How to Get The Little Blue Check

Okay. So it’s technically a white check in a blue badge. I’m going along with the majority and will call it The Little Blue Check.


Have you ever wondered why some people with Twitter accounts have a little blue check next to their name while others are slighted? This icon is symbolic of becoming an up-and-comer or famous and can be awarded to those who have so many fans, fake accounts abound.

jonatthan rhys meyers twitter

According to Twitter, there are several stipulations. They verify accounts of “highly sought users.” The article states the number of followers OR tweets are NOT a factor.

Little blue check

I’ve noticed many new authors who keep their “following” numbers low. My guess is they think if they follow back, they won’t look as fancy-like and won’t get The Little Blue Check. It doesn’t work that way guys and gals.

I perused some of my own blue check followers.

Chris Gore is a comedian, writer, and TV host who has 238,323 followers. He’s following 127,272 people. WOW!

Mike Braiotta from NY Storage Wars follows me. He earned the blue check with 17,358 followers. He is following 15,433. What a great guy!

Mark Zwilling, author and tech guru, has over 720, 672 followers and is following 452,775. He is great about communicating with “the little people” like me.

Comedian Ali Spagnola has 1,597,757 million followers and she followed me along with 434,374 others. She is “hideous!” (Amazing.)

Best-selling author James Rollins has 41,671 followers and is following 17,890. He’s just as nice in person!

Actor Zach Galligan has 7,108 followers and is following 2,439. He is very cool about connecting with fans on Twitter.

Orange County Choppers has 80,902 followers and is following 12,266. Vroom! I love Paul’s ‘stache.

Orange County Choppers

Brian Bushwood, of Discovery Channel and TwitTV fame, has 170,882 followers and is following 87,827. That is a lot.

Marketing master Shaun Gordon has 61,778 followers and is following 38,013. Very cool.

My most recent blue check follower is The Bloggess who has 365,791 followers and follows 24,288. She’s takin’ it downtown!

I do not have a blue check, but at last peek, I have 5,133 followers and am  following 5,028. What about the hundred I didn’t follow? They are “bots,” (automated tweets) or whackadoodles whose tweets I would rather not read. 

You don’t want the people you are following to race through your feed, you say? Ha. Twitter is waaaay ahead of you. Lists can be created with categories, so you can check out your faves at a very slow pace.

twitter susie lindau 1

Following fewer people has no bearing on the verification process. The number of people who search for you and read your tweets, does. So next time you hesitate to press the follow button, remember that number has nothing to do with it. In fact, your new friends could tweet you after your 2 minutes in the spotlight and could help you ascend to blue check fame!

Tweeters with the most followers courtesy of


JR Moehringer, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, penned The Tender Bar and Sutton and collaborated with Andre Agassi to write Open. He is still waiting for his verification. The more unusual your name, the less likely you’ll get a blue check unless fan sites with the same name appear. Andre Agassi is being followed by 187,279 and he is only following 283. C’mon Andre! You won’t lose your check if you follow me back. I promise.

I am waiting for hundreds of Susie Lindau fan sites to crop up, so I can earn my Little Blue (white) Check. Okay. I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, follow me on Twitter. I’ll follow you back. I’m not that fancy-like. @susielindau

Leave your Twitter handle (name) with a comment and I’ll add you to my posse!

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83 thoughts on “How to Get The Little Blue Check

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  1. This is all new to me, I’m very lost when it comes to twitter. I think I only follow 100? (not sure) To be honest, I never go on twitter. But it is very cool that famous people can interact with the average person. Now that Stephen King has finally jumped on the twitter bandwagon maybe I’ll start paying more attention?


    1. I didn’t notice it for a long time. When I wanted to follow Seth Meyers, I asked my daughter how I could tell if I was following the real celebrity or not. She showed me the check and said that many times they don’t have one, but you can tell by how many followers they have.
      Twitter breaks down the wall between the common person and the super fancy-like people. It’s pretty cool!


  2. Susie… I had never noticed it, but I am not a heavy Twitter user… I use it mainly to get information and follow high school football… of course I tweet the occasional sunrise (or sunset) and motivational – it’s gonna be a great day but that’s it… we follow each other, so in my book that is a blue check. It’s all good.


  3. I think I already follow you, but from the looks of things, I may be following a different Susie, in which case, a white check on a blue background might help me know I’ve got the right one. In the case of there being 2 or more Susie Lindau’s in the world, I’m still not sure on how the Twitter gods would decide which of you is the most authentic. To be honest, if I opened Twitter and saw a green asterisk next to my name (or a white one on a green background) I’m not sure I’d notice. On a side note, I loved A Tender Bar (though I have always referred to it as The Tender Bar – no wonder my friends can’t find it!). I’m going to go follow JR right now.


