April! April! Where for Art Thou?

I used to be addicted. I waited for hours for my next fix. As I checked the time for next update, I would yawn. Finally at 10:20 PM, the weather forecast would begin.

Our local forecasters have been waaaay off all winter. Every time they predicted The Big One, the sun would shine. One afternoon while looking forward to a walk outside in 60 degree weather, a blustery snowstorm dumped five inches of snow.

Roxy 2

William Callahan from the Boulder Daily Camera Newspaper wrote about the storms of March being incorrectly predicted and correlated them to Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  At the end of his article he said, “Furthermore, April (like March) is projected to be a dry month. Will the forecasters end up with porridge on their faces?”

Yep… Looks to me like porridge alright.

I have been making fun of the recent blunders on Twitter. Schools were closed in anticipation of last week’s storm that was to bring over a foot of snow to the area. We got a few inches. It got retweeted by our local newspaper.

Boulder Snow Day

I slept soundly through last night’s forecast.

When I woke up to yet another snowstorm today, I wondered if the schools had been closed again or if school superintendents view meteorologists like the boy who cried, “Wolf!” It has been snowing all day and the inches are piling up.

William B. Gail is the co-founder and CTO of Global Weather Corporation and is also 2013 President-Elect of the American Meteorological Society (AMS).  According to him, all US forecasters base their predictions on the same model which is not as accurate as Europe’s or Japan’s. Our poor standing has to do with the lack of satellites and investment in new technology.

Well that explains everything. We should take up a collection!

Roxy 4

This snowstorm is named Yogi and Zeus is the last. It occurred to me that The Weather Channel will soon run out of winter storm names. Are they scrambling to come up with new ones? At this rate, we will have snow until June!

Spring snowstorms are typical for this region. Usually, we get a storm and I smile knowing it will melt in the spring sunshine the next day, but our temperatures have been in the basement. The trees must know something is up since none have leafed out.

I welcome the moisture and remember snow dancing not long ago, but most of the ski resorts closed last weekend. Dang!

The next time you hear about the new Super Dooper Doppler 50,000, look outside your window. April doesn’t look sunny and dry to me or Roxy.

Is it really April?

Roxy 3

Is it springlike where you live?

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128 thoughts on “April! April! Where for Art Thou?

Add yours

    1. I do and yet this time of year I prefer it in the mountains. It is pretty late to have a system that sits on us like this. Bring on the May flowers!
      Thanks Brigitte!


  1. It has been springlike where I live (Northern California) but last night we were hit with a cold snap again and snow fell about 2 miles up the hill from my house. It was 34 degrees this morning when I left for work.

    But, by the weekend, it’s supposed to be 85. I don’t like those drastic changes. I like a gradual change into a new season. I don’t like wearing wool coats one day and flip flops the next. It’s weird.

    Hang in there and listen to your trees. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. If the leaves aren’t wanting to bud, bad weather’s a comin’ still.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Patricia, I think you are right. The trees are really late in opening and I don’t think this is our last storm. We still have Zeus!
      We’ve had a very mild dry year here in Boulder up until the last few weeks. Now it looks and feels like winter! We are supposed to warm up by the weekend, but not into the 80’s!!!!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the sunshine!


    1. Hahaha! That’s a great point, but not surprising coming from you 1point!!!
      It really surprises me that the big networks don’t rally all of meteorologists together to launch one or sixteen…
      Thanks for reading!


  2. My 2 cents from the other end of the world.
    It’s autumn here, but this town is totally different from any other I’ve lived in or been to. Six hours ago the temperature was 68ºF and now it’s dropped to 34 (it’s 1 a. m.). In about four hours it will be around 25ºF. Even the warmest summer days (with temps in the range of 90-100ºF) see a drop in temperature at night to the low twenties! Oh, and the wind-chill factor also has its say 24/7. That’s why our tennis players -unlike most- are never bothered by the wind. They learnt to deal with it when they looked barely taller than their racquets!


    1. Wow! Those are extremes! We get very high winds too. I try to use it to my advantage when playing tennis since I put a lot of slice on the ball. Are you in Australia?
      It is still snowing here. Ridiculous!


      1. LOL, no! I live in the hometown of Juan Martín del Potro, the 2009 US Open champion :). Tandil is a smallish city (125000, per the 2010 census) and currently boasts 5 players in the ATP rankings, including Del Potro, Monaco, Maximo Gonzalez, Junqueira, Pastor).


  3. I was lazy all day today. I think I’ll blame it on the weather. Sounds like a good excuse. Zeus, though. That should be one fairly awesome storm. 😉 All that snow is just one reason you should be living here in Cali. Hehe.


    1. I know! I am missing the warm Cali sunshine!
      I would have loved the snow in January, February or March, but I’ve got to get into my garden. Last night we had sleet and today they are predicting 4-8 more inches. YIKES!
      Thanks Debra!


  4. They used to say that the dental profession suffered from extremely high numbers of cases of depression. I wonder if anyone has surveyed the meteorologists lately?
    I hope you are out working in your garden soon, Susie, and I love your photos of Roxy with captions. Dogs always say the right things at the right times!


    1. I wonder too??? I do think they get higher ratings if they start predicting huge storms, but man they have to “weather” all the criticism later!!!
      Roxy is the queen of snark..
      Thanks so much Patricia!


    1. I had heard about your cold weather! Glad to hear about your warm up. Ours must be right around the corner…
      Roxy totally posed for some of those pictures… Hilarious!


  5. The old ‘lick finger, hold in air until weather is decided doppler radar’ not working?
    Meanwhile, in Ohio – 45 degrees on Monday, then 75 on Tuesday, then 47, then 72, then 80, then 30. I hate you, Weather.


