Go Ahead. I Double Dog Dare Ya!

Deer hunting sign

It’s hunting season. Not just hunting for great deals before Christmas, hunting big game, ducks, and turkeys among other critters. This funny commercial got my attention. It’s part of the “Hug a Hunter” campaign in Colorado. It got me thinking that it may not be a very good idea. It could even prove dangerous.

Are you familiar with this State Farm Insurance commercial? After a window is broken, a guy sings, Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! He snaps his fingers and his representative appears. The second guy sings it and adds, “With a sandwich.” It appears. The third guy says, “And the girl from 4E.” She appears. The fourth guys jumps from his chair and raises his arms. “And can I get a hot tub?” It appears.

Recently, a State Farm Insurance agent came to my house to inspect some damage caused by a roof leak during the Boulder flood. After finishing the appraisal, she headed for the door. I sang their magic jingle. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

She turned and stared.

“It’s almost happy hour. I’d like a beer.” I snapped my fingers expecting a funny response.

She continued gawking and added a furrowed brow. “Yep. A beer sounds pretty good right now.” She looked at me like I’d started my happy hour that morning.

I explained the reference to the commercial. She bolted out the door.

You’d think it would be a requirement for representatives to watch their company’s commercials so they don’t embarrass their clients. Sheesh!

So when the latest Hug a Hunter commercial ended with a random man hugging a hunter, I laughed. I bet it will happen! I’m not sure that hugging a complete stranger who may be carrying firearms is a good idea. Do you?

What’s your favorite commercial?

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  1. Snort! (Make sure that safety is on….and no bullets in the chamber…Old guys are scowling…)
    Oh, the insurance people – the companies bring people in from all around the country and after being in a disaster area for a short while they get wary of homeowners ( there’s a lot of anger as some companies aren’t exactly fair) Maybe she had seen those hunting ads….and wondered if you were a little too “happy”….rumors of those mountain people/ Boulder crazies….)
    HA! Turkeys!
    Enjoy it all!


  2. I’m with you Susie! Claims adjusters should be more in tune to the feelings of their customers, know their companies slogans and maybe just be a little bit more real 😉


  3. As a former Nationwide insurance adjuster who had to determine who was at fault for auto accidents, I have to admit I got a little tired of negligent drivers telling me I wasn’t “on your side.” if I had been your adjuster, I probably would have snapped my fingers and ordered my own beer.


  4. I grew up in northern New York where hunting season was VERY popular. Lots of woods to hunt in. Once a neighbor had a friend who had come for the weekend to hunt. The guy went out drinking after hunting and when he got back to what he thought was his friend’s house, he ended up trying to crawl in bed with my mother. (No one locked their doors back then. It was a small town.)
    My mother definitely wasn’t interested in hugging a hunter. She screamed, My dad jumped up and ran that poor confused drunken hunter out the door. He never came back to town after that.

    Loved both those commercials. I hadn’t seen either of them. State Farm doesn’t handle Rhode Island. Between the crappy roads and the hurricanes, there’s not enough profit here.


    1. That is amazing! It’s lucky he got out alive with your dad right there!
      What a hoot. I bet they still tell that story and lock their doors….
      I thought they were pretty funny! Thanks Mary!


  5. Oh that’s so funny! I wonder what she went back saying. That is bad that she was unfamiliar with a national commercial of her service.


  6. Susie, no way would I hug anyone with a gun and I am sure the deer, moose, turkeys, ducks and geese would all high five me or the birds would at least not crap on my head.

    Your encounter with the State Farm agent was hilarious even though I know I would have been exasperated with that clueless, humorless drone and might have switched to Geico then and there for my own hardy har har level of amusement.


    1. I’m only a bargain hunter myself, but would still hug one just to see if they look at me funny!
      I know! We should switch after that encounter. With Geico, I would have a ton more material to use on an unsuspecting agent! 🙂


  7. Hugging a strange man wearing camo and carrying a weapon is probably something an intelligent person would think twice before doing. Especially a Dude.

    And I agree, the State Farm folks should watch their own commercials. Sheesh. Those reps are no fun at all. If that had been me, even if I had no clue what the heck you were talking about, I’d have made up something clever in response. No fun, I tell you. They’re no fun.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  8. I still lover the Swiffer commercials, especially the one where the mop stands outside the patio doors after a swim and seductively moves its towel. The original Swiffer commercials were the best!


  9. If looks could only kill, right?

    I love the Geico and Mayhem commercials! They are the best. The tree falling in the woods cracks me up. Mayhem always makes me laugh!

    Happy Friday Susie!


  10. I agree. Hugging a stranger with a gun, maybe not. But it is a cute way to make their point. Where our summer house is located, there are two small towns nearby. One is a little ‘nose in the air’ with us summer people. The other rolls out the red carpet. They know we are a big part of their local economy. Guess which one we shop and dine in most often?

    And that poor insurance rep. I do hope they can schedule her sense of humor transplant soon. 😉


    1. I know what you mean about locals and it’s great that you spend your money accordingly! These days everyone should roll out that carpet!
      Right? It was pretty funny. I can’t blame it on the general anesthetic. It was late on a Friday afternoon and I had to rib her!


  11. What was up with her? Doesn’t she have a sense of humor? She could have at least got you a hot tub! I like the commercial with the grandfather stuffing everything in his sleeping bag and telling his grandson to tell his mom that he would see her in April. That’s how I feel about winter. 🙂


  12. They should really have some kind of class for their agents on responses when people start singing the jingle. I will guarantee you that you are not the first person who has done that. As for the hunter…I pretty much stay clear of anyone that is armed so no hugs from me.


    1. Right? I don’t think many corporations do that, but it would definitely be good to make them aware. 🙂
      On the subject of firearms, same here! But I might be tempted if I saw a hunter come through the door of a restaurant, but I am a small woman and could get away with it!


  13. Thank God for wicked senses of humors like yours, Susie. Don’t worry too much about it, I once dared Mathair to go into Subway and sing the five dollar foot long jingle to the girl and we almost got kicked out. Not everyone gets it, but those of us cursed with a twisted mind live for moments like that. As I write this, Mathair and I are doubled over from laughing so hard. Our first book is filled with that kind of humor. We’ve had people come to us and say that they didn’t get it, others told us they couldn’t quit laughing and the rest that thought we were out of our minds or just inappropriate. As for us, this will definitely go down as one of the best wordpress posts ever.


    1. Oh WOW!!!
      I had to share since it struck me as so funny. It was the first time I’ve sung a jingle to a representative, but it probably won’t be the last! It sounds like we could get into a lot of trouble together! 🙂
      Thanks you both!


  14. Yeah, I agree. A hunter may not take that the right way. In any case, you never know how he’s slung his bowie knife. You might easily impale yourself on it or on a stray arrowhead. Maybe just shaking hands is the best way to go. 😉


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