Will You Find Good Fortune in 2014?

The Chinese New Year begins Friday, January 31st. Some will begin partying on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Restaurants will be packed and fortune cookies will be cracked open. Predictions will be read. Most of the tiny pieces of paper will be tossed away.

Did you already biff your 2014 resolutions? Here’s your second chance, but before you make your new list, check out your horoscope with the Chinese Zodiac Chart below. It may help you fine-tune this year’s goals, or not, but it’s always interesting.


This is the Year of the Horse and I am ready to ride! This hoofed creature promises to bring most signs loads of fun. Who doesn’t like fun? That could be why so many people are optimistic about 2014. Who knows?


When I researched my Chinese horoscope for Dog, it foretold a year of “confidence,” “optimism,” “exuberance” and “good times.” Yeah baby! I love everything about this prediction. This is a learning year and one in which I am to work with others from diverse groups. Opportunities are supposed to arrive along with new methods of working or a brand new path. All I can say is I’m ready to take the reins and bushwhack towards my goals.

What are they and what have I done so far in 2014 to reach them?

1.  Get my book published –

I sent out 40 pages for professional editing. It’s a start.

2. I have a story to rewrite in screenplay form. –

I signed up for a class which starts in March.

3. Outline my 2nd and 3rd book in the series, just in case it’s not sold as a standalone.

This month, I compiled notes for the second book. The iPad notepad is such a great tool! I’m ready to start the outline.

4. Continue writing my Wild Ride blog and connect with others through social media.

This year is supposed to be all about “connection.” We’ll see where it takes me.

I feel that much of what we accomplish is dependent on how much confidence we have. I waver just like anyone, but have to admit this forecast has me pumped up! I have a really good feeling about 2014. After reading all twelve prophecies, I shouldn’t be alone.

Click on your Zodiac sign according to the year you were born and see what your future holds in 2014. Good luck!

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

chinese horoscope signsFree download from ChineseNewYearImages.com 

Saddle up and ride this pony. I’m sure whoever you are, it will be a wild year filled with hills, valleys, a few thunderstorms and loads of incredible sunsets. It’s always a Wild Ride!

Now you can rewrite your resolutions. 

pony and children

“Okay. Somebody’s gotta walk or we’re never gonna get anywhere in 2014!”

Will you fine-tune your goals for 2014 or is it a good reminder to make some? It’s never too late.

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First two images from Wikimedia Commons

Last horse image from TheEquinest.com

81 thoughts on “Will You Find Good Fortune in 2014?

Add yours

  1. Great post, Susie! I’m born in the year of the Rat!!! A very strong sign. I’m sure that you will get a fantastic “horse” year and I’m even more sure of that you will fulfill all your projects and plans. I will you only the best.


  2. Awesome post, Susie! I have no doubt you will achieve all your goals… you are a force of nature and an inspiration!

    I always thought I was born in 1985, but…. “Year of the Ox”? Dragon would be way cooler. .. I am a dragonslayer, after all!

    ‘Scuse me… I gotta go dig up my birth certificate . Pretty sure there’s a typo.


    1. Now that I put them “out there,” I better come close!!!
      Thanks Guapo!
      Hey! I was looking up new slang last night and I thought of you. The new word Guap was introduced last year. It means money!


    1. Last year was the worst for both of us. Funny, when I looked up my astrological sign, it mentioned that 2013 was the worst and this year will be the opposite. I am ready to roll!!
      Thank Linda!!!


  3. Great post, Susie. I’m actually a Wood Horse and my horoscope for this year is quite positive. I’m excited! My resolution for this year is to write a book about my energy work and publish it…after ski season. 🙂


  4. Susie! Didn’t we agree that both of us were going have a better year in 2014? I thought we had a pact! Here is what I just found for the “Rooster” that is me.”The Rooster sign bearers need to be extra vigilant this coming 2014. They will be in for a rough ride no matter how hard they work. It is safe to say that luck will not be on their side this 2014. There might be moments where things will go their way, but it will hardly do so. It is best to be prepared for the worst and try to move on from them. There will be no use pondering over what might have been. Instead, look ahead to the future because who knows, maybe 2015 will be much better than 2014. ”
    I think I will go back to bed until 2015.


    1. That is terrible! A couple of years ago, I posted, “What’s in your future?” (It’s listed under related posts under this one.) It was the same for me that year. My Chinese prediction sucked so I looked up my Astrological prediction. It was so much better so I only focused on that. Check it out. http://astrology.com It’s got to be better!


      1. Thank You!
        2013 is nothing short of stellar for you, Pisces. By summer, you’re ready for the grand water-trine influence as Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune all flow together in Water signs to make magic. Your powers of psychic perception and healing have never been stronger. Your ability to create glamour, weave fantastical illusion and provide invisible-but-potent healing to others is beyond measure. Others will feel inextricably drawn to you without understanding why. This is excellent for your star potential as others sense something extraordinary and sublime in your presence. People want to have you around as much as possible even without fully comprehending why. The best part is that people are willing to pay big bucks for whatever it is you have to offer and no matter how intangible it may seem. For once, you won’t feel like the oddball, freak or the perpetually misunderstood alien in the crowd but rather the mysterious-yet-sought-after special someone that others cannot resist. It’s all part of your otherworldly glamour and mystique. Work it, Pisces!


