It’s the Horseman’s Heads Up!

horseman's head

I awake to darkness. A draft creeps up my camisole and I shiver. I peek into the garden tinged in silver by the illuminating moon. Drawn by unseen forces, I step outside. The leaves shudder in the trees as the wind whispers. Listen and you’ll hear it call your name. It continues in a groan, “ANOTHER USE ME AND ABUSE ME DAY IS COMING…” That was much louder than I anticipated. The breeze must have picked up.

At dawn on Thursday, October 24th, the living dead will rise again. I mean, come by and celebrate Halloween one week early! Bring ONE of your spooky posts or anything else your quivering heart desires and post it in my comment section. Grab a glass of potion, have an eye of newt, and the party will begin. Chat up the other guests. Maybe they’ll be cast under your spell and will subscribe to your blog.



See you then, if you dare…………………………………


To see how these parties roll, click here for last month’s Use Me and Abuse Me Day.

Are you getting psyched up for Halloween?

34 thoughts on “It’s the Horseman’s Heads Up!

Add yours

  1. On Thursday (cue in ominous chords) I am doomed (violin screeces up in double-stopped discord) to visit the dentist for extraction of a root so embedded as to become part of my skull (judging from its mate I had out today)!
    Could any horror story top that?


  2. I got knocked offline as I was posting a comment to this post. How spooky is that?!
    Well, I can’t hope to duplicate my first go round, so I won’t. But as I was saying before Bill Gate’s ghosts in the machine so rudely interrupted me, I won’t be on here tomorrow . . but Friday I will get back to deliver something scary.
    In the meantime of things. Here’s a vid that Danny boy knows all about, and how.


  3. Susie,
    I know your life is a wild ride, and that keeps you hopping but if you have the time, I’d love to pick your brain. I’ve started my first work of fiction and i could use your opinion on the first chapter.
    I know, I know, I have the second Bellman Chronicles to occupy my time, but this tale has been rattling about in my brain for sometime and its cries for release could no longer be ignored.
    If you’re too busy, just say the word.
    Thanks, Susie.
    The Hook.


      1. Thanks – from the bottom of my Canadian heart!
        I’m going to take a week or so to tinker a bit – I’ve been slowly writing pieces of two book at once and so I’m overwhelmed, but I can’t control my process.
        I’ll talk to you soon, Susie.
        Thanks again!


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