Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Haunted Halloween Edition

Haunted Halloween UMAAD

Welcome to another Use Me and Abuse Me Day. This is a very special virtual party. I’m dressed in my Morticia Addams costume. Cousin It and Thing will be helping out. 

Bring ONE link from a blog post (the spookier the better or anything else your trembling heart desires), and leave it in the comment section. Then the party will begin! Click on a few links and say “bla, bla, I want to suck your blood, I mean, “Susie sent me.” They should shriek click back to your place. Dracula is expecting you.

The candles are lit, Lurch is playing the organ, Igor is answering the door, and the witches brew is packing an extra punch. Help yourself to the finger food. I know. They look like real fingers…

Pasting two links in my comment section will send you to my crypt spam filter. I hate when I have to stop dancing to pull screaming guests from the abyss. It’s so embarrassing.

The more links you click on, the more people you’ll meet. Some may fall under your spell and subscribe to your blog.

Like last time, this wild party will become a rager. Keep checking back through the weekend to see who haunts stops by!

Have fun and don’t forget to dance! Click HERE, then stand up and shake your bones…

Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook! More walking dead people will show up at your place!


75 thoughts on “Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Haunted Halloween Edition

Add yours

  1. Dang it…hit the wrong button and posted.

    In the meantime, I’ll be browsing these links, getting my spooky on. I commend all who can do scary. I’m dreadful at it…I end up hiding under the covers.


  2. OK, Susie…, time for me to go home. Other guests are starting to complain that I’m getting too rowdy and taking up too much of the dance floor. Hmmph!!! Well, it was a great party as always. Sorry I spilled that beer on the tablecloth. If you dye it yellow you could use it again next party. Take care and God bless…., and may the sun never set on your dreams.
    P.S. Here’s a little ghost story for everyone that’s still lingering around:


  3. Hey Colorado,
    You is one sexy Morticia. I’m gonna link a post I wrote up for the occasion. But I must apologize in advance for not sticking around to mingle. I am currently watching “The Exorcist”, which is a thing I have not done in almost thirty years time, for good reason. I’m sticking to Twitter for the rest of the night in hopes of finding some company, because Linda Blair is proving to be most unpleasant. Again.
    I will get back here tomorrow and mingle up. Much love and peace, mama.


    1. Thanks so much Cayman! Your story rocked and it seems you were too…

      I hope Linda didn’t give you too much trouble. Liv Tyler’s The Strangers, really creeped me out! It was 2:00 in the afternoon!
      There are a lot of great stories here. Have fun clicking and saying hellooOOOOOooooo!


  4. Hi Susie, I mean Morticia! I’m a sucker for ‘bad’ (as in ‘good’) horror movies. My mum had an actress friend who starred alongside Christopher Lee in a Brit horror movie back around 1970, which was kind of cool. (And now Lee, at 91, is the world’s oldest heavy metaller, which is even cooler…)

    No spooky links alas… that’s waiting on my birthday (Halloween!) – but here’s a movie-related one:

    I’ve got ‘The Monster Mash’ going through my head now! 🙂


    1. You took me inside the head of a real knob! That’s good!
      Thanks for bringing it to the party Ted. I hope you have fun clicking on links and saying hellooOOoooOO to the guests!


  5. I have my witch’s hat on! And it’s a pretty fancy one. Need pictures, right? Erm… no link this time, but I promise to get better 🙂 Just wanted to stop by and say “hi” 😉


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