Use It or Lose It

What is more precious than gold, but cannot be bought, earned, or saved? Spoiler alert!


Most would say that time is the most valuable commodity we have. Tomorrow is Daylight Savings Time and clocks will be set back one hour. We’ll gain an hour. ONE WHOLE HOUR PEOPLE!!

Instead of sleeping in and wasting it, I came up with a few suggestions for how to use the precious 60 minutes.

– Peruse the leaked Black Friday ads.

– Write a bonus blog post.

– Go on a hiking, running, or biking adventure.

biking in Paris

– Update your bucket list.

– Take down your Halloween decorations.

– Reorganize your Twitter account by making lists such as, Funny People, News Sources, Fabulous Friends, (don’t forget to add me! @susielindau) Don’t have a Twitter account? Use the hour to set one up.

– Print out your favorite Halloween photos.

Halloween 2013

– Pull out the waffle iron/bread maker/crock pot you never use and make something delicious.

– Read James Rollins new short story, Blood Brothers.

blood brothers

– Catch up on television premieres like Dracula.

– Make a list of goals you MUST attain before 2013 ends…tick, tock…


Do you still want to sleep in?

92 thoughts on “Use It or Lose It

Add yours

  1. Did I want to sleep in this morning? Well, YES!! I’ve been pushing myself too hard, allowing myself too little sleep, and now I’m paying for it with a nasty cold. Believe me, I needed the excuse to get some rest.

    But it’s a thought-provoking list of ways we could make us of an hour 🙂


  2. I LOVE your daughter’s ’80s aerobics instructor costume — its hilarious and she looks great. I decided to allot my extra hour to the 2 year old birthday party that I had to attend on Sunday afternoon — I dealt with being attacked by a mob of ice cream covered toddlers by repeating over and over again “This is not really happening. This is a bonus hour. This is not my real life. This is not really happening. This is not an actual hour of the day.” It was surprisingly effective!


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