Woohoo! 1337! What?


I reached a milestone with the post, “I Had a Little Adventure While You Were Dancing!” Since I scheduled it for 7:00 AM, I never got the satisfaction of seeing, “You published your 300th post.” Being a “gold star” person, I have strived to earn them since I was a little kid. I wondered if WordPress had added a golden trophy to my virtual case, so I clicked “Awards” at the bottom of the list located on the left side of my notifications. Nope. I surpassed 3,000 WordPress blog followers, but didn’t receive a trophy for that accomplishment or for my 200oth.

But there is a trophy in my case with a number so peculiar, I scratched my head. I earned it when I acquired my 1337th follower. Why 1337? After FSOG, Five Seconds On Google, a list of results appeared.

At the top of the list was The Urban Dictionary with a definition for 1337:

  • “Hacker “Sp33k” for leet, or elite. Originating from 31337 “eleet”, the UDP port used by Dead Cow Cult, a hacker group, to access Windows 95 using Back Orifice, a notorious hacking program.”

The Dead Cow Cult? Was I now a member of a notorious group of hackers and didn’t know it? I have returned when the cows came home, but I don’t believe any were dead. I’m from Wisconsin and have never even cow tipped. The only cult I’ve been exposed to were those dressed up and dancing in the aisles during The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I know my way around my computer and I asked WordPress News if I could change the size of the text for my site’s name while using the 2014 theme. WordPress editor, Michelle W suggested to simply use CSS. I gulped. Nope. I’m not the hacker type. In fact, when I finished my novel this week and used an external hard drive to back it up. I accidentally copied 3000 photos back onto my hard drive,  maxed out my memory, and nearly blew it up!  

Surely, Wikipedia would know why this particular number of followers is so significant:

  • The year 1337 began on a Wednesday.

A lot of years have begun on Wednesdays. This couldn’t be significant, so I read on.

  • On March 16th, 1337, Edward the Black Prince became the first English Duke.

This is an interesting fact, but not WordPress trophy worthy.

  • In the year 1337, a famine ended in China which killed 6 million people, but this was also the year that Edward III of England pissed off King Phillip VI of France by refusing to recognize his French Highness and started the 100 year war.

It is highly doubtful that this award was named after the year 1337.

There’s a gene called 1337

  • It “catalyzes the electron transfer from reduced cytochrome c to oxygen.”

This genetic information was updated a couple of days ago and I was awarded the 1337 trophy back in March, so I moved on.

There’s a gaming site called The 1337 Lounge.

Maybe one of the WordPress’s Happiness Engineer’s has hung out at this site with celebrities like our WordPress founding father and creator, Matt Mullenweg. They may have thought this was an appropriate number for an award after a few virtual cocktails.

I checked out Netlingo.com, an online dictionary site:

  • 1337 – Elite -or- leet -or- L337 – Online jargon, also known as text message shorthand, used primarily in texting, online.
  • leetspeak – a.k.a. leet, lite, elite, eleet, 1337, 3l337, l33t, 3l33t
    Leetspeak, or “leet” for short, is a type of online jargon…

Their definition for 1337 is the same as the first – Elite. So when I hit 1337 followers, I guess I became “elite,” but what does that mean?

I looked up “elite” on Wikipedia:

Pshh! I don’t control anything or anyone! In fact, I’m out of control most of the time since I’m impulsive and always believe everything is going to turn out alright. I’m more of a spazz than elite.  

Maybe the engineers at WordPress feel that once we have 1337 followers, we have attained Elite status. The 1337 Award which refers  to computer hacking is the last and most important trophy in your case.

I had a brilliant idea!

In the spirit of 1337, I hacked the image and made my own gold star. If I could just figure out how to display it inside my trophy case…

3000 follower trophy 1

Are you motivated by goals and gold stars?

Wikipedia – Matt Mullenweg

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  1. Sadly, I have to say I appreciate an occasional pat on the back for an accomplishment. I never realized this until I won my first TV award and then after that I was chasing it every year. Now I realize that I am often looking for that “gold star” to say I did good. Sad, really.


    1. Cool! What TV award did you win?
      I don’t think it’s bad to chase unless it becomes all consuming and unattainable. As humans we all need an “attaboy” or “good job” once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that in my book. 🙂


      1. I actually won a couple of PROMAX awards. They are kind of the “Oscars” for TV Promotions. They are held in New York or California once a year. So you are up against people from all over the world. One was for a campaign for rebranding the station (mulit-media) and the other was for a Music Video.


