Explore an Ice Castle

While growing up in Wisconsin, I had many opportunities to carve snow caves out of the snowy embankment at the entrance to our driveway. In leaner years, my sister and I built roofless forts to protect us from snowball missiles. Many years later, I watched James Bond’s Die Another Day and fell in love with the Ice Palace.

So when I drove back from skiing and glimpsed unusual lighting on some enormous walls of ice and snow, I had to check it out. Someone built an ice castle in Breckenridge!  I had to go.

Ice Castle 1

Each handmade icicle was combined with many others to build extraordinary archways, towers and meandering walls.
ice castle 2

The crew created over 5000 icicles a day by pouring water into a pipe and freezing it. Then they doused it with more water to create a unique shape.

ice castles 3

Thousands of them were frozen together to form walls.

Some of the rooms resembled movie sets.

ice castles 11

Ice Castle 5

Other walls resembled sea creatures.

ice castle 6

I wandered through these other-worldly dreamscapes

ice castle 7

while the light changed color and added to the drama.

ice castle 9

I have to believe this art project took hundreds of hours to create. It will melt under the Colorado sunshine.

ice castle 10

ice castle 11

The air nipped my nose, but these sculptures nudged my imagination

ice castle 13

and stirred my soul.

ice woman 2

I took 150 photos. There are many more to come.

Is exploring an ice castle on your bucket list?

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74 thoughts on “Explore an Ice Castle

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  1. Your pictures of the ice castle have us inspired and itching to visit, conquer and take it as our own. LOL. Mathair and I love anything frozen, cold, snowy, icy… well, you get the idea. So sad that it will eventually melt, but great that there are pics like this to keep the memory alive. Wonder if the tradition will catch on here in the South… eh… probably not. We’ll end up chipping away and using it to chill our sweet teas. LOL. Great post, Susie.


    1. Let me know if you ever come to Colorado. It was an amazing art project. I have always been into theatrical lighting and this was very dramatic. You’re right! The only ice you’ll see will be in your tea unless climate change brings an ice age!!!
      Thanks so much!


  2. Honestly, I have felt like I lived in an ice castle this winter. It seems since the big ice storm we have been frozen solid. Although it has been dangerous and inconvenient there is no denying the beauty of what Mother Nature created with the ice. Every day I see photos that take my breath away.
    Your ice castle is stunning. It seems amazing that people could have created it. The technique they have used makes it seem like it could have been created by nature. I certainly like the idea of it being in a controlled space. It is like a wee bit of magic, isn’t it?


    1. It was really cool! Ha! I have at least one more post with all the pictures I took. Then you’ll really see the color. I will also include an interview with the creator.
      Thanks so much Maria! I misfired this post last night when scheduling it for this morning. It went into everyone’s reader as posted at 6:30 AM yesterday! (insert face palm here) I may reblog it. We’ll see….


  3. That is amazing! I saw Amber’s photos of the ice castle she visited over at The Usual Bliss and was blown away. I love how you’ve captured the night look. Breathtaking! I can only hope to see one of these someday, but living in Southern California, it’s much more likely to see an ornate sand castle than an ice castle. Thanks for bringing a little winter to my neck of the woods, Susie!


    1. That is true about the sand castle and I bet there are some grand sculptures.
      I only blogged the blue photos I took as I walked inside. The next set will be very colorful. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Scarybeautiful. Yes, on my bucket list, thanks to you. (And also thanks to you I am all caught up on American Horror Story which has pushed my crush on Jessica Lange over the edge into craziness.)


    1. You would love this tour. It is like nothing else on earth!
      I have to admit, AHS got too gross for me. I have too vivid an imagination. Love Jessica Lange! I will try again and close my eyes…


    1. I’ve been through a couple of cave tours too and there were similaries. I really loved what they did with the lighting. More colorful photos will be posted Saturday morning. This post misfired when I set up the publishing time for 6:30 AM and didn’t change the date. It got thrown way back in the reader. Oh we’ll! I’m glad you found me!


  5. Considering how cold it’s been in Manhattan this winter, Susie, I cannot say that visiting an ice castle is on my bucket list if I had a bucket list (I don’t). And I did look up online the ice bar El Guapo mentioned in his comment. That looks like an over-priced tourist trap. Count me out. But, I did enjoy the fact that you checked out the ice castle in your “hood”. Great pictures!


    1. Thanks for that! I enjoyed it too! It was a bit nippy on bare fingers since it was about 10 degrees outside, but it was so beautiful and really got my blood pumping!
      There is more to come!


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