Going for Gold – Fall Photos

Lower Mohawk Lake at the foot of Quandary Peak.

Fall mtn 2

A peek at a peak.

fall mtn 7

A light dusting at Breckenridge from Boreas Pass Road.

fall mtn 8

Striking gold at every turn.

fall mtn 6

Not quite the peak of the season, but putting on a good show.

fall mtn 5

Shadows stretch across the road as days shorten.

fall mtn 3

Colorado gold takes my breath away.

fall mtn 4

Has autumn arrived in your neck of the woods?

Click here for another great fall hike in Breckenridge!

All photos taken with a Sony Nex 3N DSLR

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101 thoughts on “Going for Gold – Fall Photos

Add yours

    1. We had rain AGAIN on Thursday and Friday. The forecasters predicted it through Saturday and cool temps today, but they were wrong! Yay!
      I hope it dries out for you soon!
      Thank you Maggie. 🙂


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing, Susie!

    We are having an ‘early’ autumn here in Florida. The temps are already down into the low 80’s (yup, that’s fall weather here and it doesn’t usually start until mid to late October).) Doors and windows are hanging open. Ahhh, fresh air!

    But alas we see very little in the way of changing leaves here. We do have some trees that lose their leaves but they just turn brown, or sometimes an anemic yellow first.


    1. Well I am glad I could provide some color for you!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by! We came down from the mountains and expected cool temps. It was 75 degrees! Just beautiful weather. I wonder when we’ll get our first snow…..


  2. Susie, your photos are gorgeous! What a gift to share with us. Out here on the west coast of BC, the rains have arrived. We’ve gone from summer to fall without the gold transition. So thank you for those beautiful autumn images.
    On another note, I haven’t been around much but I’ve been thinking about you!


    1. Ohhhh! Thank you!
      It’s late here in Boulder County and in the mountains. usually it is peaking about now up there, but I think we’ll have at least two more great weekends. Too bad about the rainy season. Boy. Did we get rain!! Now it is just like Ireland with the iridescent greens!


    1. It’s still early down here, but if you can get onto the Peak to Peak highway, there may be some great color! Lost Lake up at Eldora or any hikes at higher altitude may provide some too! It will still be a few weeks before Boulder turns, but then a hike up Mt. Sanitas is great for a view of the valley.
      Thanks Emily!


  3. It has started but the leaves won’t fully change colour for another 2 weeks. Next week is Canadian thanksgiving so people do drive around to see them. Beautiful pictures


    1. Oh cool! I remember the first time I read your blog about it. Your country has the right idea in having it early enough to enjoy the color. It truly is harvest time. Why we have it in November, I’ll never know!!!!
      Thanks Linda!


  4. Hi Susie, it’s 9/29 and autumn hasn’t shown yet. I look out my window at the trees that are in the lot next door and they’re still green. Mainly out of orneriness, I think. The organic garden is still going but they’re getting the greenhouses ready. Loved the pictures, you are so blessed to be in CO, except for the floods.


    1. Thanks Tom. I side effect of the flooding is tons of nutrients have caused a greening up of Boulder like no other! It looks like Ireland!
      I think autumn is late everywhere this year. Not sure why. Orneriness must be the cause.
      Thanks Tom!


  5. Mathair and I are fall connoisseurs and your pics have us drooling over CO. Fall’s not showing much over here in the Smoky Mountains, but we’re already starting to decorate for Halloween. Thanks for the pictures, Susie. Definitely put us in the Fall mood.


  6. Stunning views, Susie. Here in NYC, the leaves haven’t really started changing yet — I’ve seen just one or two trees with gold in them. This time next month Central Park will be bursting with color. I just love fall!


    1. It is really late this year. Usually by the 10th, it is just about over in the mountains, but it will take a while to hit the peak. I would love to be in NYC for autumn color or for any season. I love it there!!!
      Thanks Jackie!


        1. People have really come out in support from all over the country. The good news is the fatalities remain at 8 in the state which is still terrible, but considering hundreds were reported missing, it was a relief is some weird way.


  7. What a beautiful place! I interviewed in Longmont several years ago. Didn’t get the job and was disappointed. Not with being rejected but more at not being able to move to Colorado for hiking and fishing. I should be envious of you but the nuns said something about envy not being such a good thing.


        1. It’s good to see you too, Susie! I still visit you. I lurk. And I think of you every time I’m in Boulder — which isn’t often.


  8. Much more gold there this weekend.
    It may be fall here shortly: the monarchs and hummingbirds are in town bulking up before moving on…night at cooler. And some early changing plants are showing a little color.
    But it’s not the CO mountain beauty buffet!
    Thanks for the photos


    1. I love that expression and told my son to name one of his concerts, “Wet Shaggy Dog.” He didn’t think it held the right connotation for raging!
      I saw in the news it has gotten pretty severe. Hang in there!


  9. The Colorado Rockies in their gold and green autumn splendor are so unique. I loved driving to the mountains anytime — and, especially during the fall when I lived in Denver. Love those pictures, Susie.

    This Yankee (Pennsylvanian) grew up with distinct seasons. The colors of autumn in my home state were diverse.

    Both vistas have their own striking beauty.

    And, then there’s Texas (heavy sigh). Trees typically go from green to brown to ker-plunk.

    I bopped back and read your last Boob Report. I’m thrilled you’re nearly out of the recovery phase. You are one brave, determined, admirable. Don’t even have to tell you to hold ’em high and proud, do I? 😉


    1. I Love it! I am holding them high and proud! I go in tomorrow for a check up and hope I am released to doing more than walking. Boring! I can’t wait to get on my bike or run!
      Thanks so much for all the boob support Gloria!

      I know what you mean about the seasons. I will be traveling back to Wisconsin, but I think I may be too early for dramatic color…Dang!
      Great to “see” you!


  10. Autumn…, is that the time of year when mornings start getting more and more cold, and all of the trees shed their leaves on the lawn, and squirrels are digging up your lawn to bury nuts that they’ll never find again??? Oh, that time of year…, Yep! It’s here with a vengance. The “Frost Maiden” is the only character that hasn’t arrived yet. What’s the word? Are you going to get any snow this year?


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