Where in the World is the Wild Rider Now?

Wow! What a Wild Ride. After traveling thousands of miles and taking thousands of photographs, I’m back. I met lots of fun people, saw some amazing sights, ate the most delectable foods and danced, of course.

I gave up on blogging after a few frustrating attempts and remained unplugged for most of the trip. I know! Hard to believe, right?

I just downloaded most of my 5000 pictures and froze up my computer. Sheesh! I am off to the store to buy more memory. Back to ye old grind.

The contest continues. Figure out where in the world I roamed and win a trinket stolen purchased from a wammer scammer respectable vendor in the park. Get your clues in the photographs below or stalk me on Facebook. The more specific you are, the better. If there are multiple winners, then I will draw a name.

Mystery Photo #1

Mystery photo 1

Mystery photo #2

mystery photo 2

Mystery photo #3

Mystery photo 3

Mystery photo #4

Mystery photo #4

Good Luck!

This place had eye candy everywhere! A feast for the eyes and soul and the obvious…

The winner will receive everything in the case above. Kidding! Wouldn’t that be most excellent? I miss that country already.

A souvenir trinket will be sent to the winner. Really!

The winners will be announced at the end of the entire contest.

Say a prayer for fellow blogger and wonderful writer Suzanne Vince who is having a bilateral mastectomy today. Her husband, who is in the military, will be taking over her blog for the next two weeks. Leave a note here. 

Where is your favorite place in the world?

96 thoughts on “Where in the World is the Wild Rider Now?

Add yours

  1. Welcome back, Susie! I was on vaca as well and, like you, the frustration of trying to upload from the road drove me crazy! Your pics are beautiful. Is it Corfu?


  2. Heya Susie it’s lovely to see you back. 5000 pics omg
    am so glad you had such a fun time, have no idea about the places but the food platter in the last pic oh my favourite 🙂
    hugs n love 🙂


  3. Glad you had a great trip. That second pix is perfect. (could make a story about that being a picture of life: the buildings, the flowers, textures, the doors, the windows, the uphill road – with a bridge no less. Great great shot.
    (Catching up – flying over to Suzanne’s – will snack and chat later)


  4. Hey those pics look amazing … I know the contest is probably over but I’m still taking a guess. I’m thinking France seeing how the flag is hanging around in your first shot 🙂 Dude and what a “hideous” shot that is 🙂 duuuuuuuuuuuude. Looks like a great place, glad you’re back and ready to share all your pics.


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