What Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Been Freshly Pressed!

When Peg of Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings asked for a post I thought had the most, but the WordPress editors thought was milk-toast, I was more than honored. Now I have an opportunity to boast!

Sorry. I will blame my poetic rambling on the few cells in my brain still partying down on the general anesthetic and Oxycontin…

Peg has a hilarious blog and earned the well-deserved title of WordPress Recommended Humor Blogger. She started an amazing series called This One Should Have Been Freshly Pressed. I am humbled and thrilled to be added to her Freshly Pegged list!


Yep. It’s been a long dry year since my last Freshly Pressed article. My ego told me I had a lot of posts to choose from, but when I looked back, one really stood out. It was all about you and your personality. Okay. It was about me too.

So hop on over to Peg’s place and if you already read my post, click around! She has lots of funny stuff to check out and you may meet a few new bloggers too! Be sure to introduce yourself! See. I’m back. Do you see how many exclamation points I am using?

It should be a fun day!

Now click on over to Peg’s place –

Where Ramblers and Wild Riders collide…

Thanks Peg!

I wonder how long I can use the general anesthetic and Oxycontin excuse. Ha! It’s gotta be good for at least for another week…

41 thoughts on “What Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Been Freshly Pressed!

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  1. Susie, I’m pleased as pie to have you over at my place today. I also want to extend a big, hearty Welcome to all the Wild Riders (now that you’ve assured me that they’re house-broken.)

    I do have a strict rule, like in kindergarten, that you can’t bring goodies unless you have enough to share. How’s the Oxycontin supply?


  2. General anesthesia is a good excuse for AT LEAST a month. Six weeks if you have any kind of sensitivity to it. Use it as long as you can/want. You’ve earned it!


  3. So awesome to see you here, Susie – and the typealyzer had you pegged, lol. I’m an ISFP (the Artist, lol) … good meds are a blessing – keep getting better and better, my friend! Always in my thoughts and prayers, and sending love and hugs your way. xoxox 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Julie! This is the first day I haven’t taken any meds! I will probably pop a Tylenol before PT at 4:00. It will be a “hurts so good” session!
      I really appreciate the love and prayers and they are being sent right back to you!


    1. 6 hours! Wow! I had no idea about the electrical system, but I wasn’t moving around much. My brain is still misfiring that’s for sure!
      Thanks for stopping by Peg’s!


  4. Hope you are feeling a bit better Susie. I’m sure you will bounce back and fully recover. Very cool of Peg to feature you on her blog. Much deserved!


  5. Congrats, Susie, on beging Freshly Pegged, Freshly Pressed, and Freshly Funny and Cheerful, as always, not matter what kind of crap you’re dealing with!


  6. You’re so much better than freshly pressed. Nothing against those peeps, but Susie? You elevate words and stories, and that’s not simply a matter of geography. Love and blessings, mama.


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