When You Wish Upon a Blog – What?

One of my blog posts has transformed into a wishing well.  Young people from around the world stop by daily. A few have thrown their proverbial coin into my comment section with the hope their dreams will come true.


The ultimate wishing well – The Trevi Fountain

The search engine term, How to make a wish come true overnight Linda, brings the majority of them to my blog. Linda. Lindau. It must be close enough.

Why Linda?

After recalling fairy godmothers who granted wishes, I Googled a list of fairy names. Of the ninety-five listed, not one was Linda. Then I remembered the good witch in the Wizard of Oz who was named Glinda. Hmm. Maybe they didn’t remember the G!

Writing down your affirmation or prayer can be a great way to send it into the universe. If you read The Help, you may remember Aibileen who compiled a book of prayers for others in need from her community. So why not type them in a comment on a blog post?

I can understand how children may search on the computer. Kids have grown up with instant answers. Some are not any receiving religious education and don’t know how to go about wishing or praying.

When readers began leaving their wishes in my comment section, I wished on their wishes. Maybe not for the iPhone 5, but the rest were so sweet.

One of the commenters seemed very vulnerable.


errm so i know this is a massive favour but i want to be pretty and like everyone else please stop the bullying and give me a best friend….

My reply:

I think it’s great that you made your wish. Writing about them is a wonderful way to reinforce your hopes and dreams. I write down mine all the time!

Sometimes people can be mean. Looking back, if I would have laughed at myself when I was younger and not taken myself so seriously, life would have been a lot easier.

Keep your chin up and be sure to smile. Others around you will reflect your energy, so send out positive vibes. Everyone’s smile is beautiful and yours is too!

Good luck and may all of your wishes come true!

I love the idea that one my posts has become a virtual wishing well. I hope that readers will continue to stop by to toss them into my comment section. If it gives someone a little hope, how can that be a bad thing? Hope goes a long way in making our aspirations reality.

Do you believe your wishes can come true?

Do you ever write them down?


Trevi Fountain photo by Wikipedia

99 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon a Blog – What?

Add yours

  1. Yes, I believe wishes come true, and the best way is actually in your answer to this “vulnerable” post, actually. “Keep your chin up and be sure to smile. Others around you will reflect your energy, so send out positive vibes.” That’s it right there, oh wise one!


    1. It is amazing! I am glad that they come by and hope it continues…I think that wishing is synonymous with hope. If we don’t have it, then life becomes very dark and depressing…
      Thanks Linda and hugs right back atcha!


  2. Do I believe in wishes coming true? Um, yeah! Your answer was so sweet and I hope she does, in fact, keep her chin up. You are one of the coolest chicks I know. Thanks for being awesome with your wishing well and good faerie advice. I think those kids found a great place to leave their comment-wishes.


    1. Tameri you are so sweet and kind! Thank you. I had to think about what to say. I couldn’t just leave it there…Then I just made a wish and a prayer!
      I hope they keep coming!


    1. Hahaha! Okay I just laughed out loud… 🙂 You would be kind knowing they were kids… I bet that underneath that gruff exterior is a real softy.
      Thanks so much for coming by!


  3. I do believe that wishes can come true… but that it requires assistance from us.

    I love how you answered the commentor 🙂 hopefully it cheered her/him up!


    1. Hey Tom! You left a great comment over there, but I would prefer to give the advice only because it may encourage other advice givers to jump in to the comments. It could become hard to control. My biggest fear is someone says something horrendous to these young kids before I can delete it. Thanks though!


      1. I understand. It was early in the am when I posted. Am rebloging with a recommendation not only for you but your followers of which I’m happy to be. Again thanks and I’ll think. We’ll write it off as a senior moment or trying to be a grandpa..


  4. I wish I had a wishing star that I could wish on with a wish that would wish… aww…, just forget it !!!! A bit different than your usual “wild” posts, Susie, but a great idea.


    1. When I found all those comments on my post, I had to write about it. I thought it was pretty wild that people left wishes in my comment section! I did have to tell one of them that I can’t grant wishes…Wouldn’t that be something???? I would love to just wave a wand!
      Thanks Paul!


  5. When I was a child was I very lonely and my childhood wasn’t the most cheerful, so I wrote letters to people that I never met .. picked names from some radio program .. I have heard. I must have written 1000 letters … and when they were finished I though them away … and I felt much better.
    I wished I had saved them … I think, not too sure about it.
    I think it’s so important that … that teens and youth has somebody that first of all listens to them and that they can talk to somebody.


    1. You were a writer from the start!
      It was probably great therapy to write all of those letters. I am sorry you didn’t have the support you needed. Maybe you can be a support system for someone else sometime.
      I agree that we all need someone to listen at any age!
      Thanks for sharing and for your input Viveka!


  6. I was the ultimate nerd, dork, square all through school. Someone like you told me to keep being who I am, and today I’m glad I’m not the cool jocks who turned out fat, bald and broke (I’m not any of the above). Your wishing well is a magical place. I hope you throw in a coin yourself and your wishes come true.


    1. Aww! Thanks Chaz! I am glad that you had someone in your life to remind you to be yourself. You seem pretty cool to me with your ampersands and all!
      It is magical! I have thought about what I would wish for. You never know, it could work!


  7. Interesting that one of your posts would be a metaphoric wishing well for the wish factoring set, Susie. I once wrote a post praising a drain cleaner, and I still hear from plumber-types that go to it to either to agree with me or grouse about how much they hate the product.


    1. That is funny! Plumbers with attitude…
      I have gotten some serious comments on it. The post is also becoming an advice column.. I hope I am saying the right thing. Another one came in last night.


      1. To have a goal is one thing. To actually tell everyone that goal is another entirely. That’s when it gets scary.

        All the best, thanks for the follow. I followed you back…


        1. You make such a great point. I was under the belief that putting it out there would help reinforce it, but people don’t want to hear about it, they want to see results!
          I am pretty out-going, but have reeled in my goals and write them down instead.
          Thanks for following!


          1. Cheers. I just think that sometimes, when you’re in the middle of crafting a goal – it’s easier not to tell everyone what it is… what way you can stay on task without worrying about the end result. I’m not sure. Just a thought.


    1. I believe in wishes too!
      That is so nice Lisa. Thank you!
      I guess I just wrote what I believe to be true in life. I wish I had know that back when I was her age!
      Fairies do rock. Go fairies!


  8. That is very cool and lovely. Love Trevi by the way. I set a scene in my book there where my heroine wishes on the coin the hero gives her. Wishes do come true, ESPECIALLY when you write them down.


    1. Your character wished upon a coin and tossed it into the Trevi? That gave me shivers!
      Thanks so much Kecia! I agree about writing them down. It seems to reinforce them somehow. Have a great week!


  9. Wonderful stuff Susie – as for wishes – being positive and grabbing your future with both hands will ensure that you stay happy, sane and healthy – and that is all we can wish for!


    1. I’ve never heard that term, “agony aunt.” Hahaha!
      I just hope that with some of the painful experiences teens are going through, I am able to continue to give out the right advice. The comments keep coming in!


      1. Oh gosh, you’ve got an extra job whether you wanted it or not. We’ll have to see if Oprah is busy 😉


  10. Loving your post – thanks so much for sharing:) I wish, hope and dream every day and the majority come into fruition. I love blogging about wishing, hoping and dreaming – just living life! Happy Monday


    1. Thanks Renee!
      That’s what your blog is all about! I agree that if we keep putting our wishes out there and act on them, there is no stopping them or us!
      Have a great week!


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