The Boob Report III – Post-op


When life sends you obstacles, start hurdling!

First of all words cannot, nor ever will express my deepest gratitude in the support you have given me the last few weeks. The blogging community is amazing and all of you are the absolute best! I can feel your prayers as I write this on the night before surgery. I just wish I could physically hug each and every one of you. The words, “thank you,” will never seem like enough.

If you are reading this, my bi-lateral (fancy-like name for double) mastectomy is over. Yeah! I am on the good drugs and most likely kidding around with the interns.

My husband Danny will give you an update on the surgery and my lymph nodes. The sentinel nodes were removed during surgery and tested for cancer. If they were clear, then my surgeon didn’t touch the rest of them. Thorough testing in pathology will give conclusive results by Wednesday.

The breast reconstructive process was started. A tissue expander was placed behind my chest wall and sewn into place. I am sure when the drugs wear off, my chest will feel as tight as a drum. It will slowly stretch out again as saline is added over the next few months to give my new “girls” some shape.

Here’s my rock, Danny, with the update! Geez…. I hope it’s good news..

This is Danny speaking:  Great News!!  The lymph nodes are clear! She is doing great (except for the pain).

A Note From Susie:  As you wild riders know, I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and prayer.  Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.  I’m kicking “C’s” Ass.  I will write a proper thank you and post in a few days.  Love Susie

Danny again, I cut her off, more news later.

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166 thoughts on “The Boob Report III – Post-op

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  1. Don’t you dare respond to all of us individually, Susie. I’m still {HUGGING} you and haven’t stopped for an instant. The news Danny posted news is so good. I knew it would be. Deep down inside me I knew you too would be a survivor. Signing off now with tears of joy streaming my face.


  2. It’ll be ok, Susie. My very best wishes for..whatever you want yourself. A double mastectomy is stinky but maybe has two potential upsides?? you don’t have cancer, and you can have new boobs!


  3. I have been thinking of you and sending good wishes, thoughts and prayers sweetie (((((virtual hugs))))):) Now thinking about you in the recovery process – you are a wild rider and I know you will kick butt! I am glad to hear the nodes were not cancerous – great news. Take Care & Take It Easy!


  4. Whew! So, so, sooooo, sooooooo glad the nodes are clear.

    Stay strong girl. We’re here for you. Prayers are flying around like crazy.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  5. Wonderful news! Well, it would have been better news if you hadn’t had to go through any of this, but under the circumstances it is great! Still a distance to go back to your ‘normal’ life, but the big hill is behind you!


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