Ice Castle Photos and an Interview with Its Creator Brent Christensen

After exploring Breckenridge’s breathtaking Ice Castle, I searched for the artist behind this magical place. I contacted Brent Christensen, the founder of Ice Castles, who also built them in New Hampshire and Utah this winter.

Breck Ice Castle 22

Take it away Brent!

“I’m the artist and designer of the layout at each of our three locations, but I rely heavily on our many well-trained, hard working, dedicated employees. Each of our sites took about 4 weeks of working 12-16 (hour) days.  Our Breck site has about 10 full and part-time employees, New Hampshire about 15 and Midway (Utah), about 20.”

Breck Ice Castle 20

Fire and ice.

Breck Ice Castle 21

breck ice castle 23

“We are very vigilant about safety. But believe it or not, we are more concerned about the walking surfaces than we are about falling icicles. Icicles on the edge of a roof are prone to falling, especially when the sun hits the roof and causes the ice to melt at the union. Icicles hanging from an ice bridge will only melt at the thinnest spot, which is at the bottom. So on very warm days, the hanging icicles in the castles will melt and drip away starting at the bottom but they don’t fall off.”

breck ice castle 32


breck ice castle 28

Colored lights change in seconds and add to the drama.

breck Ice Castle 25

“Snowfall doesn’t damage the castles.  It can add a very beautiful elegance to the appearance.  Before we continue growing them we usually remove the bulk of the snow by hand or brooms.  The most fun part is growing and building.  The most laborious part is clearing and grooming the trails on a daily basis.  We often have to remove several tons of excess ice from the trails and spend up to 40 man hours per day just to make our trails safe for our guests.”


breck ice castle 27

breck ice castle 29

breck ice castle 30

“Regarding our sites for next year:  Unfortunately, I can’t yet say where they will be.  We usually finish out the winter and analyze how everything went.  We  consider weather patterns, traffic patterns, how the city or resort was to work with, etc.  You’ll just have to keep an eye on our website.” —– Brent Christensen.

breck ice castle 31

breck ice castle 26

The simple element of water became 20,000,000 pounds of ice!

breck ice castle 34

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Would you like to take the tour?

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77 thoughts on “Ice Castle Photos and an Interview with Its Creator Brent Christensen

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  1. So cool! Wonderful job with the pictures! This reminds me of the Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, AK. It’s amazing because it brings ice artists together from all over the world. I’ll have to check this out. So, he goes to different places each year, correct?


    1. I bet that would be a great art festival to experience.
      He does choose different places. I hope he comes back to Breck. It has really been an incredible attraction!
      Thanks for stopping by Laura!


  2. These (and the previous posting’s) photos are stunning! I’m going to try and get to the one in New Hampshire. I think it’s about 4 hours away. Plus I know of a pub on the way, and in NH, that makes the best rubens! Thanks for all the pictures and the information. I wouldn’t known anything about these otherwise. 🙂


          1. It actually extends right to my toes, which are wrapped in fuzzy monster feet slippers right now.
            We’re looking at another week or so of sub-freezing temps. Starting to hate winter…

            Is your part of the world bearable?


  3. Simply amazing! I went back and looked through your other shots too that are equally breathtaking. I can totally relate to the number of photos you took. Thanks for introducing us to Brent Christensen. It was fabulous to learn how these incredible fantasmagorical structures come to be. Hey, Brent, how about Whistler, BC next year?


  4. Just amazing …. similar to our Ice Hotel that is built every years … and that melts away from every spring and during the winter they collect the building blocks from the crystal clear river and store them until next year … people from all over the world make it happens. Thanks for sharing this .. never heard about this before. Learn something new everyday. *smile


      1. Hi there, glad to see you and hear from you! I hope life touches you gently. Things are okay with me, I have some health issues that slows me down, but they haven’t stopped me.
        I would love to the Ice Hotel too. On my bucket list. Be good to yourself.


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