Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays **wink**

Finding time for everything in daily life can be a challenge. The holidays add an extra burden to the growing list of things to do. This year marks the shortest amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Think you can do it all? You can’t. There’s no time to dink around people! You’re basically screwed unless you follow my tips:

No time to buy a host or hostess gift?

Recycle! Fill all those holiday mugs you’ve received over the years with your leftover Halloween candy. Everyone loves Snickers bars.

last minute hostess gift

Don’t judge me. The candy canes are from last year. I ate all the Snickers bars.

No time to write for your blog?

Post office party photos. Make up funny captions like, “Bob always peeks into the secret Santa gifts and slips his name on the best one.”  Then cross-post it on Facebook. Watch your Klout score soar! Don’t forget to tag your boss, Bob.

No time for shopping?

Buy presents and groceries online and have them delivered. Your family will appreciate having something to eat even if you go heavy on frozen French fries. Just make sure to order ketchup.


No time to bake cookies with the kids?

Add frozen waffles to your online shopping list. Your kids can use cutouts to make different shapes. Sift some powdered sugar on top and call them, “Special Snowflake Cookies.”

snowflake cookies

No time for exercise?

Run in place while wrapping presents. Just be careful with the scissors. You don’t have time to go to the emergency room.

No time to decorate inside your home?

Light candles. No one will notice as your guests bump around your house.

No time to take a family photo for your holiday card?

Go green! Recycle last year’s card. No one will notice.

I could pick one of these…

chraistmsa 11 003

No time to buy a tree?

Cut down that seedling that grew over the summer.  That’s what we’re doing!

No time to decorate a tree?

Order tinsel online and throw it over the boughs. You could make Tinsel Tossing a new family tradition!

No time to put up outdoor Christmas lights?

Replace your outdoor entry lights with red bulbs and call it a day.


I’m addicted to decorating, shopping, cooking, baking, blogging and writing. I’ll sleep in January.  Wait! I forgot about making my Christmas card. Where’s that tinsel?

Watch out Martha

How do you save time during the holidays?

85 thoughts on “Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays **wink**

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  1. How do I get my grubby mitts on those croissants, because they look AMAZING!

    Also, I am making waffle cookies for breakfast every day for the rest of holiday season. Just to keep things festive, and totally not because I love breakfast cookies.


    1. Hahaha! You go!! I’m still eating the waffles, but I have to admit they were homemade… 🙂
      I made a mistake while making those croissants this year and didn’t put in enough yeast and doubled the eggs. They were the best ever! I should share the recipe since it’s my own happy mistake!


  2. Hey Susie, how’s it hanging… I’ve been neglecting WP for a while, but not once forgot about your awesome blog. I hope you’ve been well… The holidays are just around the corner – keep warm! 🙂


    1. Great to “see” you Barry! Thanks so much for thinking of me!
      The girls are defying gravity quite well thank you! I just finished my handmade Christmas cards and am looking forward to doing a little shopping. It was below zero last week and we were without heat, but all’s well now!
      Hope you have the happiest of holidays, but I’m sure I will “see” you before then! 🙂


  3. Ha! – this Holiday Season has GONE CRAZY!!! I have hosted 2 sets of family from 11/27 to 12/16 – I am toast, please call me done – ha! I am ready for some down time over the next 2 to 3 weeks to spend with myself and my greatest someone:)


  4. I can’t believe I have turned the calendar page!! WHAT! Trying to get a few things done in the evenings after work. Hostess gift wise I have often bought pretty napkins off and on all year and have on hand. Happy Pulling it together my friend. Oh and keeping it together.


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