Time Warp with the Lindaus

From the Rocky Horror Picture Show to you. Happy Halloween!

It’s always an adventure on the Wild Ride.

Are you in the Halloween spirit now?

65 thoughts on “Time Warp with the Lindaus

  1. You never fail to entertain, Susie. Happy Halloween!
    By the way, I’ve hit a snag, but that chapter will be travelling your way soon. You know how it is with families and life in general, right?


  2. That was wicked funny, Susie. And perfect casting, I might add. I had great plans for Halloween, but a family matter popped up, so I have to leave town tomorrow. I’ll take this with me to keep me laughing! Thanks. And Happy Halloween!!


  3. This was awesome, Susie. Totally loved it. Definitely put Mathair and I in the Halloween spirit… and shockingly enough in a musical mood. I fear we’ll be singing everything today. I pity the others that live in this house with us. LOL. Happy Halloween!


  4. It is impossible to watch this and not smile. I am still smiling. Thanks a bunch.
    Somebody should send this to Kristen Lamb. She needs cheering up. I would, but I don’t know how….


  5. That’s great, Susie! You SHOULD expect a call from Dancing with the Stars. They’re going to need someone to liven up the place with Snooki gone, and you’re just the person to meet the challenge. 🙂


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