Favorite Photo Friday – Dancing in Paris

Dancing in Paris

While on a bike tour, we wound through the streets of Paris to the Louvre.  The City of Lights compelled us to stop and absorb the magic of the moment. The discord of modern and traditional architecture momentarily blended with the timelessness of dance.

Where would you like to travel in 2014?  

Click on photo to enlarge.

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  1. I will dance anywhere but particularly in Paris! Nice. I’m afraid the only trips we will be taking in 2014 are to the bank to pay our second mortgage which will be paying for two kids in college! 🙂 If I play my cards right and whine enough, Mr. Brickhouse might send me to PR to stay with my mom for a couple of weeks to escape these frigid temps. Where will you be traveling to, Susie?


  2. Spain, Prague, and Germany are on my list along with many others. We are hoping to get out and travel more this year.

    I like your new blog layout!


      1. Yeah me too. Although the dream would be to return to Australia, the best vacation I’ve ever had, for at least three weeks. And then maybe eat through Italy, but anything in The States sounds more affordable right now … as long as I can take awesome pics like that one. 🙂


  3. I remember touching the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London. I had my wife run interference and then I slipped under the rope. That was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my trip.


  4. Actually, Paris is on my list this year! I’m hoping to go for some research for my new novel. And maybe I’ll have a little fun while I’m there. All work and no play… 🙂


    1. You will love Paris! There is beauty around every corner. Not sure about about the Charles De Gaulle Museum, but the rest is lovely! How romantic to write a novel in the City of Lights!


  5. That looks like one unforgettable moment. And a gorgeous picture, too. This year, actually, I want to go home. To my birthplace. And spend some time getting to know it as an adult. A simple dream 🙂


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