I Fear it’s Time

foggy day 1

October is fright fest movie month. Even though vampires, witches, zombies and ghosts don’t exist (Wait. I believe in ghosts!), many of us will sit on the edge of our seats, spellbound with pulses racing. We will be held tight by the tension created in these movies.

220px-The_Birds_original_posterForeshadowing is a literary device used also in film, to hint at a future event. The creak of a floorboard, the rustle of the wind, or the banging of a shutter is often followed by a shadowy figure inside the house.

In Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Melanie Daniels (played by Tippy Hedron), enters a pet shop. The canaries go wild. It won’t be long before other cute little birds become predators with outstretched wings, talons, and pecking beaks.

Setting can contribute to foreshadowing as well: It’s a stormy night. The protagonist is alone. The power goes out. The phone is dead. That’s usually when the defenseless woman (sexist much?), decides to take a shower. In Psycho, we knew Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), was screwed as soon as she turned on the faucet.


In the premiere of the television series American Horror Story, backstory is used as foreshadowing. A young witch has been burned at the stake prompting a visit to the coven by a Supreme witch. She is there to teach the girls how to protect themselves. Soon we find out they have their own ways of exacting revenge on mere mortals.


While visiting Wisconsin, I took my parent’s collie for a walk. This particular still morning lay adrift in fog. After stepping out of the house, I returned for my cell phone. We strode to a nearby wooded park as usual. I stopped and photographed the gloomy lake.

foggy day 2

Instead of continuing our usual routine, I looped back a different way through the park. As I sauntered up the narrow road, a huge branch cracked and tumbled down. At first I thought it had fallen in the forest. After continuing up the road, the huge healthy limb lay across my path right ahead of me. Good thing I stopped to take some photos.

foggy day 4 If the fallen limb had occurred in an October movie, it would foreshadow some terrifying event.

It could be the precursor to an unusual storm that would level forests and entire neighborhoods. Its clouds could carry an evil virus which transforms people into zombies.

Or it could be the first indication that a new form of insect had evolved eventually devouring crops and then humans.

Or the protagonist could continue to elude death until death catches up with her. Then it would move on to its next victim. Hey. Wait a minute. That hits way too close to home.

Good thing foreshadowing doesn’t exist…

Do you watch scary movies and TV shows in October?

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  1. Nothing like a good spooky movie to make a person feel alive, eh, Susie? I’m a big fan of AHS. Favorite line in the first episode of Season 3: “Come on, Mary Todd Lincoln. Let’s go get a drink.” Scary with a sense of humor.


  2. I agree with August and Coleen suspense thriller is better than horror. So glad you stopped for photos Susie. Imagine the headline ‘Breast Cancer survivor bopped on the head like scene from her book. Tragic waste of a wild rider. ‘
    Do share some holiday pics :0) Take care!


    1. I love thrillers too! I have to trust that a film won’t cross the line into gross out factor before watching. That’s why I can’t watch Walking Dead.
      I should start wearing a hard hat Catherine! It was pretty crazy. Thank you!


  3. Not a fan of horror, but love suspense and thrillers. And I do get into movies like that around this time of year–Halloween is so much fun! Glad the limb missed you!!


    1. ME TOO!!!!
      I love suspense and thrillers. I don’t think this season’s American Horror Story is going to rely on gross scenes for ratings with the amazing cast they have. Although after watching the first episode, I would imagine some poor unsuspecting men are going to lose their livers….
      Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Gabourey Sidibe – all Oscar winners!


    1. I could never finish “It.” That book gave me nightmares for weeks! Now it wouldn’t probably bother me so much. The garbage disposal scene really creeped me out!!! I am pretty sure I watched the miniseries with Richard Thomas and Annette O’Toole.
      Have you picked up the new Stephen King novel?


  4. I’m not much of a horror film fan, but I do have an appreciation for the eerie. I’m inclined to think a fallen tree limb in the woods is just a fallen tree limb in the woods. But now that you’ve pointed out the Blair Witch-type possibilities, that could work. Glad you and the dog were not in its path when it decided to come crashing down. That would have certainly made me bark.


