“It’s Time to Vote!” said Roxy with a cramp in her paw

Thanks to everyone who competed. I’ll have another contest in March.

These captions are hysterical. Some of them got Roxy rolling on the floor laughing. She hasn’t laughed that hard since our family jumped for joy!

Roxy I

My daughter Courtney and son Kelly have made their decisions and the rest is up to you. Vote on the one you like the best and it will get featured on the Wild Ride. The photo of Roxy with the winner’s caption will appear on the right side of my blog. It will be up for a couple of weeks. Cool, right?

If your caption is a finalist, go out and tell your friends and family to come here and vote. Blast it out on Twitter and Facebook. Call your grandma. Email your uncle. Write a blog post. Give the link to your book club, your coworkers, and the random person behind you in the grocery store.

You have until 8:00 AM, Tuesday, February 25th. Mountain Standard Time.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday!

Good Luck!

Are you into pet photos on social media or have you hit the saturation point?

38 thoughts on ““It’s Time to Vote!” said Roxy with a cramp in her paw

Add yours

  1. Oh my gosh, these are hilarious! I am honored to be a finalist! Just looking at Roxy’s face on the picture cracks me up. To me, she has the “Wat Choo Lookin At?” pose. She looks confident, cool and indifferent. What’s in YOUR wallet??? Hee,hee. Good luck finalists…but VOTE FOR ME! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Wandered over here by way of brickhouse chick, Susie…

    If you continued like this, you might put Hallmark outta business! (Think of how popular your greeting cards would be! ;))


    1. Thank you! I was an illustrator and actually was considering the card business before becoming a writer three years ago. i’m a late bloomer! I wouldn’t have dreamed I would become so enthralled with photography either!
      Thanks for wandering!


  3. What fun! It’s an honor to be chosen… even if I don’t win. Of course, it’d be better to win. Yep, I would prefer to win so I suppose that I’ll follow brickhousechick’s lead and start campaigning.



  4. It’s hard to pick among such great entrants! Although I’d like to point out that had I not been suffering from cold-induced jello-head, I’m sure I would have rocked the winner. Just sayin’.


  5. I decided to employ the Understated Campaign tactic, in that I was unaware that I was a finalist because I’ve been trapped in middle school h-e-broken hockey sticks for the past week. It is (truly) an honor to have made the finals. That’s some stiff competiticion. And now, after a week back in 8th grade, everything I say sounds dirty.


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