    1. Hahaha! Me too! Where are our 300 sunny days??? I am glad for the moisture since were in a drought over the winter.
      It is still snowing here! 4-8 more inches today after sleet last night. I am hoping for a really good bounce in temps and a Colorado weather rebound!
      Stay warm Mike or cool!


  6. Maybe the experts should spend their money on new equipment instead of paying marketing focus groups to decide on new storm names.
    It was 70 here in Illinois last weekend – whoo hoo! Hope you dig out soon, Susie.


    1. Exactly! I am surprised they don’t do that!
      Oh man. That is perfect Midwestern weather. I just spoke with my parents in Wisconsin and it is thunderstorming there. It is still really snowing here!
      Good news!
      Vail and Breckenridge are reopening this weekend! They got feet of snow!


  7. I am enjoying the sunshine today here in Canada, but last week, we had snow. Crazy weather, Is this the problems Global warming will cause? we should have started working harder at stopping it long ago.


    1. It is bitter cold here in Colorado for April! It looks and feels like January. I think the seasons are getting stranger every year. I gotta believe we have something to do with it.
      Thanks for stopping by Lily!


  8. I’m ready for October already. I was freezing all winter (and should add that we didn’t get near the snow you’ve had already this month…all freaking winter). But I hate spring and summer. One I do not like 90 and 100 degree (or higher) heat indexes…but mostly I hate summer storms. We’re just getting into the first bad storm of the season…now through midnight tomorrow night…and not much scares me more than warmer weather storms. Yes, I’m a coward. So I’ll gladly trade you the snow for this stuff. 🙂

    Do I trust weather forecasters? Nope. According to the Weather Channel weather map a couple of hours ago, there were no clouds over my area…which made me wonder where the loud thunder and heavy rains were coming from. 🙂


    1. Hahaha! That’s exactly what I am talking about. Apparently, we don’t have the sophisticated satellites other countries use.
      I am surprised you are a winter person! You should move to the mountains, although they can get some wicked hail storms in the summer.
      Thanks Kristy!


    1. Lots and lots of oatmeal here. We’ve had lots of moisture in March and April. Almost 35 inches….
      Fly on the wall is right! **swat** Oh wait a minute. You are the fly on the wall not the meteorologist! Hahaha! Sorry about that…


  9. All that snow! Love the pictures… although, I imagine you are ready for some color besides white, yes?

    I should get my camera out and take some pictures of Spring and post… been so busy with writing and working on getting some of my flash stories ready for a e-book collection, I haven’t used it in months.


    1. It is a beautiful sunny day here finally and the snow although still here is melting. I am ready for color. It has been a long dry winter up until the last 6 weeks!
      Absolutely! I am enjoying them!


  10. surprisingly since last year the weather has been playing along with weather reports, someone must have used some brain cells and got a better equipment
    Its April and its hot and dry here and i am already calling winter..
    can we exchange houses for some time please..oh i would love to play with snow ..its really so dry here that my fingers look like 5 week old carrot in a fridge..
    ok may be not that bad but it really is bad and i keep moinsturizing them ever hour..oh i want snow i want i want i want pleaasssee


    1. I will wind up and send a big snow ball your way! Ready??
      Swooooooosh! Did you catch it??
      We’ll soon be in the hot dry air too and this snowy memory will fade.
      Thanks Soma!


  11. We haven’t had snow for a while now .. but it has been bitter in the air, this week Spring has arrived big time, with sunshine and warm air. Still I love the photos you have here .. and that little cute dog of yours. All dogs love snow .. and cats hate it. *smile – hope the spring has come closer to you by now. *smile


    1. It is warming up a bit and the sun is finally shining! We are at a mile high so the sun is intense and is melting the snow.
      We really need the moisture.
      I hope your flowers bloom soon!
      Thank you!


      1. So you have to go to the mountains, anyway, to get snow of the kind you are addicted to? We have to go there just to SEE some! And that only happens once or twice a winter.


  12. well we’ve had April showers, but it is now 37 and the school called and we have second bad weather day in a row. my kids have to go to school – different districts! Oh, my – I feel the pain, it would be great to see spring flowers and trees flower and bud, but it will come and it will be spectacular when it does. have a great day.


    1. No snow days there? Bummer…
      It looks like we’ll have a gorgeous day. I noticed that Home Depot pulled all of its garden center ads! Hahaha! We still have a lot of snow on the ground. No gardening this weekend!


    1. Sounds like a great idea!
      It is going to be 50 degrees today, but I just checked the weather and our Monday storm continues with more snow expected! If you believe the forecast…. 😉


  13. December through March were pretty warm and mostly dry in Northwest Arkansas, although it did dump a foot in Little Rock on Christmas day (we got a dusting). April temperatures have been up and down like a yo-yo. Eighty one day and thirty-five the next.

    Have you seen that video where the newsgirl is teasing the weatherman about missing the snow storm? “Hey, Brad, where’s that 8 inches you promised me last night?” The entire studio broke up and they had to go to commercial for about 10 minutes while they regained their composure.


    1. I swear I commented on this Russell! So good to “see” you!
      The weather has been strange in most parts of the country. The Midwest was in a severe drought and now there is flooding!
      I gotta believe those extreme temps are hard on the plants.
      I will have to look that video up! It sounds hilarious! 🙂


  14. As you see this unusual weather in April, what are your thoughts?

    To respond to your parting question, our winter was heavenly but we seem on the threshold of a hot summer.



    1. Where do you live? We had a dry winter until 7 weeks ago. Snowstorms have arrived every Monday since. Talk about cycles!!!! I wonder if they will continue into May?


      1. I live in Colorado Springs. 8 inches sound crazy

        The last few years we’ve had (may be 4-5 yrs), March and April has been fairly dry which are out of the ordinary. I’m hoping we won’t be having any snow in May.


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