Go Ahead. I Double Dog Dare Ya!

Deer hunting sign

It’s hunting season. Not just hunting for great deals before Christmas, hunting big game, ducks, and turkeys among other critters. This funny commercial got my attention. It’s part of the “Hug a Hunter” campaign in Colorado. It got me thinking that it may not be a very good idea. It could even prove dangerous.

Are you familiar with this State Farm Insurance commercial? After a window is broken, a guy sings, Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! He snaps his fingers and his representative appears. The second guy sings it and adds, “With a sandwich.” It appears. The third guy says, “And the girl from 4E.” She appears. The fourth guys jumps from his chair and raises his arms. “And can I get a hot tub?” It appears.

Recently, a State Farm Insurance agent came to my house to inspect some damage caused by a roof leak during the Boulder flood. After finishing the appraisal, she headed for the door. I sang their magic jingle. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

She turned and stared.

“It’s almost happy hour. I’d like a beer.” I snapped my fingers expecting a funny response.

She continued gawking and added a furrowed brow. “Yep. A beer sounds pretty good right now.” She looked at me like I’d started my happy hour that morning.

I explained the reference to the commercial. She bolted out the door.

You’d think it would be a requirement for representatives to watch their company’s commercials so they don’t embarrass their clients. Sheesh!

So when the latest Hug a Hunter commercial ended with a random man hugging a hunter, I laughed. I bet it will happen! I’m not sure that hugging a complete stranger who may be carrying firearms is a good idea. Do you?

What’s your favorite commercial?

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  1. Yeah, I agree. A hunter may not take that the right way. In any case, you never know how he’s slung his bowie knife. You might easily impale yourself on it or on a stray arrowhead. Maybe just shaking hands is the best way to go. 😉


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