On Birthdays, Socks and Underwear


Not another birthday!

I often hear people moan about birthdays. Don’t you? It is s conundrum. If you want to live a long life, you have to weather milestones and put up with a few gray hairs. I tell people to suck it up! Smile! Be glad that you’re around for another year. Many don’t have that luxury.

And then mine comes around.

When I was a child, my special day was celebrated with family, a few friends, cake and ice cream and bubbles. Adriaen_Hanneman_Two_Boys_Blowing_Bubbles

When I became an adult it meant going out at night and partying at the bars, shots of tequila and morning-after headaches.

When I became a parent, it meant a night on the town with my husband while we paid someone to watch the kids.

Now, the trick is to take responsibility for my own birthday. But what does that mean?

How about splurging?

Hmm. I could schedule a massage, get a facial or go shopping. Sheesh! I have a shirt to return from Christmas! I do need basics. We are talking socks and underwear people.

How about relaxing for a day without the internet?

I shudder to think about avoiding my blog, Facebook or Twitter. I don’t think I could do it. That wouldn’t make me happy and this is all about me, right?

How about taking a day off from work?

With a lot of professions, you leave your work behind when you leave the office. As writers, we take our job everywhere we go. Forget the computer. While in a traffic jam yesterday, I jotted down notes for this post on the back of a scrap of paper! I’m always on the clock. Writing is my passion and an obsession. I…can’t…stop…myself…

How about engaging in a crazy adventure?

Cold weather will prevent me from hot air ballooning, learning how to fly an airplane or jumping out of one. I will wait for a warmer day…

hot air balloon

Now that my kids are in college, my birthday has come full circle.

I look forward to a day spent with family, cake and ice cream and bubbles. I have already heard from a few old friends through Facebook. I’ll share a meal with my family and order dessert. Then I’ll poke around my favorite shops and purchase a few pair of socks and some cute panties. Afterward, I’ll slip into a tub full of bubbles. I’ll look back on this year’s accomplishments and smile.

hot tubbing


A Colorado bubble bath

It will be a perfect day after another wild year. You have come to expect no less from this Wild Rider, right?

What would your perfect day include?

Do you look forward to your birthday?

Wikimedia Commons

Soap Bubble – Wikipedia

Fay Wray photo copyright-free

167 thoughts on “On Birthdays, Socks and Underwear

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  1. I do look forward to my birthday. What it would have to be a perfect day? If it is on a Saturday- breakfast in bed made by my kids, all messy and no Michelin stars whatsoever… made with love, even if the omelet have some pieces of eggshell in it… A nice ride on my motorbike with friends. My favorite meal at dinnertime. Candles and champagne when the kids go to bed…

    HAppy birthday to you- may it exceed all expectations!


    1. That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate! I hope it happens this year for you….There is nothing better than being with those we love eggshells and all!
      Thanks so much! It was so much fun!


  2. happy birthday, by the looks of the picture you were having a good time. It’s still cold here, too. As for my birthday it always falls during parent teacher conference time, but I take it in stride. One year my wife and young kids showed up unannounced with cake and ice cream. It was a nice surprise! Keep writing and thinking…


    1. Thanks Clay!
      Surprises are the best! Good surprises especially. I just went out to the garage and my car is deader than a doornail. Not a great surprise…. Oh well I have an hour before AAA comes so here I am catching up!


  3. The tonne of bubbles would suit me just fine. I have a birthday coming up, and no, I don’t usually look forward to it. But this year it looks like I’ll be making it to Bali! So I’m looking forward to some humid heat, a swimming pool, some fine food and lots of sleep 🙂


  4. Happy birthday, Susie. I had. Great birthday celebrating with 3 of my kids, their spouses and the grand kids at the Irish festival. We had a blast. I’d also love to celebrate it by playing Balderdash with some close friends and family, just a small gathering. We always laugh so hard, we cry whenever we play that game. Making up quirky definitions is right up my alley! I need some new socks and undies, too!


    1. Thanks so much Guat! It was the best!
      They were truly hideous! Truly, since I washed them and some shrunk up to Barbie underwear! I am giving them to my daughter! Hahaha!


  5. My day would include my family, a foot rub, and some cheese. I don’t need much to make me happy.

    Happy Birthday! Can I pencil myself into that hot tub and raise a glass to toast you?


  6. Happy (belated) birthday!
    I moan about my birthdays in advance, but on the day itself I’m the happiest girl in the world – I adore my birthdays, just not the getting older bit. 🙂
    I think you’re celebrating in style! Well done and I hope you had lots and lots of fun!


    1. Thanks so much! I don’t mind birthdays anymore. I think the worst was my 30th after I moved to Colorado and didn’t know anyone but my husband. After that, I’ve been all about celebrating!


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