Barcelona – A Photo Journal

Barcelona 1

After arriving in Barcelona, Spain it sprinkled, creating a wonderful photo opportunity.

Barcelona 15My husband Danny and I took the subway to our daughter Courtney’s dorm in the Gracia District.

Barcelona 16

A view from her rooftop.

Courtney joined us for dinner of tapas and paella. We had a hard time finding a restaurant that was serving at 7:00. Most open at 9:00, with the peak of the rush at 10:00! There is no such thing as tipping in this country, so the service  was reeeeeeally slooooooooow. She dashed off to join her friends to celebrate the end of the summer semester. Bleary-eyed and jet-lagged, I thought we would drag ourselves to our flat rented through VRBO, but we caught a second wind.

Barcelona 3Swept up in the energy of the Spanish people, Danny and I had no problem exploring while rambling on La Rambla. This market was still packed with shoppers at 9:00.

Barcelona 14

Testing their tomatoes for firmness or showing off…

Barcelona 2

Just hangin’ out.

Barcelona 18

I fell in love with the balconies incorporated on almost every building. I spotted Marilyn, but didn’t notice the Erotica Museum 69 until I edited the photograph! That would have been interesting and worthy of a research post. Dang. Next time.

Barcelona 4Yes. He is smoking a cigarette.

Barcelona 4a

Catching his breath.

Barcelona 5Rehydrating.

Barcelona 6Back for more.

We crashed a party in the same hotel. It had just ended.

That didn’t stop us from making some new friends. They introduced us to the “World’s Most Famous DJ.”

DJ Brian Cross wants to contact our son DJ KSmash when he comes through Denver.

Barcelona 11Back on the street.

Barcelona 19

The art mixed with architecture could easily be missed by passersby.

Barcelona 20

As the night grew older, the streets came to life.

Barcelona 12

Barcelona 13

Our new friend summed up our first impressions of Barcelona.

Barcelona 21

There’s more to come from our first night, so stay tuned!

Did you go exploring this summer?

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105 thoughts on “Barcelona – A Photo Journal

Add yours

    1. Thanks Renee! These were my first photos with the new camera. I had to learn how it worked.
      I would love to explore Oregon! We’ve been to Seattle a couple of times and I would love to bring the kids some day.
      Have a great weekend!


  1. Very cool! I love looking at travel pictures. It’s also so interesting to learn about the culture differences. The little town near where I Iive basically rolls up the sidewalks by 10pm!


    1. It is the same here with the quiet streets past a certain time. In Boulder most stop serving between 9-10:00 even though there is a lot of night time entertainment. I loved the Spanish culture and like eating later!
      Thanks Michelle!


  2. I’ll say this, Susie: you’re quickly becoming a brilliant photographer and chronicler of the human condition.
    Well done, cutie!
    I love that opening shot and the Adventures of Shirtless Chain-smoking Stud was very clever!


    1. Thank you so much Hook!
      I enjoyed going through the photos, but it was hard to choose.

      I assumed the dude with the cigarette was naked and taking “a break!” I wasn’t the only one who noticed him. There were a few photographers who captured the moment! It was hilarious!


  3. Did someone say, Paella???? And jamon serrano (hanging around)? . For me, it was mostly about the food, can you tell? What beautiful pictures, Susie! Love the reflection of the wet streets and how they shimmer with the lights.

    My husband and I will be exploring Monterey & Carmel (CA) in mid October! Looking forward to it. 🙂


    1. Thank so much! I have been craving paella since I got home!
      I love that area of California. All those hobbit homes nestled into the hill and the surf crashing down below. Kincaid must have spent some time in Carmel. Have fun for me!


    1. Dang! Definitely plan to go next year. It was so easy to navigate. I arrived 5 and 1/2 weeks after surgery and between walking and the subway was able to get everywhere in the city. We did score a place that had amazing mattresses. I slept like the dead!
      I hope all is going well.
      Thank you!


  4. Really wonderful photos, Susie. (I’m thinking the shirtless smoking stud was also pantless – looked like pants hanging on the balcony rail.)

    Spent 11 days in England. Funny how so much shuts down there at night, depending where you are. Big difference between Barcelona. The market at night there is especially thrilling!

    I love how you jump right into the life of wherever you are. Thanks for sharing your spanish wild ride!

    p.s. Got the London souvenir when I arrived home. Thank you!!! 🙂


    1. Thanks Mary! The pants hanging over the balcony was the reason for the captions! He looked like he was getting a “work out…”
      I am so glad you got the package!
      England was really different than France and Spain. One night we were desperate to eat at 9:45 and we had to take a cab to Picadilly Circus since everything else in the area was closed.
      I bet you had a blast!


  5. Great photo trip, Susie! How exciting!
    I did some exploring closer to home…my 3000 mile motorcycle trip through the north/mid west -including 2 days in Sturgis. Gorgeous and fun!!


    1. Thanks Denise! It was a trip of a lifetime.
      Sturgis! what a blast! We went camping one weekend near Mt. Rushmore and had no idea it was Sturgis weekend. It was wild. There’s a blog post I should write!
      3000 miles! Fantastic. I bet you have some stories to tell as well!


  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona. I have a thing for Gaudi. I will have to live vicariously, for now– my kids are simply not portable yet. (But what about that erotic museum?! Damn, for sure!)


