Barcelona – Photographs and Pickpockets (Updated 2017)

While walking along La Rambla, my husband, Danny, and I continued our adventure in Barcelona while very aware of pickpockets. We peeked down the narrow walkways and alleys and I took a few photographs.

Barcelona 22

Our daughter, Courtney had lived in Barcelona all summer. She warned us about pickpockets earlier that night. I held my bag close to my body. Many locals wore backpacks in front of them. Danny kept our euros in a money belt. I never feared for my safety anywhere in Barcelona, but pickpocketing was rampant.

Pickpocketing scenarios:

Courtney warned us not to help anyone from the ground since they create scenes to distract you, then fish for valuables in your purse or backpack.  One of her friends found a little girl’s hand in his front pocket. He swatted her away. The girl’s father said, “Sorry.” Other times they approach with clipboards asking random questions. As the unsuspecting target sign their name, they would rifle through the victim’s bag underneath. If a victim sat at a table with their small purse and cell phone on top, they would set the board on them and snatch both before they knew they’d been hit. She said to hold our bags to our chest when in the subway since they use the crowds to hide their prowling.

Meeting locals

I met two cute girls, hired to promote a night club on the beach. They enticed their new friend to come for free admission. He was reluctant, so I joined in the conversation. They wanted to hire me! Later they confided that there really was a cover charge. Ah yes. The scamming begins. But they were such nice girls.

Barcelona 31

Photographs of the night scene in Barcelona.

We discovered the Placa Reial filled with hungry people out enjoying the energy of crowds while searching for a late dinner. We joined the hunt for dessert in the square.

Barcelona 23

A feast for the eyes, the soul, and the tummy, restaurants lined the plaza.

Barcelona 24

A queue formed for this popular restaurant.

Barcelona 25

Many enjoyed conversing with friends and family with nary a cell phone in sight.

Barcelona 27

Bicycles and motorbikes are the preferred mode of transportation in the maze-like downtown.

Barcelona 26

Danny made some new friends and promised to visit their popular restaurant tomorrow night.

Barcelona 30

I found some willing subjects taking a quick break during the rush.

Barcelona 32

“Wait! Where does this tunnel lead us?” I pulled Danny out of the Plaza Reial to explore again.

Barcelona 29

Back out on La Rambla where my tummy rumbled as we rambled. Tee hee!

Barcelona 33

Street performers exhibited their gymnastic prowess.

Barcelona 34

The extraordinary lighting on some of the buildings had me snapping away.

Barcelona 35

The Rita Blue Restaurant, tucked into another a much smaller plaza, the Placa Sant, had exactly what I’d been looking for.

Barcelona 36

I found my just desserts! No pickpockets here. Then home again to our rented flat for a much-needed night’s sleep after staying awake for nearly 36 hours. It was 2:00 AM! We had adjusted to Barcelona time.

Barcelona Photographs and Pickpockets

Where is your favorite dessert restaurant?

All photos by Susie Lindau with a Sony Nex 3nl DSLR

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  1. Pickpockets are nimble-fingered, aren’t they! I’m actually impressed at some of the tricks they come up with. It’s too bad they can’t put their creativity to better use.


  2. Just when I thought my vicarious trip couldn’t get any better….I’m in love with this city, pickpockets and all.
    Ps. When your daughter warned you of these potential thefts, did you use the opportunity to roll your eyes as if she was crazy? It’s always heartwarming to know your child has been listening all these years, but I know I would have given mine a good ole eye roll first…lol


  3. Favorite dessert restaurant? Hmmm… I remember a place in California that served only pie. I think. Maybe I was mesmerized, but I only recall a menu filled with all sorts of pies. 🙂 Lovely photos, Susie.


  4. No sign of cell phones because apparently if they set them on the table they would disappear! It is unfortunate about the pick pockets giving the place a bad name but it still looks like you had a wonderful time. The photos are lovely.


  5. Our favorite dessert restaurant is either Il Ritrovo or Trattoria Stefano, both across the street from each other in downtown Sheboygan, WI. Wonderful atmosphere and absolutely yummy desserts!


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