Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Rock Star Edition

Rocking out

It’s time once again to Use Me and Abuse Me, so lets get this party started. Yeah baby! The idea is to introduce yourself, chat up the guests, and pick up some new followers.

Be a star and rock out in the comment section. Meet up and mingle!

Stop by with ONE link to a blog post and paste it in the comment section. Two will put you in my spam filter and I hate when I have to stop dancing to fish guests out of my filter. It’s so embarrassing…

Include a short hook to let people know what your story is about. A post works better than your blog URL since a guest may click over to your place and not know where you keep the beer or the chips. When you link a post, it takes the guest right to the heart of your home where they can read your story.

Don’t bring one of your friend’s URLs, since they may not come by to party with us and that defeats the purpose.  Remember. This is about you. That is also why you should never drop off your link and run. You wouldn’t go to a party, fill a doggy bag and go home.

If you leave a link, click on a few. Tell them, “Susie sent me.” They should click back. Chat up your guests here and at your place. The more links you click on, the higher the chance your new friends may subscribe to your blog.

Be a rock star

Rock out with the Wild Rider in the video below-

Now stand up and dance to Follow Me by Muse!

The bar is stocked, the barista is already pouring cappuccinos, and the tasty treats in the buffet were flown in from New York. Nothing is too good for my friends! This is my way to thank all of you for subscribing to my blog. Now you can meet each other! How cool is that?

Spread the word. The more the merrier!

Have fun and don’t forget to dance!

119 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Rock Star Edition

Add yours

  1. Morning!

    Not sure what to leave, but I love parties, albeit virtual! Yeah 😉 Okay I will return because I have to go write a 500 word news article. Something new I’m trying for the Guardianlv Express.

    But here’s a link to my … drum roll /////////// new book!

    Tell me what do you think? Does it sound interesting?

    Thanks Suzie!


    1. Hey, Susie — I’ve been hearing about these parties and finally I get to be one of the cool kids! As intro, I’m linking to one of my early posts about leaving Seattle behind to move to one tower of a castle in England, where I innocently assumed that I would be able to speak the language — .


  2. Hey Susie, baby it’s cold outside in Colorado! Move over by the fireplace,and turn up the music. Lots of good conversations available here today.
    So – just to make a visit easy and a fast here’s a post with a few words (I heard that snort. I’m standing right here.)
    First snow in the Rockies/ski country pictures. Mother Nature’s sending it early for a reason…..


    1. Yes, I agree with you totally. Deadlines can be self-imposed and that is good. Then leave yourself some room to play and have fun. Nice headline picture you have, must look at that again. Bye.


      1. Thanks for dropping in. The header picture is (if you did not already know, the Rockville Train Bridge outside of Harrisburg PA. It is the world’s longest, oldest standing stone bridge of its kind.)


    2. This is so great SF! I will enter in the contest.
      The process does change. Right not I am in hyperdrive! A month from now, who knows???
      Thanks for bringing it to the party. Have fun clicking on links and chatting up the guests!


    1. Absolutely! She will appreciate it! 😉
      Love the rock star pun and your analogy of stain glass and life. So true!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party! Have fun chatting with the guests!


        1. Thanks for bringing your link to the party Hook! Love the Elvis post. Hilarious!
          I hope you have fun clicking on links and chatting up the guests! Tell them “Susie sent me,” and they should click back. Maybe you’ll “pick up” a few new subscribers!


  3. (*steps out from behind the fern in the corner by the bar*) Hi All. Dana Myles, indie author, and blogger without a clue ;-). I’m going to point you to a blog post I did a year or so ago. It’s an introduction of sorts to what’s really going on in my head at any given moment. Can’t wait to for you to get to know us…

    I’m off to mingle. Thanks Susie for the opportunity!


  4. Hi Susie! I have been following your blog for awhile now, and it is just so awesome! Just like you 🙂 The way you dealt with that very difficult period of your life is awe-inspiring.

    Anyway! I want to contribute something a bit fun and different I did a while back: It was super fun to put together, and hopefully some people will have fun reading!

    Now to click on some of these links!


    1. Thank you so much! I am on the mend and am getting back in the exercise habit. **yawn** not a habit yet…
      Love this post! I remember making scenes like this one. Thanks for bringing it to the party!



    The origin of these two tales cannot be defined.

    Some say the first tale originated in the mind of a dervish and it is the only place that it ever occurred. Others say that it originated in Ternopol. Of course Ternopol sometimes resided in Austria and at other times Germany; now in more recent times, Russia. Possibly the dervish had wandered through Ternopol and that accounts for the confusion.

    Thanks for the party Susie. It is great idea and I am so pleased to see you continuing the tradition; especially after what you have dealt with.


  6. Hi Susie, I’m no rock star but I’ve got a place that will let anybody cook like a Rock Star. I spent a whole lot of my life in kitchens or at the aprons of my Grandmother, various aunts and my own mother. I’ve learned by osmosis and two years learning Food Service Management and Culinary Arts. Here’s the deal, starting next week on Wednesday I’m going to post a recipe. Some will be old favorites updated and there’ll be some new stuff. I’ll try to keep them healthy but hey, I’m a guy. I’ll make it as easy as possible, including shortcuts. So if you’re jammed for a meal, check it out at Will visit some of the blogs that have dropped by. Oh yeah, if you want to hear me rant go to http://www.tomwisk, It’ll be fun.


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