In Response to Esquire – New Expressions for 2014

Tired of the same old slang? Does the word awesome sound far from awesome? Stacey Woods wrote a piece for called 27 Things to Leave Behind in 2013. She listed the expressions she never wants to hear again. Apparently, she is done with, “namaste, stoked, and hater,” to name a few. It left me wondering about replacements for the outdated words.

I came with some new ways to express yourself in 2014.

Replace, “She’s a strong amazing woman,” with, “She’s taking it downtown.” This is a unisex phrase that can work for men too. “Look at you. You’re taking it downtown!”

Replace, “Namaste,” with “Be pos.”

2013 Namaste 2014 Be pos

Replace, “Stoked” (which is really an 80’s throwback. I know. I lived through it.) with “Jazzed.”  “I am so jazzed about finding an agent.” I am being pos in 2014.

Replace, “Much,” with “Enough.” Much is used at the end of a sentence followed by a question mark as in, “Angry much?” It is the Canadian equivalent of “eh?” or the French “non?” It’s been around since the 70’s. How about, “Angry enough?”

Replace, “Shout out,” with “Blast.” “Thanks for the blast!”

Replace, “I know! Right?” with “Believe it?” “Susie, you had one Wild year.” My response: “Believe it?”

i know right

Replace, “Chillax,” with “De-tense.” “Stop worrying about your kids, money, or who will marry the The Bachelor. De-tense.”

chillax - de-tense

Replace, “Hater,” with “Virus.” “They are such viruses,” or “There will always be viruses in the world.”

One that wasn’t on her list was “Spacey or spaced.” Replace it with “Glazed.”  “I’m so glazed today,” or “I glazed it.”

Or “Sorry. I was in my parallel universe.”


“My bad” has been out of style for a while. My daughter uses, “Mistakes were made.”


I’ve been trying to replace “Awesome” with “Hideous.” Some use “Sick,” but it has been around for a while too.  I certainly get some looks when I say, “Love your new haircut. It’s hideous!” But maybe commentators could pick up this new trendy word and use it at the Winter Olympics. “That is hideous air! Shaun White was hideous today!”

snowboard meme

You heard them here first!

I hope 2014 brings you many be pos, jazzed, hideous, and taking it downtown  moments, free from viruses and being glazed, but full of de-tensing. You’ll look back and say, Believe it?

Thanks for the blast in advance!

Which expressions will you use in 2014?

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78 thoughts on “In Response to Esquire – New Expressions for 2014

Add yours

  1. I guess I’m really old school because I don’t use any of these expressions. The only one I use – it was passed on by a girlfriend who saw it in a movie – was “not knowing” while tapping my head (if I don’t have an idea).


  2. Instead of saying “your sister’s paintings are ‘awesome'” I’m going to say “your sister’s paintings are a thing of beauty”. Creativity clearly runs in your genes 🙂 May it be a smooth ride for you in 2014, Susie! xo


  3. Love the new words and am especially adopting “glazed” and “downtown” right now.
    Don’t forget to insist that anyone using these words must add this rider in the conversation:
    “This expression is the property of Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride, any unauthorized reproduction without the express written permission of the author is strictly forbidden under pain of prosecution.”


    1. Hahaha! Wouldn’t that be great to get royalties??? I am trying to get these words out there. Esquire wrote a follow up article and mentioned this post. How cool is that? I am tweeting snowboarders headed for the Olympics with fingers crossed that they’ll pick up “hideous” and replace “sick” and “awesome.” I’m so done with awesome… 🙂
      Great to “see” you Peg!


  4. Yay – time to chuck out tired, stale 2013 words. ‘Doll’ is used here in NZ too. We’ve also got local twists – ‘Yeah, right’, meaning ‘no it isn’t’, and ‘nek minnit’, which I wish WOULD get chucked out, it’s too dumb for words and I cringe to think it was invented in NZ.

    My vote’s for bringing back ‘groovy’.


      1. It was from a YouTube vid that originated here in NZ and did the rounds – mostly via hits from here. A skateboarder was describing his adventures, using ‘next minute’ as his main linking phrase. Alas, his diction was so terrible that it became ‘nek minnit’. Caught on big time. For a while you could even get tee-shirts with that as the logo. Sigh…


  5. Truly unique to moi is ‘buddha’. I.e. That’s buddha! Meaning that’s cool, blessed, good. I use to use it during my teenage days… and no, I’m not buddhist 🙂

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