, but very few had gotten the memo about shaving their beards. Others said they were too committed to their facial forest.


Now I know why guys love growing beards. That plastic placebo kept my face warm. Really!

stache 9

When I first tried them on, my husband Danny said I reminded him of Sony Bono. After skiing a while, he glanced over at me and decided I resembled a young Charles Bronson.

mustache collage

You may think it was easier for me to be outgoing while hiding behind my shades, but I welcomed the knowing smiles.

So a big thank you goes out to Jules and all my blogging friends. Without you, I may still be hiding behind the crowd instead of causing a stir. I am definitely wearing the ‘stache glasses to my tennis match tomorrow. Maybe my opponent will be intimidated by my Charles Bronson sneer.mustache march


Are you coming out of your shell as you get older?

Click here for a video of my mustached friends CocoRosie

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114 thoughts on “When Form Meets Function and Mustaches Win

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  1. Susie, you are the best role model for having fun! Nobody else could have rocked those ‘stache glasses better than you … and on double black diamond runs too? Totally awesome!
    I know the older I get the less inhibited I become and reading your blog always reminds me how important that is. Thanks!


    1. That is so great Patricia! Thanks for that nice compliment.
      There are always a few poopers on every parade, but these days, I just keep striding ahead with my knees in the air. I give those poopers my biggest smile as I go by!


    1. You are right! Thanks Paul!
      I swear my blogging friends know me better than most of my real life friends except for the ones that read my blog. I think there may be one or two of them out there…


  2. The stache suits you well. You can always get one tattooed on so you won’t have to worry about growing one.

    I’v always been an outgoing person who likes the attention. Guess that’s why I do sales for a living and traveling on biz – it suits me. Some people just get more comfotable with it as they go on in life.



    1. Thanks Phil! A tattoo! What a great idea! During No shave November, I saw a lot of girls at the CU game who used marker on their upper lip and they gave out rub-on tattoos. Come to think of it, I may still have one!
      That is great that you recognize that great quality and can use your talent. I have always been out-going, but lacked self-confidence back in the day. Now I don’t think twice!
      Did you click on the video? I would love to wear a marker beard and ‘stache…so Cool!


  3. Mustache or not .. you still have a better figure than they others facial dudes. You made many peoples day today … and give their sloops a big smile – weird and pretty. The weather wasn’t the best to ski in, but how cares when there is After-Ski.
    Enjoy your break. Or maybe you are already back.


    1. Hey thanks Viveka! Weird is right! Hahaha!
      We just went up for the weekend. It’s not far and the skiing is finally getting good. I don’t mind skiing in the snow when it is in the 20’s. That day it was really warm and near 30 degrees!

      I think I caused a lot more smiles than smirks so it was a fun day!


      1. To give other people smiles … is a true gift. Take good care of it. I woke up to snow this morning … and it’s still snowing, but let come down – not enough for any skiing – cross country maybe. Bring it on so the spring can come soon. *smile


    1. Ahhh.. Sonny! I agree.
      I just got an email from Vail Resorts that they are adding Eldora to their huge list of resorts next year. It is only 20 miles out of Boulder! We could never justify paying for skiing there since we got an Epic Pass every year in the mountains.
      Next year we’ll really get some good skiing in when we get upslope storms in the foothills.
      When are you coming to Colorado David?
      Love right back atcha!


  4. I love it! I know what you mean about “that feeling”, the moment when you ditch your self consciousness. I passed that point about 4 years ago (wonder why it took me so long) and I am pleased as punch. I think my kids have other thoughts. Just wondering if you have ever tried eating soup with thouse “stache glasses.


    1. Oh soup! I haven’t tried it, but I bet I can clean my ‘stache off better than the boys.
      I am glad to hear that you have found your confidence. It is funny how some people cross our paths in life. We can either let them put us in our place or we can rise above, sometimes while wearing ‘stache glasses!
      It is so easy to embarrass kids. I still have that amazing ability and mine are 21 and 23!
      Thanks so much for coming by!


  5. Gawd, Susie – even in a mustache you look good!! Ha! Ever since I first saw Jules’ blog with her in those ‘stache glasses I’ve wanted a pair. I finally got them. I’m going to stun my friends in England when I go this summer.

    When you finish the book you’re working on now, you really need to write another one: How to be a Wild Rider. You know so many, many ways. Thanks for the laughs.


