Roxy Is Ready to Go! A Contest

Roxy I

Roxy had two huge bladder stones removed and now she’s ready for anything! She doesn’t want to be left behind. I found her in my carryon bag.

The photo bomber is back!

This photo deserves a caption and you deserve a prize. Leave a caption in the comment section. I’ll have my son and daughter pick out the best ones and then you can vote on the top five. The winner will get featured on the Wild Ride.

Good luck!

The contest is closed. I will have another in March! Click HERE for the finalists.

By the way, the next Use Me and Abuse Me Day starts Saturday, February 15th. Be ready to dance! These parties always become ragers and last a few days.


91 thoughts on “Roxy Is Ready to Go! A Contest

Add yours

    1. Since her first symptoms in July, it has taken 3 rounds of antibiotics to realize it wasn’t a urinary tract infection. She’s back to barking and chasing squirrels!
      Thanks Professor!


      1. When I saw that your son was going to be involved in picking out the contenders, I thought it might improve my chances if I worked the phrase “my fluffy white ass” into my caption. My apologies to everyone else on my use of coarse language.


  1. “Welcome to the Hotel Lindau. As a service to our guests, complimentary puppy fur available at no extra charge. See valet for details.”

    You’re running an upscale hotel, yes?


  2. “I CAN come with you, can’t I?” That’s my entry to the contest. BTW, my cats love to jump right into the suitcase as soon as they’re open, and they don’t care how much clothes are packed – somehow there always seems to be just enough room for another cat!!!


  3. Glad to hear the bladder boulders are gone.

    “No, nope, no-uh, not-gonna-happen, no way, no how, not ever. Last time I left the aliens experimented on me. I will not let that happen to you.”


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