Jumping for Joy! Literally…

As part of our family’s Christmas traditions, I shop, bake, decorate, and create homemade greeting cards. I am always up for adding something new to the list.

My son Kelly figured he would receive a Playstation 4, but he still expressed over the top happiness when receiving his gifts. That’s when I had an idea…

Kelly jumped for joy, but what happened to his feet? His new snow pants need a hem.

Kelly jumping for joy 1

Then my daughter Courtney jumped!

Courtney jumping for joy 1

My sister Patty joined in the fun!

Patty jumping for joy 1

Danny really got into it!

Danny jumping for joy 1

I was grateful I that didn’t fall. I said grateful. Not graceful.

Susie jumping for joy 1

It’s a WILD new family tradition!

Imagine what we’ll do when 2014 arrives.

Disclaimer:  We are trained professional leapers. Don’t try this at home.

Are your holidays hopping along?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

89 thoughts on “Jumping for Joy! Literally…

Add yours

    1. We did! It was the best ever! I hope yours was wonderful too. 🙂 We are hopping right into my daughter’s birthday today!
      I’m heading down the mountains today and can get your card out this afternoon! It just might make it before New Years!


    1. Hahaha! Me too! I think we’ll be leaping next Christmas.
      I’m thinking about taking the plunge again. It won’t be nearly as cold with a high of 45. The water temp will be the same. We’ll see!!!


    1. I was really nervous, since I had a couple of surgeries this summer. I hadn’t jumped yet. It gave me the courage to go out and play tennis today! It’s all good. I’ve healed up pretty dang well.
      Happy New Year to you! Thank you!


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