Cupping Balls for Movember?

I just had lunch with my son Kelly and told him about my Do You Love Boobies? post. I explained how men had motorboated (put their face on a woman’s cleavage while making a motorboating sound), on consenting adult women’s chests. The “bros” gave a $20.oo donation to breast cancer for each excursion. My reaction was a surprise to some.

He laughed and said there’s a new trend out there for Movember. It’s a reaction to the motorboating video. French women from a hand sanitizer company cupped balls to bring awareness to prostate cancer.  The women gave a 10 euro donation for each touch and raised $700.

They look pretty aware. Don’t you think?

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    1. Right? I think a lot less people are offended by the guys getting touched than the women getting motorboated. Most men don’t know about it out here in Colorado.
      Thanks Renee!


  1. I’m a very private person, and probably wouldn’t participate — however, I fully support creative methods at raising awareness. I think people are tired of getting letters in the mail asking for money, but most people would get a kick out of doing something like this. I bet most aren’t even thinking that they’re spending money in the midst of…well, you know. 🙂


    1. 10 people unfollowed me the day I posted this. Uptight or what!! I think the women spent the money and the men lined up. 🙂
      I was just talking to Danny about how disturbed I am over Komen getting my address. It would be fine if they were sending information or support, instead they send an envelope.The more creative the better!

      Did you see Le Clown’s video in the comments? Movember 18th is coming up fast!


        1. I thought so too! We were in Denver this afternoon and I saw two trucks with big Pink Staches on their bumpers! Hilarious!
          The info was not released from my reconstructive surgeon. It had to be though Boulder Medical Center and Community Hospital. I will find out!


  2. We’re for anything that brings awareness, especially when it’s creative methods like this. It gets people talking whether they find it a good or bad method, though I don’t know a person who would think 700 dollars for the cause is negative. Great post, Susie.


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