Get Ready!

ultimate crowd surfer

The ultimate in crowd surfing

Last week, I attended a book signing, a mind-blowing rock concert, checked in with my radiologist, and then went to a writer’s conference where I learned a ton and pitched my book. And those are just a few of my wild highlights. I have so much to tell you and quite a few blog posts to write, but enough about me. This is all about you.

Another Use Me and Abuse Me Day is coming up this Thursday, September 26th. This is your chance to come and mingle with my followers. Who knows? You may pick up a few subscribers. It’s a virtual party where the buffet is always fresh, the barista is ready to create any kind of coffee drink and the bar is open.

Bring ONE link to a blog post and share it in the comment section. Then the party begins. Click on a few links, tell them,  “Susie sent me,” and they should click back to your place. It’s usually a rager, so be prepared to party right through the weekend.

Don’t forget to dance!

Was your week crazy or a yawnfest?

Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Parisian Rave Edition

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    1. You’ll see!!!! It was amazing. I couldn’t believe the technology they incorporated. I am not sure what kind of trouble I can get into if I say the band and post photos. All kinds I would expect! I have a couple photos I can use….
      I have some new followers and I hope they come and join us!!! It is also posted over at the Daily Post under Blogging Events, so we’ll see who shows up!
      I will look forward to seeing you!


  1. Susie, you’ve done more so far this week than I can plan. all I’ve got is a rewrite and what to do with a blog I started and bombed.. I’ve got thoughts for it, something for everybody. I’ll wait until Use Me and Abuse Me.


    1. Oh thanks Maria! I used to go to some of my friend’s blogs and would realize they weren’t being read even though they were excellent writers like you. So I came up with a way for everyone to get new subscribers. For the most part, it works really well. I love it since I discover new bloggers too!
      See you Thursday!


  2. You are just all the rage (oh, people will think of anger – so not it)…uh you are just raving (oh, now they’ll think mad)…uh you are just out of this world (wait, get off that rocketship – we need you here… )
    It’s already been wild week – thanks for having the party at your place!


  3. Looking forward to another UMAM Party! My past week was a blur of suburban hectic, tinged with fanatic writing/editing and lot’s of no sleep… I did manage to catch up on the sleep and took a day off from work to lounge with the Mrs. Good stuff!


  4. Hi Susie,
    Your week may have seemed crazy but it sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to another party…, coffee drinks ????? Whatsamattayou?
    Well, maybe irish coffee or kaluha n cream,,,,, nah! Just bring on the Jamison’s. See ya then ! My week was busy, but not fun, just work.


  5. Susie! Share the deets! So glad you are having such an awesome time. Writers’ conferences are the best, aren’t they? My weekends and every day in between right now are all magnifique. You know where I am! Book-signing for my book in Antibes, Oct. 4! I’ll be wishing you were there! When I was in Choopy’s the other day, they said a friend of mine was in about a month or so ago. Was it you, mon amie?


    1. I just sent you an email!
      I hope you are enjoying all the French bakery especially at Choopy’s! I haven’t had time to blog about it, but we were there and mentioned your name. That was us mon dieu! They are such nice people and helped Danny with directions to Lyon.
      I can’t wait to hear about your book signing!


  6. So glad to see you living large and enjoying life. We had a blast of a weekend in Atlantic City, and now I am in Denver for a convention through Saturday. On Sunday it is the Coors Brewery tour!

    Again, you are so awesome to let us all abuse you and use you! 🙂


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