    1. Hahaha! I gotta believe I would have gotten out of the way, but it was huge. I’m glad I’ll never know! The weird thing is I was the only one at the park. It was a really creepy morning. I love days like that!


  5. I don’t ever watch scary movies – my vivid imagination makes me way to susceptible. Maybe the falling branch is foreshadowing you having to get out and rake your lawn?


    1. I just wait for the wind to blow…..I’m letting Danny do the raking this year.
      I know what you mean about imagination. It can’t be too disturbing or my night’s sleep will be disturbed as well!
      Great to see you Peg!


  6. October is a particularly scary month, especially the 31st – but that’s because it’s my birthday that day. Seriously! I was a Halloween baby. In our household it means we can usually go out for my birthday dinner and thus avoid the “trick or treaters” (I think in the interests of healthy eating they should be given broccoli, but my wife disagrees…)

    I am a bit of a fan of horror movies, I must admit – and any time rather than just October..


    1. Do you get American Horror Story there? You would love it! It is on FX.
      How cool to have an Halloween birthday! Wow. One year I faked the kids out an tried to give them old carrots from the garden. You should have seen their faces! Ha! I should do that again this year. Thanks for the reminder. Of course I have real candy too….


  7. Great post … but I don’t like scary movies … not even good thrillers, like “7” – I was under my coat half the movie. “The Birds” I still haven’t been able to watch – and “Phyco” neither. I’m so wimpy. Love the photo with the tree across the path. Love the colors and the intense in it.


  8. I am such a wimp! I can’t handle/ don’t like scary movies or TV shows. I don’t like to be scared. I spent too much time when I was growing up, steeped in fear in real life. But I do admire the craft of creating movies, or writing books, that bring the audience along.


    1. My tolerance is getting better, but I hate slasher films. American Horror Story has some horror elements but the acting and the storyline is amazing so far….
      It sounds like you may have some real life material for a scary novel! Whoa!


  9. I love American Horror Story and Grimm is coming back on soon too! I just came back from Bodega and Bodega Bay and The Birds was the theme. I have had nightmares or have slept with the light on after watching a few scary movies – ha! Great Post – Happy Weekend:)


    1. I used to stare at the ceiling after watching anything Hitchcock. I do love Grimm. I missed a season somehow and don’t understand how the main character died….
      Thanks Renee!


  10. I just put American Horror story in my queue because of you. I do like a good psychological thriller, but the plain pop-up-and-kill-you thing does nothing for me. What are you going to be for halloween? I think I’m going to be either a spider or a crazy crow lady. For me, it’s more fun to be scary than see it.


    1. I am so glad. At least the first one was amazing. I don’t know if they will amp up the horror in the rest. I hope they rely on the talented actresses for entertainment instead.
      I just asked Danny what we should be. I had been thinking about being zombies, but I think it would be fun to be a couple from Once Upon a Time or this year’s movies. I was Tippy Hedron from The Birds one year. Love crows! The spider would be fun too!


      1. OMG I watched the first two last night and I’ve been mentally revisiting obsessively all day. Waitshespregnant!!!!? and whyarealltheghostshorny and JESSICA LANGE! Why didn’t you tell me? xoox


  11. I’ve never watched “American Horror Story”, but what really scares me is the fact the show was created by Ryan Murphy, the same guy who brought us “Glee”!!!
    Spoooooky post, Susie.
    Well done!


  12. This is my very favorite month, and AMC will be supplying my scare fix starting tonight with “Walking Dead” (Can’t wait) and going straight through to Halloween night. My top five favorite October things…..
    5- Pumpkin pie
    4- Postseason baseball
    3- Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” going on heavy rotation
    2- Working at a haunted house in the area. So much fun to scare the bejeesus out of people
    1- Carving out a pumpkin as a I watch “Halloween”- the original.


      1. My daughter’s teacher in elementary school owns a farm, and every fall they transform it into a scare-fest . . replete with hayrides and a haunted house. I’ve worked there a few times and it’s fun. I learned never to get too close to people when jumping out to scare them after I got punched a couple times. Good thing I boxed a little when I was in high school.


        1. That sounds intense! I set up a haunted garage maze with sheets of black trash bags when the kids were little and had an afternoon party. That was years ago. Now we just dress up every year as the Addams Family…


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