Tonsils, Heads Up, and Voting…


My daughter Courtney had a tonsil and adenoidectomy today.  OUCH! Her outpatient surgery was accomplished with a laser in less than an hour! Her tonsils were cauterised with the burning, so she doesn’t have stitches. Recovery time will be cut in half compared to traditional surgery.

Oh yes. I know about the traditional kind. I had mine out in the 5th grade and had an overnight stay in the hospital. The priest came to my room and said a prayer before I went under the much heavier general anesthetic of the day. I awoke disoriented and in terrible pain. There were several adults in the post-operative room and they all appeared DEAD! I screamed or tried to scream. A nurse yelled, “Sit down and shut up!” This was back in the day when “shut up” was a naughty word. I begged for water, but only got a cup of ice chips. When I let them melt in my mouth before swallowing, I puked. It was horrible.

I do remember returning home where I recuperated for a couple of weeks while my mom took great care of me. I ate my weight in Popsicles.  My classmates wrote get well cards. Of course there was the card I received from that special boy which looked like all the rest, but was cherished by me.

Courtney is in pain, but is very stoic about it. We’re staying on top of the “good medications,” Percocet, along with a doctor-prescribed magical lollipop. After sucking on it for 15 seconds every two hours, it has the amazing ability to numb her entire throat.

She is twenty-two years old and won’t be receiving cards from her classmates, but she has been getting all kinds of good wishes through Snapchat and Facebook. She chose to have this procedure done over spring  break. In two weeks, she’ll be back to snowboarding on the weekends.

courtney lindau


The results of the caption contest are IN!

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snowshoeing with Roxy


It’s time to vote!

If you are one of the finalists, this is a big deal! Email the link to your friends and family.  Blog about it and ask your followers to vote. Post the link on Facebook and Twitter. Have fun and good luck!

The poll closes at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, April 1st! 

Heads Up:

The next Use Me and Abuse Me blog party starts this Saturday, March, 29th. Be sure to stop by with a link and click on a few. Everyone goes home with new friends. I love it when my friends meet each other!

Courtney created a new blog for a business class and needs 600 views! Help her out and click HERE 600 times…

That’s all for now. I think I heard Courtney call out for another Popsicle…

Do you still have your tonsils?

Laser Tonsillectomy



60 thoughts on “Tonsils, Heads Up, and Voting…

Add yours

    1. Hey, thanks Maria! Courtney is sleeping and hasn’t seen this post. I think she’ll be relieved! That’s a lot of views to get for a new blog!
      She told me this morning she has a love/hate relationship with that lollipop. I can imagine that it tastes funny, but every two hours she sucks on that sucker for 15 seconds! 🙂


  1. That sounds terribly painful! Good thing she has that magic lollipop to help. Although I’ve lost my share of organs over the yeas, I still have my tonsils. Hope she’s feeling better very soon.


    1. Thanks Darla! It is painful. I am amazed at how she winces A LOT, but doesn’t complain. She is so strong.
      Lovin’ that lollipop, although I think it leaves her mouth feeling a little strange.
      Keep the rest of your organs, okay?


  2. Speedy recovery to Courtney! I had mine out when I was seven. I remember being excited because of the promise of ice cream. However, we went a little too soon after my surgery and I sat at the table with a sundae in front of me and cried because it hurt too much to swallow!


    1. OUCH!!! It’s funny what is remembered and what is long forgotten.
      The doctor won’t let her have any milk products until tomorrow. I am guessing it’s because of the lactic acid. I gave her some orange sherbet last night and then tasted some. Whoa! It was full of milk. I think I should have gotten sorbet! I ran upstairs and traded the bowl for another Popsicle!
      Thanks Colleen! I will pass your well wishes along!


  3. Keep an eye on her tonight/tomorrow. Adults (guess we have to put her in that category despite she’ll always be your baby) heal up more slowly.
    But since spunk runs in the family, she’ll be back on board quickly. (YEA)
    Still have my tonsils – although they considered doing something with them around college age…whew…got past that…
    Did they give them back to her in a jar? They used to do that.
    Great captions! Fun idea.


    1. Great advice! I won’t feel comfortable leaving her alone until Saturday. Even then, Danny will be here while I run to an appointment.
      They put my granddad’s adenoids in a jar, but Courtney and I never got to see ours. I don’t think I could’ve handled it back then, anyway.
      Thanks Phil! Congrats on making it to the finals. I hope you’ll rally some voters!


    1. Okay. Now you have me worried!
      The laser surgery is the way to go. Courtney is much better today and she is finally sleeping. Yeah! She missed her pain meds at 3:30 which is a very good sign…
      Thanks for stopping by Robin!


      1. Keep in mind I had my tonsils out in the dark ages. I think back then they used a rusty knife and a bottle of ether to knock you out. Instead of narcotic drugs, they gave you a bullet to bite on.