        1. CONGRATULATIONS! That is amazing!
          I included in the post that the ultimate awards on WP are Freshly Pressed and Recommended Blogger, and how I’m drumming my fingers on my desk since it’s been almost two years since my last FP, but I deleted it since it didn’t really work in the paragraph. I know what you mean!
          Did you see the Oscars last night? There were a few visible disappointments – Sandra Bullock.


          1. I have only been FP once and that was for something I wrote on someone else’s blog. You will hear me from here if it ever happens on my blog. The year after the 2nd Promax award I got this huge trophy for being “Toastmaster of the Year”. I was in my glory. For the first time in my life I was being recognized and I was actually winning stuff. I had never won anything before. Or since.So I peaked when I was 50, because I haven’t had anything since.
            We did watch the Oscars. There was a time I use to hold Oscar Parties. They were great. It seemed that everyone who won deserved to win but it was hard to watch favourites like Sandra (wasn’t she stunning?) and Bruce Dern go home empty handed.


            1. They always say, “It was an honor to be nominated.” It still has to be a bummer to lose publicly like that.
              You have to keep thinking positive. It could happen again!


  2. This was a wild ride through the 1337 world. I suspect you added followers at a pace that WP figured you needed a little reward. Did you get anything at 1000? If you did not maybe this was a late atta GRL.


    1. When you get to 1000 followers, an award will appear in your virtual trophy case. The next and last one will be 1337! That first image is the trophy from WordPress. The last one is my hacked version. My kids and their friends knew about 1337 and it meaning Elite. I had no idea!!!


    1. Good for you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed when a post didn’t get Freshly Pressed. It’s been almost two years since my last. It’s just in my personality! I’m like a Pavlov dog…I keep running through the maze for the biscuit even if it isn’t there.


      1. I’m not a fan of Freshly Pressed. They highlight some great stuff, but with over 55 million (I think) blogs, they miss a ton of great writers.
        I’m more than happy with the engaged readers I have, and the new stuff I find to read through other sources.

        Plus, on an fp post, there’s only so many ways you can say “thanks” again and again. 😉


        1. You’re right. They miss a lot of great writers. I read a post and tweeted to @FreshlyPressed. They picked it up and FPd it! The number of blogs have probably tripled since I started here almost three years ago.

          It all depends on the editors too. When I started, they pressed a variety of stories and nothing political. Two summers ago, the majority of FPs were photographs or travel blogs. Now the tide has turned to mostly sad, newsworthy, LBGT, or political posts. There’s not a lot of room for a Susie Sunshine like me!

          You are so cool in surfing blogs and doing your Friday Faves!
          Personally, I am concentrating on writing books while trying to balance writing for my blog and living life large! 🙂 <<<—–Sunshine


  3. The only goals I dream of at the moment Susie are those that will stop my football team from being relegated. They are as likely to score as I am to fall over Jennifer Lawrence style at next year’s Oscar where my starring role in “Whoops A Daisy Saddam! – The Musical” is the surprise movie hit of the year……..


        1. Thanks Jim! I was headed out the door when I wrote that. Not very nice of me at all! 🙂 Jennifer Lawrence is the coolest and has accomplished so much in such a short time. I am a late bloomer and only wrote my signature on checks three years ago!


    1. I really didn’t know why they picked the number 1337! I did look it up.
      It’s funny since my kids knew since middle school according to my daughter, but I was out of their texting loop.

      How does elite even come up in conversation. “You are really 1337 dude!”


    1. Thanks! There is a “You May Like” subscribe list under the topics in your reader and I was really getting a lot of clicks late last spring and early summer. It blew up for a while. Now someone else is probably getting a chance! 🙂


    1. Thanks Emily! I really just took you through my process the other day. I could not figure out what the heck kind of number 1337 was!!!
      Let me know what you find! I bet there are some gold stars in there. Once you hit one thousand follows, you’ll get one and then the last for 1337. Weird or what????


    1. Thank you so much! The very best thing is there are a lot of survivors and breast cancer isn’t the killer it used to be.
      Thank God!
      I felt pretty out of the loop when I mentioned it to my kids and they instantly said,


  4. Apparently, the number 1337 is a WP eccentricity, Susie. I seldom ever look in my trophy case, but this post of yours prompted me to do so and learned that a few years ago, I had my 1337th like. Here goes the sound of my one hand clapping.


    1. You are so good at that clapping thing. 1337=Elite, but I still don’t know what that has to do with attaining that number of followers. Maybe one of the Engineers will stop by and comment!


  5. Congrats on hitting 300 posts!

    I have never been freshly pressed on WordPress. I guess my blog is just too good for that! 🙂


    1. Thanks Phil! It makes me think I should have enough material for a couple of books. I doubt the general public will care about a WordPress 1337 virtual trophy. 🙂
      You don’t have a WordPress.com blog. I know you’re kidding….


