Barcelona – A Photo Journal

Barcelona 1

After arriving in Barcelona, Spain it sprinkled, creating a wonderful photo opportunity.

Barcelona 15My husband Danny and I took the subway to our daughter Courtney’s dorm in the Gracia District.

Barcelona 16

A view from her rooftop.

Courtney joined us for dinner of tapas and paella. We had a hard time finding a restaurant that was serving at 7:00. Most open at 9:00, with the peak of the rush at 10:00! There is no such thing as tipping in this country, so the service  was reeeeeeally slooooooooow. She dashed off to join her friends to celebrate the end of the summer semester. Bleary-eyed and jet-lagged, I thought we would drag ourselves to our flat rented through VRBO, but we caught a second wind.

Barcelona 3Swept up in the energy of the Spanish people, Danny and I had no problem exploring while rambling on La Rambla. This market was still packed with shoppers at 9:00.

Barcelona 14

Testing their tomatoes for firmness or showing off…

Barcelona 2

Just hangin’ out.

Barcelona 18

I fell in love with the balconies incorporated on almost every building. I spotted Marilyn, but didn’t notice the Erotica Museum 69 until I edited the photograph! That would have been interesting and worthy of a research post. Dang. Next time.

Barcelona 4Yes. He is smoking a cigarette.

Barcelona 4a

Catching his breath.

Barcelona 5Rehydrating.

Barcelona 6Back for more.

We crashed a party in the same hotel. It had just ended.

That didn’t stop us from making some new friends. They introduced us to the “World’s Most Famous DJ.”

DJ Brian Cross wants to contact our son DJ KSmash when he comes through Denver.

Barcelona 11Back on the street.

Barcelona 19

The art mixed with architecture could easily be missed by passersby.

Barcelona 20

As the night grew older, the streets came to life.

Barcelona 12

Barcelona 13

Our new friend summed up our first impressions of Barcelona.

Barcelona 21

There’s more to come from our first night, so stay tuned!

Did you go exploring this summer?

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105 thoughts on “Barcelona – A Photo Journal

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  1. Nice photos, Susie… thanks for sharing. The first one is a stunner and has a lot going on… you are right… quite the photo op. This will be a nice experience for Courtney to live and learn in Barcelona. You guys all look great.


    1. Thanks Ted! Great to “see” you!
      I was exhausted in those photos, but Danny talked me into blogging them! I was so happy to be there and finally see Courtney.
      I am still learning how to take photos with this camera. Everywhere I looked there was a photo op! Thank God we don’t have to use expensive film and processing!!!


  2. Love the photo’s, Susie. If I can’t go, myself, then this is pretty damn awesome. You are a great photographer. Thank you for taking us all along for the ride. 😀 Did you run up the stairs and knock on that fella’s door? You should have. You should have asked to interview him for the blog. 😀


  3. Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? The first shot is stunning and the rest are just amazing. I love balconies too! They add such character and of course make great after sex smoking spots as well….that is a blog post in itself. You all look wonderful and once again I’m very happy you are sharing your journey with all of us.


    1. Thanks Lisa!
      My camera is wondrous! There were photo ops everywhere I looked. Thank God for digital!
      The balconies all over Spain and France invited all kinds of decor and the occasional onlooker…I loved how all the windows on side swinging hinges. No need for screens!


    1. Courtney still wanted to tour us through the Gracia district, so there will be more to explore next time! I love that city. As long as you watch your stuff! Pick pockets abound like flies….


      1. I was just watching a program about Barcelona’s pickpockets last night., I always thought no one would ever be able to pick pocket me but they had some very sneaky ways. it’s one of the things that riles me is theft like that, obviously stealing anything is wrong but these people could have saved for ages for a trip, it could cripple them to be robbed. In my pub I go to, a barman off duty found someones contactless bank card and was buying drinks with it all night, he was rightly fired.


  4. This December I may have the chance to go to Barcelona for the first time. I don’t know if that trip is going to work out (part of a friend’s work conference) but after seeing your photos I really hope so! You’ve given me some great inspiration. Is there any particular can’t-miss site or restaurant I should know about?
    Can’t wait to see part 2.


  5. I have visited several European countries, but not Spain. Looks like I’m missing out! What a great time you had. I love the photos of the guy on the balcony–too funny!

    My big explore was Texas in July for a family reunion. A lot of fun, and would you believe it was cooler in TX the week I went than it was in NH where they were experiencing a heat wave. Great timing!


    1. That is fantastic timing especially since my Texas friends complained about the heat this summer.
      I loved Spain. Barcelona had so much to offer. It would take weeks to see everything!
      The guy on the balcony cracked us up.


  6. Lovely photos of Barcelona. Thank you for sharing these!
    PS- I read your comment on my blog and realized we were speaking of two VERY different girls. My comment was in reference to Kourtney- as in Kardashian. I didn’t realize you were talking about your Courtney. Apologies forthwith.


  7. I’ve wanted to go to Barcelona ever since I took Spanish in junior high school. It looks even more amazing than I imagined, especially that market!

    Thanks for the wonderful post and great photographs, Susie. I hope Courtney has an incredible experience there.


    1. Thanks so much Charles!
      She had a great time and traveled with us through Europe before heading home.
      I fell in love with the culture, the art integrated into the city-scape and landscape and the people. I would go back in a heartbeat!


  8. Great shots all, but I was wondering if the guy smoking on the balcony might have been doing so sans trousers? Were his pants hanging over the railing? I’ve never left the continental US for a variety of reasons, mostly related to being a lowly paid member of the 47%, but one of my closest friends is a Spaniard directly from Spain. She was born in Madrid and visits family in Barcelona a few times a year. Sorry I’m so late to this one.


    1. I guess I wasn’t obvious enough about my captions with the smoking guy, but that was why I took the pictures. Pants hanging over the railing, smoking… I figured he was pantless and so did a few other photographers! 🙂
      It is expensive to travel to Europe. It took us 12 years before we could go back. Spain is one of the cheapest. One euro goes a long way! In the meantime, you can arm chair travel with us!


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