  5. According to your chart, I’m a tiger (damn right I am!!) I have managed to stick to my new years resolutions so far (cutting out the sugar, aiming for worlds best diabetic :), losing some weight, actually embracing exercise) but its nice to have renewed vigour for another new year. 🙂 x


    1. Yeah! It sounds like you have made great progress already! I didn’t even include my physical goals, but I have been trying to hit the gym or my treadmill every day. We’ll see how that goes!
      Happy New Year again!


      1. I emailed a link to my sister and ended up lingering more than an hour on the site. There was so much to click and read. Astrology is fascinating.


  6. You Da Man, Susie!
    Seriously, you’re one of those people I strive to emulate as I make my way through life. You’ve refused to take any hardships lying down and that is a rare an wonderful quality in this day and age, cutie.
    Keep up the good work!


  7. Hi Susie,
    Your last year contained a lot of dukka (suffering) and I sense this one will contrast it. Look forward to a year of accomplishment and joy, because I have full confidence that you will achieve your goals in 2014 and maybe even surpass them.


    1. Wow! That is so nice! I am forging ahead and am willing to put in the time it takes to cross those finish lines! It is such a process but I am rarin’ to go!
      I hope your year is magical and full of good health! And I hope you find more free time to play with your fiction!


  8. That was cool to read. I’m a sentimental rabbit who digs wood, no wonder I like trees. I think you’re going to have a great year trying new things Susie :0)


  9. Ran a half marathon distance on Saturday Susie so keeping my resolution intact. The,other is to prepare the train stories in book form and see what happens with them. I think this is going to be a big year for La Lindau! CW


  10. Sure why not! 🙂
    Every year I go through bunch of known calendars to see which one favors me the most & follow that for rest of the year. At the end of the year calendar changes, my fortune remains the same.
    Determined to not let the hope deter


  11. (I think we had that pony in the bottom picture…it would just stop)
    The Vietnamese community celebrated the Tet this past week here – food and lion dances!
    You are right a great time to rework any resolutions.
    Sounds like you have the reins in your teeth and ready to run (congrats on enrolling for the course – cool! Any screenplay you have a hand in is bound to be a hoot. Can’t wait for reports!)
    Happy New Year


    1. I loved that old photo!
      The Tet celebration sounds wonderful! It is cool to check out other cultures when so many traditions continue to die out.
      I wrote a short story a while ago that I have always imagined as a movie. It will be so much easier than the book I have been working on. Honestly, I had 6 different ideas and I picked the most complicated plot for my first. The screenplay will be a breeze after this!
      Thank you so much!


  12. I am an Ox… I am uncertain what it means but change….. yikes. I have two Tigers in the house – one of whom is celebrating a birthday today – sweet 16…. oh my and a Horse….. though nothing like Mr. or Ms. Ed, either. I hope you year goes smoother than last, and of course you reach your goals… have a great day.


    1. Thanks Clay! It is interesting to see the different animal signs. I don’t know much about it, but in our household, we all should get along and we do! I should look up my mom and dad, sister and brother. Sparks could fly back in the day!
      Thanks so much and I hope you reach yours too!


  13. I wish you complete success with your goals, Susie. This jaded pig doesn’t do resolutions nor has much faith in fortunes, but like you, I set goals, too. The main one is to get into better shape. Since returning from my West Coast getaway I’ve been eating much more nutritiously, practicing portion control and riding my spin bike for 40 minutes every other day. Five weeks into this masochism and I have noticed that I no longer feel like I’m going to drop dead of a heart attack while climbing the five flights of stairs up to my office, and for the first time in years, I can tuck in my shirt without seeing a roll of flab hanging over my waistband. The miracle of movement.


    1. Wow! Good for you!
      I gained a couple of pounds and have been trying to hit the exercise bike or treadmill. I played a tennis match two weeks ago and realized how little exercise I get while playing doubles. I am hoping to get in the habit of biking after tennis. We’ll see how that goes today..
      Thanks LA!


      1. I almost added a third butt-cheek over the holidays, but I didn’t care. I knew what I had in store for myself after they were over. I have total confidence that you’ll be back to your usual sleek and gazelle-like self probably as soon as day’s end.


  14. Well I’m not so sure this is going to be “my” year based on my Dragon prediction (unexpected challenges and potential transformations well suited to someone as courageous and original as you), but I’m willing to keep an open mind. I am courageous after all.

    Let’s hope we all see only positive things this year.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  15. Not sure if I really believe in all this horoscope hocus pocus but I do agree part of achieving goals is about confidence, determination, and persistance.Hope you have a great year chasing your goals and dreams.

    My one goal that I am focusing on right now is Tough Mudder April 19. Just ran back to back 5K’s these last two nights and working towards it.


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