Do You Want More Followers?

When we receive an email alerting us that someone has subscribed to our blog, it’s exciting. Later when publishing a post, we hope to see the see those new friendly little gravatars pop up in “likes” or “comments.” Most are never seen again. They disappear like Oreos at a Bronco training table.

No one wants to feel like the guy with the microphone speaking to an empty room.

“Hello?” *tap*tap*tap* “Hello?”

I’ve discovered a secret.

You need to meet people. REAL people. Introduce yourself and check each other out. Chat a while. Go to each other’s place and chill. Or better yet, DANCE!

“Where can I do that?” you ask, “I live on an island off the coast of Newfoundland. I haven’t seen anyone for days.”

At another Use Me and Abuse Me Day this Thursday, August 22nd! It’s where all my friends come to meet up, hook up and if it works out, subscribe.

DJ Wild Rider in the House

Yeah baby. Rest up. It’s going to be another rager!

Are you ready to party?

Photo taken by Susie Lindau in front of the Hotel de Ville in Paris, France with a Sony Nex 3N


66 thoughts on “Do You Want More Followers?

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  1. It is sad that of the last 100 or so followers I have collected, only a sprinkling give any clue as to why they bothered. Or, are not very subtly trying to promote something.


    1. I was getting a lot of spammers following me a couple of months ago, but the ones now are real. I just have to engage them. If I could just buy an app that throws confetti and hands the blogger a drink of their choice, I’d be golden. Of course some would complain about confetti in their drink….


  2. Hey Susie! Latecomer to the party here. I’ve been on my 3000 mile motorcycle trip! Busy catching up on everyone’s blogs. I’m so happy for you and your final leg of the recovery journey. Looking forward to more updates.
    Off to check out some of your party guest’s blogs now…


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