Where in the World is the Wild Rider?

Do you know where I am? If you guess correctly, you may win one of the trinkets I bought from the wammer scammers in the park.




For more clues, follow me on Facebook. Leave your guess in the comment section. Good luck!

59 thoughts on “Where in the World is the Wild Rider?

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  1. You’re in Barcelona, Spain. The first photo is the Sagrada Familia; And I’m not sure what the other two are exactly. But I know they are in Park Güell, according to Wikipedia is on the El Carmel Hill in the Gracia District 🙂


  2. That first photo looks like the Atrium of The House on the Hill, but since you’ve never been to visit me, I know that can’t be correct… 😉


  3. I think Jeremy is right: Barcelona! My favorite city in Europe (apart from Amsterdam of course 🙂 ) Enjoy this beautiful city and its wonderful beach!


  4. Of course Barcelona … my number one playground … you just have to have a meal at this fantastidc place .. but you have to queue – http://wp.me/p293Pw-aa – people has queued for over 15 years for this place. Enjoy you holiday … and delight yourself.


  5. Definitely beautiful Barcelona. Hope it was a good trip. Are they still working on the church? I did a fun blog on Gaudi. You should check it out. Cheers!


  6. My back yard? I love Barcelona, especially anything by Antonio Gaudi, and in particularly La Sagrada Familia. Bet you can’t tell I’m jealous.


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