  6. Susie, what a fantastic job you have put into this post … about one number – love it.
    I had 1337 award for nearly a year and … it doesn’t look there will be another level, but that is about likes. 3000 followers, that is amazing … I’m getting closer to 900.


    1. Thank you! I got on the “You May Like” feed for a while and my followers skyrocketed. After a couple of months, it slowed back down. That is huge to get 1337 likes on one post. WOW!!!


      1. No – NO!! Not 1337 likes for one post … my god. In total on all posts so fare – at that time. *smile Happy for you blogging success – so well deserved.


  7. I’m about where you are at. I have a friend who takes me out for breakfast at every 500 follows. There really is a certain pride, eh? Congratulations, and keep up the good work! 🙂


    1. Oh my gosh! How cool is your friend???? Congratulations to you.
      Thank so much! I think a lot of these follows have to do with how often we appear on the “You May Like.” I have no idea how that works!

      I’m so glad you commented. I always look forward to your “like!” 🙂


  8. Congratulations on 300 posts and beau-coup followers!

    I still don’t understand the significance of 1337 followers, but I’m sure it’s because my Monday-brain is defective.


    1. Thanks Peg! You are really at the ultimate level being a Recommended Blogger and all! I had included RB status and FP were the top awards, but deleted it since they wonked up the paragraph about trophy case awards.
      Yes. There are always gold stars out there in the proverbial night sky to try to reach!!!

      It means we’re elite, but how is that good? So very strange. I had hoped a Happiness Engineer would stop by to clear things up! Maybe TimeThief will make an appearance a little later…


      1. I play it cool, but I’m secretly super jazzed about being a Recommended Blogger. I keep thinking WordPress will get wise and take me off the list, so I make myself check every couple of months so I don’t look like a big doofus for bragging about something that isn’t true.

        I read somewhere in the comments what you said about it used to be so much easier to get FP – ain’t that the truth. Can’t believe 40 MILLION posts in one month. That’s insane! How many bloggers are on here now? I tried to look it up the other day and couldn’t find the stats.

        Where’s the virtual trophy case?


        1. I used to check to see if I had become a Recommended Blogger, but since I haven’t been Pressed for almost two years, I gave up that hope.

          I can’t remember the numbers the editors used to put up along with Pressed, but they I think they were between 300,000 and 500,000 posts.

          I follow WordPress News and they posted February in review. The numbers are incredible. I don’t have a chance in hell for even a FP now. I left a comment wondering how they read all of them and the editor said they try to read as many as they can, but they miss a LOT! I guess!

          Go to your notifications and on the left side you’ll see a list of icons. Go to the bottom and click on the trophy – Awards.

          There were 13,000,000 new blogs in ’13 up from 10,000,000 new blogs in ’12. http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/2013-review/
          There are 76,370,732 sites. http://en.wordpress.com/stats/


          1. 76 million?????? staggering.

            Susie, where in the heck are my notifications? Is that on the dashboard? I’m so clueless I need help to come in out of the rain.


    1. I think the more active you are on WordPress, (commenting and liking posts) the more often you show up on the “You May Like” subscriber feed. But who knows. It could be a huge lottery type system.
      Congrats on your almost 400th!


  9. Huh? Monday madness I guess. Well, congratulations . . . I guess. Is this something I should be striving for? I know I’ll never be you or attain your rock star status, but . . . I could still try for this . . . uh . . . award, if you think I should.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    1. I really only brought it up since I didn’t “get” the significance of 1337 blog followers. It’s a really weird number, don’t you think?
      Thanks, I guess…. 🙂


  10. Cool! And congrats! I couldn’t fathom the 1337 follower one either…they do it for likes too. It never occurred to me to look it up on Google, but I suppose I’m not a ‘leet hacker dood’ or whatever they’re called (sigh…things were so much simpler back in the 1960s when I was a kid…)


    1. Thanks Matthew! I’ve had a ton of likes and haven’t gotten that 1337 award. Sheesh!
      Hahaha! Right? I thought I would get at least one Happiness Engineer or editor to weigh in. They must be reading through the million posts blogged today and missed mine!


      1. They miss all mine too 🙂 I got FP’d once, over an extremely silly and geeky post trying to link the Russian meteor of 2013 with the Pope’s resignation… The spike in my readership’s still there on the stats page, like an upraised middle finger gesturing at my efforts to repeat the trick.


        1. I know what you mean!!! When I started blogging, there weren’t as many and I got FPd three times. That was almost 2 years ago. I checked out WordPress’s month in review and they said there were 40,000,000 posts in the month of February. That is a lot of competition!


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