    1. Hahaha! Congrats to you Mary for winning a pair! Aren’t they the best?? I can’t wait to see the pictures. England? Fantastic!

      Oh, thanks so much Mary for being such a great friend.
      I am a wild rider that’s for sure. I spoke to my mom today and she loved my ‘stache glasses story. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Wild Rider! Yeeee Haaaaa!


  6. Sorry to say this but the mustache is not really ‘you’ — but I love the tip about black glasses in flat light! YES getting less inhibited with age. In the Bahamas today, of all places, and danced with a dolphin, along with several other tourists. He gave me the longest pucker up though.

    Glad to see you’re getting the snow you need. Hopefully summer will be a little wetter than last! Happy skiing.


    1. Julia. Are you serious? My ‘stache glasses complete me…. 🙂
      Sounds like a wonderful trip and making out with dolphins? Can it get any better than that?
      Northern Colorado has been in a drought and we’ve had a couple of weeks of snow. Hopefully it will continue through April and it will fill our reservoirs!
      Thanks and have a great vacation!


    1. I thought about that when I saw a picture of him with goggles.

      Here’s irony. I went to a new follower’s blog to check it out. She had posted a video Bono made in 1968 called Marijuana. She and her sister were in the film and they made it at their parent’s house. She said she never saw it afterward, but it surfaced on Youtube! It should be a cult film….
      Check it out!


  7. Well, that’s an . . . interesting look for you. Can’t say as I’d want to borrow the shades any time soon, but good of you for trying them out.

    I don’t recommend wearing them to a martial arts class though. People might mistake you for some Asian guy who really knows how to kick butt. You might get challenged and that could get ugly. Unless of course you know martial arts, then by all means, give it a whirl.

    I am also doing some crazier things as I get older. It’s great to finally feel comfortable in your own skin. Or maybe it’s just because I really don’t give a crap any more what strangers think of me.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Hey! Maybe I should take up martial arts. Nah, I would get my butt kicked, literally!
      You are right. I think it is a combination of getting older and finding out that being who we are is pretty okay! Personally I think there will always be room for improvement, but I am in it for the RIDE!
      Thanks Patricia!


  8. Love the glasses! (And the ghetto sunglass case)
    Once you have kids, it become necessary to do goofy things to embarrass them. (Teens have to learn not to take things so seriously…or to really hate having their parents around?)
    YEA for enjoying life


    1. Thanks! I used to have a ghetto iPad case too! I finally broke down and bought a legit case at Marshall’s. Ziplock bags rule!
      I agree about embarrassing the kids and you probably caught our snow dancing video where I finally got them to join in. It was an impromptu video or it would never have happened!
      Thanks so much Phil for “getting” this wild ride~


  9. I have already reached that age and I still don’t mind that entrance attention! During college days I used to wear thick ( natural) mustache but after marriage my wife talked me out of it. The perks offered were more lucrative to keep them off, couldn’t resist 🙂


    1. Perks!!!!!! Whoa. Always go for the perks…
      I bet you were a hoot in college. You still are Yatin! Danny had a mustache about 15 years ago for about 6 months. Every once in a while he doesn’t shave over a long weekend, but that is as far as it goes.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  10. Fantastic!

    Oh, I envy you that snow, but I am glad you had a great day of skiing.

    Yes, I’ve come out of my shell over the past two years. Was a bit forced out of it, actually. I like it, though. People are nice.



    1. Thanks so much!
      We did have a great day. It was not the champagne powder Colorado is famous for, but at this point, I won’t complain!
      Forced out. I would love to “hear” that story!


  11. You and the stache – perfect together!

    As for shells – huh, I used to have one, it should be around here someplace…oh, that’s right, I think it got lost or broken back around thirty-five or thereabouts. Haven’t missed it. 😉


  12. That’s a fashion statement Susie, not that I think it would have quite the same welcome reaction at the fashion shows in Paris, Milan or New York as it did on the slopes in Breckenridge.


  13. Love the look, Susie! And yes I think age has a lot to do with becoming more confident and less concerned about other people’s reactions. I have reached the age where I really don’t give a damn what others think, and it’s actually gotten me into trouble a couple times.


    1. My husband giggles along with me, but my kids get so embarrassed! Hahaha! It makes it all worth it. Besides I think we are better role models when we are out there being ourselves!
      Thanks Denise!


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