Going for Gold – Fall Photos

Lower Mohawk Lake at the foot of Quandary Peak.

Fall mtn 2

A peek at a peak.

fall mtn 7

A light dusting at Breckenridge from Boreas Pass Road.

fall mtn 8

Striking gold at every turn.

fall mtn 6

Not quite the peak of the season, but putting on a good show.

fall mtn 5

Shadows stretch across the road as days shorten.

fall mtn 3

Colorado gold takes my breath away.

fall mtn 4

Has autumn arrived in your neck of the woods?

Click here for another great fall hike in Breckenridge!

All photos taken with a Sony Nex 3N DSLR

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101 thoughts on “Going for Gold – Fall Photos

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  1. Fabulous photos! It’s spring in NZ just now – but come autumn, we don’t get golden hillsides like you do. Most of the trees (and especially the native ones) are evergreens. There are imported deciduous trees in the towns – especially our street, and I swear ALL the leaves end up in our driveway. But that’s another story…


    1. It’s a little thin…Hahaha! They are going to open Peak 6 this year and Danny wanted me to hike up there yesterday. Nope. We didn’t make it… Soon I will have skiing dreams. I can’t wait!
      Thank you!


  2. So beautiful! I love the colors! Here in Southern California our signs of Autumn are a bit more subtle, but I’ll take them any way I can find them. It’s still hot as heck, but the days are shorter and the nights are cooler…so there you go! 🙂


  3. We don’t get fall here in Southern California so I can’t thank you enough for showing off these gorgeous photos, Susie. Makes me long for actual months with season-appropriate weather, colors, and outfits.


    1. It is funny. When I went to LA last October, everyone was wearing fall clothes and boots AND died of the heat! I was one of the few in shorts. It is nice to wake up and throw on a sweater without making a fashion statement! I love So Cal! Wish I had a plan to visit this year!
      Thank you!


    1. YUM! MY favorite too! Have a bite for me!
      I remember making them with the kids and rolling them in nuts. I can taste it right now. Have to get me some apples, caramel and nuts……
      Thanks V!


  4. These pictures are stunning Susie! You should blow them up and have them framed. Or sell them as postcards. I love the Fall. My favorite season.


  5. Dude I love these photos, they look like awesome screensavers/postcards. We’re not quite in fall weather over here in SoCal … it’s like 80+ degrees today 🙂


  6. Fall has been canceled here, at least for another week. Temps in the 80s….I mean, it’s October for crying out loud! And Al Gore isn’t answering his cell, it’s so frustrating…..


  7. Hi Susie. Quite a late reply, but I’m doing a bit of catching up in the blog world– and I couldn’t let this one go by without comment, as it made me cry! We spent August in Breckenridge (in a house halfway up Mt Baldy), hiked Quandry, etc., and also spent time in Boulder moving our CU son into his new place and just hanging out there, because we love it:) Back in London now, which has its own charms, but I feel like I left my heart in Colorado! Seeing your photos made me feel like everything really is/will be okay after last month’s horrific deluge. And yes, I know Breck is far from Boulder… and yes, I’ve seen photos from campus showing all is well at least in some areas of Boulder… and yes, my son’s house is slowly getting put back together. So while I knew in my head that things are okay, somehow your photos gave me back that piercing sense of joy I feel when I’m there! So thanks for that:) I hope you are feeling well, and enjoying fall to the fullest!


    1. You just gave me shivers! Wow. I am so glad I posted these photos. I will be taking more this weekend.They are still working on some areas in Boulder. I don’t think Hwy 36 is open to Estes Park, but things are going back to normal!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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