    1. You are so funny One Point! 🙂
      A red polka dot check might be nice.
      There is another Susie Lindau. She beat me to Instagram and I could not figure out why it wouldn’t let me sign up with my name. Duh! It never occurred to me that there could be two of us.
      Thanks for catching my mistake. It is The Tender Bar. Sheesh!


    1. Hey John! That’s not negative at all! 🙂
      I use it to connect with other people, throw silly 140 character sentences into the universe and to see what’s going on. Below your profile is a box called “Trends.” It lists the top tweets. If anything crazy happens, you will see it there first. It’s also a great way to read the most excellent news sources for free. They will update with links to their site, all day long. I have a list of “Funny People,” I will check out once in a while. Some of their one liners are hysterical – Check out Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.


    1. I am doing great! Great to “see” you too.
      When you’re on your site, click on “me” on the bar at the top. You’ll see Lists on the left side of your profile. Click on “Lists” and “Create lists.” Viola!
      I haven’t published it yet. Still working on editing and then finding an agent. It’s a process! Thanks!


  4. Hey good work on getting all those followers, and following so many back. I still don’t get Twitter (something seems to be missing in that part of my brain), but make myself Tweet and respond to a Tweet once a week hoping the light will dawn. Perhaps when you get your blue check all will become clear.


  5. The only twitter I’m familiar with is when my hot water heater is warming up. Quite annoying. I have enough trouble keeping up with my 43 friends on Facebook. Guess there are not blue checks in my future, but I prefer the kind of checks that have money attached to them anyway.


  6. What a fun post! I joined Twitter not too long ago, and Oprah wants to use one of my tweets about her Super Soul Sunday for promotion! Woo hoo! I’m gonna be famous!! LMAO. Anyway, my handle is @mariner2mother and my name is Susan. Hope you get your blue check soon!! (I don’t get on Twitter nearly enough. Must make a resolution to change that.)


    1. Wow! How cool are you??? CONGRATULATIONS!!
      I never thought of tweeting her my story about how she got my husband and I together. I wrote it pre-Twitter!

      Something extraordinary would have to happen between now and a blue check, that’s for sure!
      I will add you to my posse!


  7. I’ve been following Steve Martin, Sarah Silverman, Joan Rivers, some others and you for years. But otherwise, I have yet to get a handle on Twitter. Maybe if the hours in the day extend to 36 and I still only have to dedicate 10 of them to working The Grind, I’ll have the time for it.


    1. I’m spending more time on it now. It’s a fun way to connect with people you would never meet. It’s also great editing practice since you have to say everything in 140 characters <—This comment is 203!


    1. JansenSchmidt (I think)

      JansenSchmidt (I think)

      JansenSchmidt (I think)

      Since the reply appeared 3 times, I thought I’d respond 3 times, cuz that’s the kind of smart aleck I am.

      Will that earn me a blue (or white) check? Cuz if being a smart aleck is what it takes, I’m your girl.



      1. Ha! I never noticed my reply had tripled! Thanks!
        I will follow and add you to my posse.
        I will follow and add you to my posse.
        I will follow and add you to my posse.
        Hey I’m a smart aleck too! We are so hideous! We’re takin’ it downtown! That blue check should be arriving on our Twitter profile any day now. 🙂


  8. I follow more than I have followers. I read all of the blogs I follow because something they posted caught my eye. A lot of them are irregular posters but there are a lot, like you, who are regular. And I ride the check/delete in my e-mail so I get rid of trash and have time for important stuff.


  9. First of all, had no clue about those blue checks. Thanks! Second, you are totally bad ass getting Zach Galligan to reply to you! Mathair and I are total Waxwork fanatics and Hello… Gremlins. You are officially the coolest person we know.


  10. I don’t look at my twitter stats anymore. Everytime I think I’m close to 1000 followers, I lose three, and it keeps flopping back and forth.
    I do know that with the people that follow me, and that I follow, I always have a good time on my timeline.

    (Plus, I guess without a check, I can impersonate myself!)


    1. You have to become a well-known writer/artist that is searched for high and low. You might want to use your real name. 🙂
      Give me your Twitter handle and I’ll add you to my posse!


  11. If anyone deserves a blue check it’s you! One for each breast! 🙂 I am so new to Twitter that I don’t even know how to manage my 40 followers. LOL. But, I am having fun so far. Glad to know it’s ok to have more “following” than followers. Phew!


    1. Awww Shucks! One for each boob is right!
      I would guess that some of my blue check followers had less followers than the number they were following in the beginning.
      We have fun chatting it up on Twitter, don’t we Maria? 🙂


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