I am Roaming!

Roam on over to Roam About Mike’s place. I am guest posting! His blog is all about travel hence the roaming. Sometimes he doesn’t have to go very far to blog about his latest escapade. Along with his amazing photographs, he always includes a little snarky humor which I love!

To make him more comfortable while roaming about Asia, I’ve transformed him.

Here’s a hint…

Mike 2

Look familiar? Yep. I became a fly on the wall while Hanging Out with the Saturdays.

a fly on the wall 1

If you roamed over here from Mike’s, here are a couple of my favorite links:

Do You Curse Brightly?

You Know You’re in Trouble When...

Prepare to be Typealyzed!

Once a month, I host a Use Me and Abuse Me Day. This is an invitation to bring a link from your blog and party down in the comment section. The next one is Thursday, March 28th!

Now roam on over to Mike’s and check out his fun blog!

You’ll love it!

25 thoughts on “I am Roaming!

Add yours

    1. Hahaha! They are and boy can he buzz with those babies….
      Thanks for roaming over to the guest post! It is great to see some familiar faces, um, I mean, ocean breakers…..


  1. Wow… Mike must be desperate for material, to take a chance on the Wild Child guest posting! Of course, against my better judgement, I must go to Mile’s place to see what’s left of his blog.


  2. Roaming can be a lot of fun, as long as the traveliing conditions are safe and you have a cooler handy. 🙂 Looking forward to Use Me/Abuse Me day. I missed the last few that you’ve held!! 🙂


  3. Have been off the grid lately but will be there on Thursday to check out links
    hey Susie how did you make those fun images..teach me please..they are super fun.
    Hugs n love your way
    wish you a supper fun weekend 🙂


    1. I am glad to hear that you’ll be stopping by! I’ve missed you around the blogosphere!
      I use Microsoft Paint and a lot of trial and error. I was an artist back in the day, so it is a lot of fun to mess around with.. 🙂
      Right back atcha Soma with the love and hugs!


  4. Those pics are too funny. There’s been a fly here in our apartment for a week and we can’t catch him.

    Gonna go check out Mike’s blog……


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