65 thoughts on “Time Warp with the Lindaus

  1. You never fail to entertain, Susie. Happy Halloween!
    By the way, I’ve hit a snag, but that chapter will be travelling your way soon. You know how it is with families and life in general, right?


  2. That was wicked funny, Susie. And perfect casting, I might add. I had great plans for Halloween, but a family matter popped up, so I have to leave town tomorrow. I’ll take this with me to keep me laughing! Thanks. And Happy Halloween!!


  3. This was awesome, Susie. Totally loved it. Definitely put Mathair and I in the Halloween spirit… and shockingly enough in a musical mood. I fear we’ll be singing everything today. I pity the others that live in this house with us. LOL. Happy Halloween!


  4. It is impossible to watch this and not smile. I am still smiling. Thanks a bunch.
    Somebody should send this to Kristen Lamb. She needs cheering up. I would, but I don’t know how….


  5. That’s great, Susie! You SHOULD expect a call from Dancing with the Stars. They’re going to need someone to liven up the place with Snooki gone, and you’re just the person to meet the challenge.🙂


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