The Boob Report III – Post-op


When life sends you obstacles, start hurdling!

First of all words cannot, nor ever will express my deepest gratitude in the support you have given me the last few weeks. The blogging community is amazing and all of you are the absolute best! I can feel your prayers as I write this on the night before surgery. I just wish I could physically hug each and every one of you. The words, “thank you,” will never seem like enough.

If you are reading this, my bi-lateral (fancy-like name for double) mastectomy is over. Yeah! I am on the good drugs and most likely kidding around with the interns.

My husband Danny will give you an update on the surgery and my lymph nodes. The sentinel nodes were removed during surgery and tested for cancer. If they were clear, then my surgeon didn’t touch the rest of them. Thorough testing in pathology will give conclusive results by Wednesday.

The breast reconstructive process was started. A tissue expander was placed behind my chest wall and sewn into place. I am sure when the drugs wear off, my chest will feel as tight as a drum. It will slowly stretch out again as saline is added over the next few months to give my new “girls” some shape.

Here’s my rock, Danny, with the update! Geez…. I hope it’s good news..

This is Danny speaking:  Great News!!  The lymph nodes are clear! She is doing great (except for the pain).

A Note From Susie:  As you wild riders know, I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and prayer.  Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.  I’m kicking “C’s” Ass.  I will write a proper thank you and post in a few days.  Love Susie

Danny again, I cut her off, more news later.

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166 thoughts on “The Boob Report III – Post-op

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  1. Praying for you. Your story is encouraging, and I believe your positive spirit has encouraged many to keep up the fight against cancer. Waiting for more Wild Rides


  2. Thank you Austin! I finally feel like I am coming out of the fog. I really appreciate your prayers and I believe they helped! Who knew this roadblock was ahead of me? Sheesh!


  3. Susie, so, so relieved to hear you are doing better and you absolutely DO NOT have to answer everyone of us!! You will exhaust yourself. We love you. We know you’re grateful for our support. Now get back to resting and healing!!! 😀


  4. I leave the wordpress sphere for a short while and come back to having missed the opening song at your Boob Party. Do forgive me for my lateness. I think boobs are over-rated anyway, so just pop them on the shelf. They perhaps deserve some rest by now. Well, it certainly is a Wild Ride with Susie, but always a pleasure! I like your positive, creative and pro-active approach to the situation, and as such I will keep in motion with you, so rest assured that I will not visit your blog with sympathy, but with the same mind-set as I always have done… hehe 🙂

    Energy, light and harmonic blessings to you and your family during this time Susie.

    Stay blessed and keep dancing!



  5. Susie, I have seen you liking my posts the last couple days! Hooray! I think of you browsing the blogisphere and clicking likes and it makes me so happy.

    I was telling my husband today as we were walking that now I know I could face a double mastectomy or any other procedure because of you. I used to fear it to the extent of not scheduling screening tests but now I am scheduled for the tests my doc wants me to do, including mammo. I want to live too, no matter what obstacles are thrown in the way, and if I have to face an obstacle, I want to be strong like you. And I also told him about our plans to ski together in Colorado. He’s up for it. And you guys can come to California for a sunny beach break some looooong winter, too.


  6. Been out of pocket today at a med center, but wondering how you were doing.
    Glad to see you’ve been wilding around blogland today.
    Sometimes it’s hard to remember as well as things are going, the body still says WHOA – major trauma cuts, here. (Don’t worry. Won’t blow your kick it to the curb image).
    Smiles to ya! Hugs to family for their great job, too


  7. I went through what you did – mostly. Mine was in my left breast, and grew so fast it was 7cm within a month, from finding it myself to getting to the doc. I had a double also, but I didn’t go for reconstruction, so I am a REAL ‘flat chested broad’! LOL I am so glad you have Danny – having someone with you for support is wonderful. And all your friends online! You are truly blessed, and I am so glad you are feeling better!


  8. We haven’t met but I want you to know that your courage is spanning the globe. I look forward to revisiting you blog before you take off to become a movie star and marry Brad Pitt. Best of luck, Mike.


  9. It’s such wonderful news that your lymph nodes are clear! YAY!! Hope you are recovering and know that we all miss you. Sending lots of positive healing energy your way…


  10. I just heard about this, Susie. It sounds as though things went as well as they possibly could, and you’re tapping into your own strength and the support of a lot of people who care about you. I’m glad about that. I hope you’re feeling better every day.


  11. Thinking of you my friend. I’ll keep sending you the positive vibes, glad they are helping out. 🙂 Stay strong girl, we’re all pulling for a good recovery.


  12. Hey Susie, it’s been so long since I’ve been on wordpress I had no idea you had such a big fight on your hands. Like a lot of the community says rest up and give yourself time to heal. I hope the pathology results (When they come back) are encouraging.



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