Waiting for You on Halloween Night

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Why do I love Halloween? As an artist, this holiday serves as a canvas for my creative imagination. Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” My stage is a little creepier than most.

haunted kitchen

This year’s setting evokes a dark theme. With bold strokes, my home has transformed into a haunted castle where vampires lurk and bats swoop down in hoards at unsuspecting guests. The bats have multiplied since last year.

Dead guys splattered along my driveway set the tone for the creepy night. They lie dead in my yard as a sign that all may not be well. Only the brave shall tread.

dead guy

Decorating at dusk is like drawing with light. Halloween begs the lines to be drawn askew. Like a twisted web, it will lure the victims in…

Haunted house

Costumes are critical.

Gomez and Morticia Addams

This year, we’ll wear our traditional Addams Family costumes. All family members will join in the fun. Well, Almost everyone.

Halloween misfortune

I’ve concocted my traditional pumpkin cake. Two chocolate bundt cakes, plastered together and frosted in orange, form the hallowed gourd. I used a paper bag for a stem and wound a Philodendron stem around it for the vine. It’s a feast for the eyes and the gnawing in one’s stomach.

pumpkin cake

On Halloween night, the picture will come to life. Frightening music will stir souls from outdoor speakers. Strings of lights will welcome the little strangers. The doorbell will ring and the dry ice machine will blast to the squeals of miniature monsters, ghosts and fairies. When we open the door, suspended bats will swing back and forth to add to the scary deliciousness. Donned in our finest vampire attire, we’ll pass out our treats.

When all the candy is gone, the lights will go out. The canvas will be wiped clean for the next holiday.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

98 thoughts on “Waiting for You on Halloween Night

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  1. Love the decorations! Here in Belgium Halloween isn’t popular yet. At work we do organise something special though, but it is not related to Halloween. I hope my students will give me permission to publish the pictures I’ll take.


  2. I’m sure you’ll get loads of ‘trick or treaters’, Susie. They’ll just step over the body. Kids are unfazed by such things when there’s candy in the offing. 🙂 Happy Halloween. 😯


  3. First things first….R O X Y! Next, your house is the one this scaredy cat would be walking, correction, running past, but then would go back just like all those characters in every scary movie ever made, because I would be soooooo curious about that body in the driveway! In other words…well done Susie, well done indeed.

    Update: I finished dead last in the Barbell for Boobs Fundraiser, but I FINISHED for you Susie…whoot! The numbers aren’t in yet on how many women will benefit from this, but it was a great turnout, so I expect it to be good.


    1. Thanks Lisa! I had him out there last year and I don’t think we had too many kids run by. This year he’s around the corner a little so you don’t see him as well. Just adding to the fear factor!
      WOOHOO!!!!! You are the very best. I am so glad to hear that you finished! I can’t even imagine doing 10 reps of anything right now. That was such a cool way to make money for breast cancer and I LOVED the name! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


  4. That cake looks amazing. I love bundt cakes. Yum!
    Funny that you mention Halloween decorating- my Halloween post is actually about the amount of effort (or lack thereof) I put into celebrating the holiday. Honest to god, if we actually get around to carving a pumpkin, it will be a win. I’m just too lazy. I need to save all my energy for Christmas.


    1. One year I picked up a Martha Stewart Magazine. They had pictures of a snake make of pumpkins. I bought 20 pumpkins and gutted them. Then I bought a big drill bit and drilled holes in all of them and threaded Christmas lights inside to light them up. I was insane….What I do now is a piece of cake! 🙂 I really go nuts at Christmas..


  5. Love that you are so into Halloween! It’s one of the coolest holidays and your decorations are awesome! I wanna trick or treat at your house!


  6. And I thought I was into Halloween-nice work! My annual party is called Hallobash, and I get way into costume parties, but the home decor part is where I slack. I hope you post some pictures of the family dressed up. Have fun!


      1. Thanks, you too! One year, I did bright orange and green jello shots and they were a big hit, but I haven’t done a big batch of orange scary punch yet; I should try that some time!


  7. I looooove Halloween. I throw a party for the kids and really get into it. This year I decorated for a murder mystery, but I had to be careful because we are on a tight budget. Recycling is my middle name when it comes to decorations. I love your cake idea. And you really ought to do something about the body on the ground…


    1. We called him Charlie last night and the kids loved him! That is, the kids who made it up to the door!
      I am a big recycler too! Halloween really lends itself to old spooky stuff…


  8. It is a good thing I didn’t see this before the big night or I would have been finding a way to get to your place just to see this. You have brought back a lot of fun memories of past Halloween nights when things were done up right.
    You never cease to impress. I hope you had a lot of fun.


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