Winter Driving Tips from a Wild Rider!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

I love winter driving, especially in snowstorms! The snow makes beautiful patterns as it streaks across the windshield and the challenge of keeping the car on the road gets my adrenaline pumping similar to skiing down a mountain. I learned to drive during long snowy Wisconsin winters. This was back in the day when the snow fell in November and didn’t melt until spring. Monster ruts formed along with black ice which would hide under a shroud of fresh snow like a cursed demon, sending unsuspecting drivers fish-tailing or spinning in circles. Of course we all had rear-wheel drive cars back then.

I decided to share my wild rider winter driving tips since most people on the road during our last Colorado snowstorm did not know how to drive. At. All. 

It occurred to me that most of these tips also work for wet road conditions so if you are…

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3 thoughts on “Winter Driving Tips from a Wild Rider!

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  1. We had never read this post before, Susie. Thanks for reblogging. We love snow and are completely jealous over your Colorado winters. Mathair and I are dying to have a grotesquely white Christmas where we’re snowed in and drinking cocoa and sitting in front of fire while writing. We’re Southwest Florida girls (eight generations) and we moved to the Smokey Mountains just so we could enjoy the winter and fall seasons. Though we love our home state and are proud of where we come from (due to the fact that true Floridians are about as rarely seen as Big Foot), it’s just too hot and flat and there are far too many palm trees. Loved the post especially your beautiful description of the snow. Sharing now.


    1. Awww! Thanks so much and for sharing!
      I love your description of drinking hot cocoa. I remember the Smokey Mountains. I’ve driven through them a few times. So very beautiful! Stay warm girls!


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