Use It or Lose It

What is more precious than gold, but cannot be bought, earned, or saved? Spoiler alert!


Most would say that time is the most valuable commodity we have. Tomorrow is Daylight Savings Time and clocks will be set back one hour. We’ll gain an hour. ONE WHOLE HOUR PEOPLE!!

Instead of sleeping in and wasting it, I came up with a few suggestions for how to use the precious 60 minutes.

– Peruse the leaked Black Friday ads.

– Write a bonus blog post.

– Go on a hiking, running, or biking adventure.

biking in Paris

– Update your bucket list.

– Take down your Halloween decorations.

– Reorganize your Twitter account by making lists such as, Funny People, News Sources, Fabulous Friends, (don’t forget to add me! @susielindau) Don’t have a Twitter account? Use the hour to set one up.

– Print out your favorite Halloween photos.

Halloween 2013

– Pull out the waffle iron/bread maker/crock pot you never use and make something delicious.

– Read James Rollins new short story, Blood Brothers.

blood brothers

– Catch up on television premieres like Dracula.

– Make a list of goals you MUST attain before 2013 ends…tick, tock…


Do you still want to sleep in?

92 thoughts on “Use It or Lose It

Add yours

  1. This is all too much work. It gives me another hour to drink beer! That, or I’ll just finally get some extra sleep for once!


  2. Out of a sense of geekiness I tried to calculate what the resulting time difference would be between Colorado and New Zealand in hours, given that we’re on NZ Summer Time right now, but it made my head spin. Time travel without the help of a TARDIS. 🙂


      1. Usually! But it varies by a couple of hours when one or the other is on summer time, and New Zealand changed when that was quite recently. It’s a practical problem in my family because half of us live in the Netherlands & there are periods in the year nobody can ever work out whether it’s 10 or 12 hours difference when trying to skype through.


      1. I like to use my hour when I first get up in the morning, rather than sleep it away overnight and maybe not notice it. Whatever you decide, enjoy it! Waffles sound good, especially if you`ve done your run and you deserve a treat.


    1. I agree! We have a storm headed our way on Monday! Can’t wait for the white stuff!
      Blood Brothers is a quick story and a set up for his new book. 🙂
      Enjoy your extra hour!


  3. What great energy coming from you, Ms. Susie! Let’s see, I already put away all the Halloween decorations, I have started my xmas list, I’m running down to the cellar to get my crock pot after I finish here, I’m following you on twitter….I think I will sleep in for that hour and THEN finish what I haven’t done! Sleep is my BFF! 🙂


    1. Isn’t that the truth!! I will do anything for a good night’s sleep. Short of taking a pill for it..
      Sounds like you are already in great shape! You do deserve to sleep in! Enjoy your Sunday!


  4. OK, I appreciate the extra hour, but I hate losing it again in the spring! I think the time switch is dumb. Anyone want to go on a campaign to get rid of it? My books of choice this week: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, and hey — did you check out Carrie Rubin’s Seneca Scourge? It’s good!


    1. I am with you girl! Let’s get rid of the madness!!! It’s going to get dark so early now.
      I read Let the Great World Spin! I picked it out for book club a few years ago. I loved it! I haven’t heard of Seneca Scourge, but will check it out!
      Enjoy your hour!


      1. I’m in! The time change has never made any sense to me – yes people have given me “logical” excuses for it, but I don’t think any of them hold up. And everybody knows what a nuisance the switch is!


        1. So the FAA had us turning off our phones for all these years without one case of interference, but the day after we spring ahead there is a jump in suicides, accidents and heart attacks!!!!


  5. I never know when the time change is happening, so I’m glad you told me! So now one of my clocks will be right again. I should use the time to make them all right.

    But I won’t. 🙂


    1. Why bother. You’ll have to change them all again in 6 months! 🙂
      So glad I passed it along. It can be a shock when you are an hour late for something! We used to live across from a Church and could see people driving in that didn’t set their clocks back…


      1. I usually change mine about halfway through, when I finally get sick of mentally calculating the real time, haha. And I’ve been late and early to work before because of not knowing the time change weekend.


  6. Susie – I love your spunky attitude…. Make that extra hour count! Do something to make it worthwhile… Love it. I am gonna watch the sunrise and grow a mustache! More to come!!!


  7. Fall Back Day is my favorite day of the year. Always use that extra hour to do something special with the family. Maybe I’ll have the family help take down Halloween decorations. 🙂


  8. I couldn’t have slept in even if I wanted to. My daughter has a swim meet this weekend, and we had to be at the pool at 6:00am.

    That’s right, I’m there now!

    Happy Daylight Savings!


  9. Heck no I didn’t sleep in! Got up at 4am and am trying desperately to catch up on blogs since NaNo started! I’m so behind on reading alll my wonderful blogging friends’ posts!
    How’s your book coming, Susie?


    1. 4 AM??? Wow! Now that’s dedication!
      I sent the 30 requested pages to an agent and am on pins and needles. I am polishing in the meantime and plan to send it out to more agents… Fingers crossed!
      Thanks for asking!


  10. Looove that extra hour! Could we have one of those every day because I am absolutely certain our days are getting shorter. Must be something to do with global warming! I definitely don’t have enough time in my day as it is and now that you have given us so many other options … well … Susie, with your persuasive skills … please see what you can do to make it happen?


  11. I love the extra hour, always look forward to it. And not for the purpose of sleeping in, but for what it gives me on a Sunday morning. That bonus hour always makes me feel as if I thieved something, as if I beat time at its own game..if only temporarily. So this AM, I was up by 6 (the former 7) and running by 6:15. I enjoyed a beautiful brisk walk in my cool down and then wrote a little something. Capped it with chocolate chip/walnut pancakes topped with sliced bananas while watching the NYC marathon. Now, I’m enjoying my favorite bloggers with another cup of Joe as the runners take Manhattan.


    1. Fantastic!! Thanks for including me in your faves!
      It does feel like cheating. Being a good Catholic girl, there is something naughty about that.
      I kinda went nuts yesterday and made waffles, bread, and a pumpkin bunt cake. Courtney came over and we watched Forest Gump! I went way over my hour!!!!


  12. I would like to say that I did something worthwhile like memorizing the periodic table or finally cleaning that junk drawer in the kitchen, but honestly I used it to sleep in. Shh! Don’t tell my to-do list. 🙂


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