Why I Love Colorado – A Photo Essay

Although Colorado has only been nicked by the Polar Vortex, it has been a record year for snow in Breckenridge. This has created deep powder conditions. I am under doctor’s orders not to fall, so it’s groomed runs for me. The snow is like soft vanilla ice cream. Breck 2- 14

Since the beginning of the year, 249 inches of snow has fallen.  By my expert calculations, 9 feet of snow fell in January alone. That my friend, is a lot of crazy good champagne powder!

Breck 2 1-14

It snowed all day!

Breck 3 14

Yep. 9 feet!

Breck 6 14

A pack of skiers. Good thing I’m on the lift!

Breck 4 14

I love how the sun peeks out from the snow-filled clouds. 

Breck 5 14

Breathtaking. Breckenridge.

Breck 9 14

Where are you going for spring break?

The photos are untouched and from my Droid phone.  The bottom photo is from Epic Mix.

103 thoughts on “Why I Love Colorado – A Photo Essay

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    1. The last two years snow was very thin, but this year it is INSANE! I just got released to double blacks yesterday. Woohoo!
      You would love it. You’ll have to visit sometime!


  1. I wish I could join you for Spring Break, Susie. Those pics are gorgeous. It’s a bit hairy when the snow goes higher than the window though.


  2. Nice dude. Looks like you guys are ready for the Winter Olympics. Like that last picture definitely Christmas card collage worthy maybe even Valentine’s worthy if you send them out. 🙂


    1. Thanks Guat! Nice to “see” you!
      I would have to Photoshop my son into the picture! He’s working full time, but I hope we can all be on the mountain together sometime this winter. 🙂


      1. I thought he was the one taking the picture and then you switched off kids so you had one pic with each kid ha 🙂 Yeah then definitely Photoshop or wait till he has a day off. 🙂


  3. That is a heck of a lot of snow. Glad you’re enjoying it. Wish we had some. Tahoe skiing has been practically non-existent this year.

    Spring break? I’m going to Disneyland. Going to celebrate my 50th with some characters. And my husband’s coming, too. (Tee hee)

    Great photos, Susie. Happy skiing.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. It is! It is funny how the snow meandered over your mountains and dumped on ours. That happened to us the last two years.
      Woohoo! Happy almost 50th! You’ll have a blast at Disney.
      Thanks so much Patricia!


  4. That is a lot of snow! Looks like great fun for all you skiers. More snow expected here in NYC this week. Been a long winter already. Great pics from the phone! I love my droid camera too.


  5. Mathair and I are hoping to visit some family in Southwest and Northwest Florida this Spring Break, but it looks like New Salem Chronicles is going to take precedence. I guess we’re lucky in the sense that we’ll be kept busy so as not to miss a vacay too much. Your photos have us itching to visit Colorado. Mathair and I have already used some of your states scenery as wallpaper for our desktop. LOL. Hope you have a wonderful week, Susie and stay safe.


  6. Hm. Nine feet of snow; that’s a lot more than the record 8 inches that fell in the Big Apple on Monday. But it’s not like this great Metropolis is ski country. It’s more like slip, slide and slosh country these days. Spring break, what’s that? Is a part in my Timex going to crap out? I thought I had a ten year warranty on that $25 fashion statement.


      1. Thanks V! That is always the plan.
        8 inches is a record? I’ve been in NYC during Toy Fair Week and remember more snow than that, but that could have been a record as well! I do remember getting brain freeze!
        I thought Timex was the watch that takes a licking and keeps on ticking!


    1. The Snow Queen! I love it!
      These picts were taken in Breckenridge, less than two hours away, but there’s a lot of snow here in Boulder too! I hope we have a wet year, but this is a semi-arid state and it doesn’t take much to dry everything out.It’s pretty chilly right now! -4!
      Thanks so much Phil!


  7. Champagne powder…my girlfriend is going to love that way of looking at things. Nine feet of snow? Really? That’s almost a slam dunk! No seriously, the nets go ten feet high. You guys will be slamming it by the weekend.


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