    1. I will send your well wishes David. Thanks!
      Yep. She needs 600 views by next Thursday! I will have to start a Courtney Campaign! A Blogging Blitz! She’ll be stopping by the blog party on Saturday. 🙂 Hope to see you too!


  4. I had my wisdom teeth out during a college spring break. But I still have my tonsils. Sometimes I wish I didn’t, as the last time they acted up (fortunately about 20+ years ago) I had a fever of 104 and was more than miserable.


    1. Now that is a high fever! Doctors don’t usually take tonsils out anymore unless the patient has been chronically sick like Courtney. She has had several rounds of antibiotics in the last 6 months!
      Her wisdom teeth are next. I don’t think it will be as bad. That extraction is painful too!


      1. Oh yeah, he saved them in a jar if I wanted to bring them home. A kinda sick doggie bag. And they weren’t bad. It was something you just did. To Courtney, take it slow, sherbet followed by chicken soup.


  5. I had my tonsils removed when I was also a little kid, and I still remember the pain and screaming afterwards. Ate a lot of ice cream and jello after that. Then, I was about your daughters age when I got chicken pox. That really sucked!

    I wish I had that magical lollipop back then!

    I voted here too. Looks like a tight race so far!


    1. Wow! Chicken Pox in your twenties? That’s terrible!!! She has to get her wisdom teeth out next….. The magic lollipop and oxycodone are life savers!! Thanks for voting! It is tight. 🙂


  6. Not the big deal it was in those barbaric days, but still not pleasant – particularly for an adult. Wish I’d had that lollipop. For some reason I gather it is more of a breeze for kids.


  7. Wish her well – had mine out when I was 7 or 8. In the children’s hospital for about 4 days! Remember Mum cooked me my favourite dinner when I got home. Also I was bought a dressing gown to wear in hospital! Blue with ladybird buttons……


  8. Please give Miss Courtney my best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    My daughter had her tonsils out a few years ago…she was probably, 26?
    The good news after the recovery “process”?……She hasn’t been sick with throat problems of any sort since then!!
    Get well soon Courtney!


    1. Thanks so much! I will send her your well wishes! That is such good news. She has always picked up a few colds in the winter, but after being in Spain, she’s been chronically sick. She will be glad to hear about your daughter!


  9. I’m very glad that you’re nursing Courtney through what sounds like a painful recovery, just as your mom nursed you through your tonsillectomy. I’m very lucky. I have yet to lose any organs, but I am aware that I have a hole in my head the size of the sky. Excellent captions all! I voted.


    1. I have the same condition! I try repairing it by clogging it with all kinds of random blog posts, but so far my results are far from optimal….
      She’s sleeping now. I think she’ll feel a lot better tomorrow when she can eat something other than pancakes, apple sauce and noodles!!!!


  10. I used to get sick a lot when I was a kid and eventually had my tonsils out in the 4th grade. I remember it all too well and am glad I’ll never have to go through that again. The cards and get well wishes from my classmates was really nice though and so was having my mom wait on my hand and foot!


    1. Wow! You had the same experience! We’re lucky to have mom’s who took care of us. I’m hoping to get her out in the fresh air and walk around the yard today when it warms up!
      Did you see your caption???? Get everyone to come and vote!


    1. She didn’t have a choice! Good thing we live close by. One of her friends told her he chose to stay at his apartment. I can’t imagine how he kept track of all his meds!
      Thanks so much!!!


  11. Wow! Thanks for choosing my entry in the caption contest. I was completely surprised to see that it made the short list. 🙂

    I hope Courtney is feeling better. Am wondering where I can get one of those magical lollipops. 😉


    1. I know! They are magical! Thanks I will pass your well wishes along to her.
      Congrats! Courtney chose this time. 🙂 Have fun rallying friends and family to vote for you!


  12. One summer I spent a weekend sleeping in my battered Ford Transit van, with tonsils so huge I could barely swallow. Doctors weren’t open. It was hell. What I would have done for one of those lollipops! Hope Courtney’s feeling better soon.


  13. Well, you may or may not remember the post i wrote about my son’s hellish tonsillectomy experience last April. Your daughter’s surgery sounds like a breeze. I didn’t know they did surgeries for adults (albeit, she is a young adult). I heard that the older you are, the more dangerous it is for some reason. I am glad she came through with flying colors.


    1. I do remember your son’s experience. It is so scary anytime they go under a general for surgery. She is doing great. She is trying Tylenol for pain and went for a walk with us today. I found the doctor through the internet! She specializes in laser tonsillectomy and graduated top in her class from Harvard. We drove to southwest Denver for the procedure. I think she might have had a different experience if she had the traditional surgery her doctor in Boulder suggested.
      Thanks so much! I will pass that along to her. 🙂


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