    1. I had been curious about Barcelona after watching Vicky Christina Barcelona. I had no idea what to expect, but the art literally surrounds you there. Gaudi left his mark EVERYWHERE! You have to go some day. The food is delish, the beer and wine is cheap, and the people and their energy is amazing!
      I can’t believe we missed that museum. It never registered in my brain. It must have been in sensory overload while my body was running on empty. Can you imagine???? What a blog post!!!


    1. Danny didn’t notice the museum either and laughed when he proofed this. I can only imagine after peeking at their site! 🙂
      The DJ was so nice. He is very popular in Europe.
      Thanks for coming on my adventure Linda!


  7. Wow! Look at you exploring SPAIN. How cool! Awesome photographs. And your daughter is living it up – what a wonderful life experience. I haven’t gone anywhere. But, maybe someday (when we don’t have four dogs?)


    1. Hey Angelia! Great to “see” you! Or if you get a house sitter!
      Thank you so much. That means a lot coming from you.
      I had just bought the camera before taking these, so it was a learning process. In all honesty, this little Sony Nex does all the work! I love it!
      Courtney loved Barcelona. I wish we had more time there. We’ll have to go back!


  8. Great photos, Susie! I love the rainy streets and the explosion of color in the market. You’ve almost got me craving fruits and veggies instead of Little Debbie Snack Cakes.


    1. Well that’s a compliment! Hahaha! I just made a chocolate zucchini cake. My baking has been non-stop since I’ve been back! Pretty soon I’m going to look like all I eat are Little Debbie Snack Cakes!


  9. Loved the pictures. My problem is I visited Colorado a few years back and fell in love with the state. I like where I live but if I had to move it would be to Colorado. I’d never leave. I’d even learn to ski.


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I would love to go to Madrid some time. I wonder if she will go to the running of the bulls… My daughter was planning to go, but it was too expensive. I bet your daughter will love it there! I really enjoyed their laid back culture and their tapas!


      1. Don’t know about the running of the bulls… she needs to find herself an apartment and job first! Apparently they give you free tapas with a pint of sangria for 2 euros! So guess what she’s living off at the moment! 😉 As for the laid back culture she’ll definitely fit in there! 🙂


          1. Just received an email from her to say she had her mobile stolen from her bag last night! Not a great start but at least it was nothing worse and hopefully she’ll be a bit more careful and aware from now on. It’s just left her feeling a bit down! 😦


            1. I should have warned you! Dang! Tell her thieves are EVERYWHERE. We were told that we had to watch our bags every where. Wear your backpack in front and not set anything down. We were in a very classy restaurant and were the only ones inside as it was 3 PM. The owner made me move my camera off the table. He said someone could spy us from outside and come in and steal it. We weren’t even near the door!!!!
              At least there is no such thing as muggings. Tell her to watch for little kids falling in front of her or any scenes that would take her attention away from her belongings. The parent will steal from behind. Carry nothing in pockets. One of Courtney’s friends found a little girl’s hand in his front pocket. He swatted her hand away and the parent said, “Sorry.”


              1. I just copy and pasted your reply and sent it to her (hope you don’t mind!?) just felt she would benefit from hearing it from someone else! It’s a worrying time, at least until she finds a job, an apartment and gets settled! I’m getting use to the idea of a few more grey hairs!!! Thanks for the info! 🙂


                1. i am going to mention the thievery in my next post! I am talking to my daughter as I am typing this and she told me to tell you that they will come up with clipboards to ask questions, place it over your bag and reach into your purse when you are signing and steal everything in your purse or murse in your case…. 🙂


                    1. I’m sure it will all work out, this is just an initial set back and perhaps one that will just make her stronger and more determined. Personally, I’m glad it’s just her phone and nothing more important or sinister! All will be well! 🙂


    1. It is so fantastic. You would love it. The subway and your feet are all you need to get everywhere in the city. Art is everywhere. Gaudi is one of many artists who made an impact on the city. It is just so different there. And the people were so friendly! Go!


  10. Thanks for letting me have a vacation vicariously through you!! This was my summer of sitting on my butt, dealing with a broken foot and torn tendon. The cool thing is that I learned (via a psychic soul sister) that, in breaking my foot, I broke an energetic chain of dysfunction that was carried down through my DNA. We inherit crap from our parents at the energy level of our DNA. And now that chain has been ended. The results are already showing up in big changes in my son. I know this sounds pretty far out, but I truly believe in my friend, and know this is all so. (Hey! You asked for wild thoughts 😉 ).


    1. Wow! I love your wild thoughts and can’t believe I almost missed commenting on your comment!
      I wonder what your soul sister would say about my very recent double mastectomy. I bet I severed at least two ties! I think there is all kinds of cosmic stuff out in the world that we don’t understand. I would love to see a huge positive shift!!!
      Thanks for sharing!


      1. I was there three years ago. I wish I had more time to spend there, but it was just an overnight before catching a cruise the next morning. Truthfully, all I really got to see was the hotel, the airport, the port, and a wonderful restaurant. I’d love to go back and actually take in all the sights. Until then, I have your pictures. 😉


    1. Thank you!
      She took two business courses, 6 credits that transferred to CU. Her high school Spanish came in handy unless they spoke Catalon which is a mixture of French and Spanish.


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