Waiting for You on Halloween Night

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Why do I love Halloween? As an artist, this holiday serves as a canvas for my creative imagination. Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” My stage is a little creepier than most.

haunted kitchen

This year’s setting evokes a dark theme. With bold strokes, my home has transformed into a haunted castle where vampires lurk and bats swoop down in hoards at unsuspecting guests. The bats have multiplied since last year.

Dead guys splattered along my driveway set the tone for the creepy night. They lie dead in my yard as a sign that all may not be well. Only the brave shall tread.

dead guy

Decorating at dusk is like drawing with light. Halloween begs the lines to be drawn askew. Like a twisted web, it will lure the victims in…

Haunted house

Costumes are critical.

Gomez and Morticia Addams

This year, we’ll wear our traditional Addams Family costumes. All family members will join in the fun. Well, Almost everyone.

Halloween misfortune

I’ve concocted my traditional pumpkin cake. Two chocolate bundt cakes, plastered together and frosted in orange, form the hallowed gourd. I used a paper bag for a stem and wound a Philodendron stem around it for the vine. It’s a feast for the eyes and the gnawing in one’s stomach.

pumpkin cake

On Halloween night, the picture will come to life. Frightening music will stir souls from outdoor speakers. Strings of lights will welcome the little strangers. The doorbell will ring and the dry ice machine will blast to the squeals of miniature monsters, ghosts and fairies. When we open the door, suspended bats will swing back and forth to add to the scary deliciousness. Donned in our finest vampire attire, we’ll pass out our treats.

When all the candy is gone, the lights will go out. The canvas will be wiped clean for the next holiday.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

98 thoughts on “Waiting for You on Halloween Night

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    1. You could decorate your door! Our old house was at the end of a cul-du-sac so we didn’t get that many trick or treaters. Now we get quite a few. I think the decorations help!


  1. I miss Halloween! Here in the north of England, we see a few costumes in the stores, a few bags of candy, maybe the random (uncarved) pumpkin. But no decorations, no creepy music, no little witches and goblins. Not being Christian, we don’t really hang lights or decorate for Christmas, so Halloween used to be my time to go all out with purple and orange lights, ghosts, flying bats, and whatever else I could cram in. I really, really miss it. But even at my peak, I couldn’t hold a candle to your unbelievably awesome display. Next year can I come too?


    1. Absolutely! Come on over! Maybe you could have a little gathering and ask your friends to dress up! Or dress up for work. I would bet there will be a few out in costume. Let me know!


  2. Whoa! You totally rock, Susie! I want to come hang out in your spooky lair. I mean, come ON! You’ve got everything a ghost or ghoul desires. The dead bodies in the drive are the best. Do you have to slow down to drive over them? I am in awe of your spooktacularness.


    1. Thanks Tameri!
      The dead bodies are out of the way of car traffic, but not foot traffic! My daughter brought her friends for a Halloween dinner last night. I had to make my pumpkin cake, of course. One of her friends had a heart attack when she almost stepped one of the dead guys. I would imagine the post man will take a double take! Hahaha!
      Come anytime Tameri!


  3. Wow! I do admire your creativity and I want that cake – BIG TIME!

    I don’t decorate my house because we don’t do door to door stuff here. Homes are too far apart and navigation is sticky in the dark as there is no street lighting. We have 50 year old tradition based on a community wide all ages Halloween party and fireworks. It began as a hay ride for kids but that evolved and mutated. I do love to dress up and I stay in character all night long. This year I’m rejecting all the goriness of the zombie stuff as it’s been so overdone as it has become boring. I’m going to be Glinda the Good Witch and you may see me soar over you on my electric broom.


    1. Oh I LOVE it! Glinda the Good Witch won the Rotary costume contest last Friday night! She took a dress and sewed tool over the puffed sleeves and bodice. She looked just like her! You’ll have to blog a picture!
      That sounds like such a fun family event. I bet you will have fun handing out wishes all night! I still get views every day on my “Make a Wish” post. The SEO, “How to make a wish Linda,” comes up all the time. I think they mean Glinda!
      I will watch the skies for you! Hahaha!
      I am so glad that you are feeling better! **muah**


  4. I love the body lying in the driveway. What an imagination you have. So creative. We do decorate some–but not on your scale. We got two skeletons this year to hang on either side of the door. They both have banjos and play dueling banjos. I love funny/scary. Happy Halloween!


  5. Yikes Susie, you really do it up right…..am I too old to trick or treat at your house? I’ll dress my dog to scare your dog! They look very much the same size. Buster is going to be a BEE!


  6. Holy pumpkins!! This all looks INCREDIBLE. You are seriously talented. I have a few things up, but Christmas is when I get creative! (We have lots of pine cones and holly in our yard!)


    1. Hey Jules!
      Thank you! I should have been a set designer. I love decorating the house for holidays. That is so cool that you have holly and pine cones. Lots of projects can be made with them! And now you’ll have time to enjoy all of it!


  7. We used to live in a neighborhood that enjoyed Halloween. We had haunted houses in our garage every year, made huge spider web over the entire living room kids had to dismantle to find a prize at the end of their “string” – and a giant sleep overs for gaggle of girls after trick or treating. It was legendary. Sigh. Stuff here much more low key….another reason to move to CO!


    1. There you go!
      That sounds like a blast! I remember the kid’s sleepovers and hide and go seek all over the house. They played that all through high school! What a great idea about the string and the prize!
      Thanks Phil! Happy Halloween!


  8. Well okay. Someone has tooooo much time on their hands. Not that your house isn’t the most awesome on the block, but holy cow!! Really? I put out my miniature Halloween village and thought I was being festive.

    Thanks for setting the bar really high and making the rest of us look bad.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. Hahaha! Your welcome. (((Kidding.))) I just know how much the kids love it. When I meet new people in the neighborhood, they know my house by the decorations. My own kids have been in college for years, but that hasn’t stopped me. It’s a blast!
      Happy Halloween Patricia! I bet your village rocks!


  9. I. Love. Your. House.

    I wish you could’ve joined me when I hosted book club this month. Joe and I decorated the house and we have witches and mummies hanging outside, and LOTS of spiderwebbing inside. We have all kinds of fun decorations and everyone drank from a Halloween mug. (My favorite is the Frankenstein head.) We’ve been watching scary movies every night and just partied at the Boo Bash in a local brewery where a group of us dressed as The Wizard of Oz. I’ll have photos up on the blog tomorrow! Check it out! …… Imagine if we ever pooled our resources …… *drums fingers together* Muahahhahahahha!


    1. Thanks V! It’s been fun to pull out boxes marked, “dead guy.” I’ll have to find a special bone for Roxy. She should have her pick with all the skeletons laying around.


  10. Love, love, love your decorations. But my son would be scared off by the dead guy. We have a few pumpkins on the step and some little ones inside. But that’s it. We’re out in the country and don’t get trick or treaters where we live. The kid isn’t big on candy or being scared, so we usually go to a friend’s Halloween party to celebrate.


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